(Before you ask, this version is *different* from the one posted by Xasiotis in Secured URL. He posted the 240x320 version optimized for SonyEricsson S700, my version works better on other phones including Nokia N73 (no more locks-up!). Enjoy! )

Brain Challenge [J2ME (240x320) v1.0.2] - DDJ

Your brain's ideal partner for stimulating your neurons!

Start out by personalizing your Brain Challenge partner by entering certain personal data, such as your name, gender, and birthday. Your training program consists of 12 different games, each one more diverse and amusing than the next. The goal is to train certain areas of brain activity based on one of four categories of exercises offered: Memory, Visual, Logic, and Math. In Test mode, you'll be presented with an exercise randomly taken from each category. The difficulty level automatically adjusts throughout the game based on your performance. In the Free Training mode, you'll be able to work on the exercises of your choice at your desired difficulty level from among the three available levels – Easy, Medium, Hard – based on your abilities and your needs.

Thanks to a simple scoring system, you'll easily be able to evaluate your level of brain activity. In fact, at the end of each exercise, you'll receive a mark based on the accuracy and speed of your responses. You'll also find a diagram summarizing your performance in each one of the four categories of exercises at the end of each test, as well as a graphic to monitor the progress of your brain training each day. Each category is represented by a specific color so that you always know where you are in the game and which part of the brain you are training. In addition, a user-friendly interface and simple rules will allow both experienced and novice players of all ages to get a grasp of Brain Challenge quickly and easily.

  • Brain Challenge is a simple, entertaining solution for brain activity maintenance.
  • User-friend interface and intuitive controls make it a game for everyone!
  • The variety and short sessions of mini-games are particularly well-adapted for the active lives of adults and the phone format.
  • A long lifespan for daily training without coming across the same exercise twice.
  • Colorful and appealing graphics, as well as a user-friendly interface, definitely make Brain Challenge a likable partner.

  • 240x320 display phones

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