i purchased a HWK Hardware upgrade for my n-box about 2 weeks ago. i've been trying to unlock many phones with the hwk upgrade but with no luck. im using the latest sarassoft software suite and updated f/w on the hwk. most of my problems are that:

when i try to boot a phone using "LG-Sharp GSM Tools V 2.0.2 HWK" nothing happens! i connect the software with the n-box and all is well. i pick the correct phone under product and i click boot. the boot button becomes grayed out and the bottom left status bar says 'IDLE'. after about 10 second, the Boot button becomes active again (clickable) at this point; Flash, Erase, Read, Unlock, Rebuild buttons aren't clickable. This happens with all the phones.

another problem i have with this software is that when i choose C1300 phone under LG Ti tab, it says" C1300 - Bad Product Settings. This happens with other phone models too like; F7250, F1200, G4015, etc... what product settings is wrong???

I am using the 24Pin cable for each of the phones, is this the correct one? or am i supposed to use the U8110 cable? the connection seems to be fine because when the phone is connected to the n-box, it is chargine. is this supposed to happen??

Im also having trouble with UFS_KZF software. once again it is the latest version of sarassoft. i can connect the software to the box perfectly fine, but when i try to conncet the box to the phone, by pushing go button after selecting phone model, it says "Pre-Boot .... " then after like 10 seconds it says "Pre-Boot Failed Power Up ...." is there a special way of booting phones that require HWK??

For this software, im using K750i cable and t68 cable. unlike the lg software, the phones aren't charging. this seems normal because the UFS_RTP software doesn't charge the phoen when it is connected.

i really need help with this, i've spent 150 dollars or so for this upgrade and i have gone no where.