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Thread: Weatherback Weather Wallpaper v3.1.1 [Pro]

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    New Weatherback Weather Wallpaper v3.1.1 [Pro]

    Weather Live Wallpaper: Home Screen Forecast v3.1.1 [Pro]
    Requirements: 4.1+
    Overview: Do you want to know the weather at any time just by looking at your home screen???

    Weather Live Wallpaper allows you to apply weather effects to your phone's existing background. Watch the rain drops fall, see the snowflakes build slowly, and behold your screen freezes as the weather gets icy. Forget about your old fashion weather widget - wallpaper is the new way to go!
    Exclusive Feature: Watch everything on your lock screen as well!

    Do you still have your old boring background? What are you waiting for! Download Weather Live Wallpaper now and bring it to life!!!

    Should I wear a coat tomorrow? should I bring an umbrella?
    Climate conditions affect everyone. In everyday life, the ability to predict it enables us to make important decisions like whether we should wear shorts or take an umbrella. In any case - whether it’s time to put your aviator sunglasses on, or it’s time to take your fur coat out, this app will make sure to show you the accurate weather forecast on your background & lock screen, so you'll never make any mistake again!

    Have you ever gotten soaking wet just because you forgot your umbrella? Or took your coat on a hot day, just to carry it uselessly? These mistakes belong to the past! Download Weather Live Wallpaper now and get informed anytime, anywhere!

    Forget about your old boring widget! Mix your favorite background with our weather effects and create a beautiful and artistic experience. This one of a kind app adds a realistic and beautiful look to your current wallpaper by enhancing it using the current weather conditions. Weather Live Wallpaper allows you to use the wallpaper of your choice and makes it even better by using weather effects. These effects automatically update as the weather changes and are extremely easy to integrate with your existing home screen background.

    ✔ Stunning weather effects on top of your existing wallpaper background
    • Turn your wallpaper into snow, dew (water drop), ice and many more
    ✔ Efficient Battery Usage - Barely noticeable, extremely low battery consumption
    ✔ Customizable effects - pick only the ones you are interested in
    ✔ Random Effects Display Option: show certain effects of your choice instead of following the weather!
    ✔ Accurate Weather Forecast using satellite (Forecasting is done with patented algorithms)
    ✔ Real-time Climate Data in Celsius

    ------------- Free effects included --------------:

    » Sunny
    » Cloudy - customizable
    » Light Rain
    » Dusty
    » Dark
    » Thunders
    » Ice (frozen)
    » Snow
    » Sunrise
    » Chilly
    » Dew (water drop)

    ★★ If you like this app, you can purchase the unlocked version, which includes all premium weather effects and removes ads


    bug fixes

    This app has no advertisements

    More Info:

    Download Instructions: PRO features Unlocked | Analytics disabled
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