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Thread: Please Read: VIDEO SECTION RULES updated 23-12-11 file size rule updated.

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    Exclamation Please Read: VIDEO SECTION RULES updated 23-12-11 file size rule updated.

    Please make sure you post in this section only videos , moreover be sure to post your Anime and Converted Videos only in their designated subsections. Single-movie threads under the name of the same member will be merged into one if these threads respond to the same context (i.e., all movies collection, etc). No new thread should be created for requests ... post them only at the right thread for them to be considered.

    all files will have to be in torrent form or in links to free service host sites. and file size must not be larger then limited for free user of that particular host.

    A description or a screenshot of the video(s) you are posting is a must !!!

    Help the forum's Search function by posting thread with a good title!!!

    Remember to show your appreciation only by using the reputation button, DO NOT SPAM !!!

    Asking for rep in any form is forbidden on this forum !!!

    All files/posts/threads that are in disagreement with the above rules or any of the other Rules of iPmart® Forum , will be removed without prior notice , and serious consequence may follow!!!

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    edit by wingtip : update to reflect merging of single-movie threads and request at the appropriate thread only.
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