Cheaper buyer even USD25.90 also wanted to scam

Ebay ID: owhtagrlikes
Nina Brown
213 B Foxhunt Rd.
tel:226 606 2009

A coward person won't dare to face the mistake created by himself and pushed all responsibility to others.

Ebay User ID :rodousakis1989
Full Name: Giorios Rodousakis
City: dramia
Postcode: 73007
Country: Greece
tel: 6983955076

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Bought a set of screwdriver cost USD15 upon received he asked me how to use it?
And i told him no way i could guide you how to use a screwdriver you. And he claims for return policy and eBay asked me to send him a returning label sticker which is almost the screwdriver so i just fully refund and he kept the screwdriver.

Very cheap scammer

NAME: Bjorn Kus

Address : 12745 S Saginaw St, # 359 Ste 806 Grand Blanc, MI, 48439-2438, USA

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This buyer is worst ever bought a VIAGRA and claims its doesn't work and needed a full refund
WTF you need a free meal go beg for its AXXHOLE ............or your DIXK is really useless already so let the Dildo do the job for you SON OF THE GUN

eBay ID: jlojenniferlopez2014

NAME : lenny sulejmanovska
Address : 11 Bargrove court Thomastown, melbourne, victoria 3074 Australia

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NAME: sangeeth perera
ADDRESS: 200 / A ,Manaweriya
CITY: Kochchikade
Country: SRI LANKA
email :
Buyer User ID: shaperer_0

Sometimes I just can't understand why on earth there is such cheap and low class person .
Only USD16.90 also wanted to scam gezzz ~~~~~~~~~~~

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Son of the bitXH, bought a dildo claimed the vibrator is not strong enough wanted a full refund or asked to send him a returning parcel label sticker which is almost the dildo price

It's not the vibrator not strong enough it's because your wife has used all others DIxK which is more strong than yours so that dildo vibrator can't satisfy her .................LET OTHER MAN DIxK do the job for you while you seat and see the live show ..................

Name: Jeff Moghal
Address: 3019 Harbor Blvd, Ste A
City: Costa Mesa
State: CA
Postcode: 92626-2590
TEL: +1 714 478 8406
ebay ID: jeff_moghal

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Such a cheap scammer and AXX HOL3 stealing others credit card to buy a CONDOM ~~~~ end up the owner of the credit card filed charges back

real muthor fouker~~~~a rubbish on earth which dirt the beautiful earth~~~~~ son of the beach

NAME: steven clark
10097 Cleary Blvd
Plantation FL 33324
United States

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This is real~~~~~ mother fuxker on earth

Bought a sex pill claimed the pill is not working deal to his DXXK is not hard enough

BRO is your dixk is useless so whatever pills wont help you let the cow do the job for you while you watching you LOVE one been FXXKed by cow

NAMEritan Lika
CITY: Puke
STATE: Fushe Arrez,puke,Shkoder
Postcode : 0355
TEL : +355692078875

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Another mother fuxker know ebay rules and regulation very well so scammed USD 49 for a dildo
complaint the dildo vibrator is not strong as mention on description ......been asked to ship back using economy post but he insist on shipping back using express shipping mode which cost USD45 so what is the point to return end up fully refund to and he keep the dildo for his MOM AXX and pusxY

name: Michael Jennings
address : 2720 Red Lion Sq
city: Winter Park
state: FL
postcode :32792-1037

TEL +1 407 683 3486
ebay ID: mjen1507

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Complaint the Thermoplastic Elastomers he ordered doesnt come with proper manual and he doesnt know how to use it
come on IDIOT even this you need a manual to guide you then you better go to hell and use your own hand for a HANDJOB

GOD DAMMIT if you need a free meal just said it ....fuxking idiot on earth

ebay ID: digitalpkp

address : 4675 Benning Rd SE (Apt B )
city : Washington
state: DC
postcode: 20019-5179
country : USA

email :