Ancient Empires II
Reunited with his brother, King Galamar begins to rebuild the Kingdom of Thorin after seeing it nearly fall to the Shadow Demon Saeth. But there is soon talk of a new danger stalking the land, and it seems that Galamar and Valadorn must once again lead their army against the forces of evil...

An ancient prophecy speaks of a primordial power that has the ability to destroy as well as protect. Could this 'power' be the crystals that for aeons have sat in the three temples of Wisdom, Courage and Life, bringing peace and prosperity to the Kingdom?

Gather your army for battle once more in this epic sequel to the award-winning Ancient Empires. Control fire-breathing dragons, lethal archers and fearsome wolves as you fight to defend your kingdom - the fate of Thorin is in your hands!

Use 2, 4, 6, & 8 or the direction pad to move units.
Action key: 5
View the attack area of units: 0
View unit characteristics: 7
In-game menu/map: right soft key

Massive battles and fantastic graphics make for a truly epic mobile game!
Choose different kinds of troops and decide your own battle strategies with the easy to use interface
Sophisticated enemy AI makes every battle a unique challenge
Conquer castles, occupy villages or go for an all-out attack - the choice is yours
All-new Skirmish mode lets you challenge your friends to a 4 player battle, or team up against the computer!
Downloadable extra skirmish maps (on compatible handsets)