the games are as follows:

Alien Front
Asphalt Urban GT
Asphalt Urban GT 2
Atari Masterpieces Vol. 1
Atari Masterpieces Vol. 2
Call Of Duty
Colin McRae Rally 2005
Crash Bandicoot
FIFA 2004
FIFA 2005
Flo Boarding
Ghost Recon Jungle Storm
High Seize
King Of Fighters
Marcel Desailly Pro Soccer
Mile High Pinball
MLB Slam
Moto GP
Moto GP (Improved version)
NCAA Football
Operation Shadow
Pathway To Glory
Pathway To Glory Ikusa Islands
Pocket Kingdom
Puyo Pop
Puzzle Bobble
Rally Pro Contest
Rayman 3
Red Faction
Requiem Of Hell
Rifts - Promise Of Power
Sega Rally
Snake 3D
Space Impact 2
Spiderman 2
Splinter Cell (the first one)
Splinter Cel Chaos Theory
SSX Out Of Bounds
Super Monkey Ball
System Rush
The Elder Scrolls Travels Shadowkey
The Root - Gates Of Chaos
The Sims
Tiger Woods PGA Tour
Tomb Raider
Tony Hawks Skate Boarding
Virtua Cop
Virtua Tennis
Warhammer 40,000
Worms World Party
WWE Aftershock
X-Men Legends
X-Men Legends II

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[CODE]Alien Front.rar 5.65 MiB
/Ashen.rar 13.09 MiB
/Asphalt Urban GT 2.rar 19.5 MiB
/Asphalt Urban GT.rar 7.22 MiB
/Atari Masterpieces Vol. 1.rar 20.98 MiB
/Atari Masterpieces Vol. 2.rar 21.74 MiB
/Barakel.rar 6.3 MiB
/Bomberman.rar 9.77 MiB
/Call Of Duty.rar 21.17 MiB
/Catan.rar 6.6 MiB
/Civilazation.rar 7.74 MiB
/Colin McRae Rally 2005.rar 29.25 MiB
/Crash Bandicoot.rar 5.66 MiB
/Doom.rar 1.65 MiB
/FIFA 2004.rar 4.24 MiB
/FIFA 2005.rar 8.5 MiB
/FIFA 2006.rar 10.14 MiB
/Flo Boarding.rar 7.57 MiB
/Game Cheats.rar 207.04 KiB
/Ghost Recon Jungle Storm.rar 12.14 MiB
/Glimmerati.rar 47.81 MiB
/High Seize.rar 23.57 MiB
/King Of Fighters.rar 16.37 MiB
/Marcel Desailly Pro Soccer.rar 7.91 MiB
/Mile High Pinball.rar 13.55 MiB
/MLB Slam.rar 4.22 MiB
/Moto GP Improved.rar 6.44 MiB
/Moto GP.rar 6.44 MiB
/NCAA Football.rar 3.33 MiB
/One.rar 18.55 MiB
/Operation Shadow.rar 10.76 MiB
/Pandemonium.rar 14.6 MiB
/Pathway To Glory Ikusa Islands.rar 48.74 MiB
/Pathway To Glory.rar 47.7 MiB
/Payload.rar 3.53 MiB
/Pocket Kingdom.rar 10.09 MiB
/Puyo Pop.rar 2.16 MiB
/Puzzle Bobble.rar 4.87 MiB
/Rally Pro Contest.rar 246.67 KiB
/Rayman 3.rar 5.36 MiB
/Red Faction.rar 14.24 MiB
/Requiem Of Hell.rar 12.71 MiB
/Rifts - Promise Of Power.rar 23.98 MiB
/Sango.rar 10.92 MiB
/Sega Rally.rar 5.47 MiB
/Snake 3D.rar 883.3 KiB
/Sonic.rar 6.48 MiB
/Space Impact 2.rar 553.55 KiB
/Spiderman 2.rar 20.44 MiB
/Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory.rar 24.22 MiB
/Splinter Cell.rar 6.19 MiB
/SSX Out Of Bounds.rar 21.42 MiB
/Super Monkey Ball.rar 17.5 MiB
/System Rush.rar 20.07 MiB
/The Elder Scrolls Travels Shadowkey.rar 11.66 MiB
/The Root - Gates Of Chaos.rar 27.1 MiB
/The Sims.rar 12.3 MiB
/Tiger Woods PGA Tour.rar 17.02 MiB
/Tomb Raider.rar 14.33 MiB
/Tony Hawks Skate Boarding.rar 28.83 MiB
/Virtua Cop.rar 3.55 MiB
/Virtua Tennis.rar 17.21 MiB
/Warhammer 40,000.rar 23.94 MiB
/Worms World Party.rar 19.3 MiB
/WWE Aftershock.rar 11.12 MiB
/X-Men Legends II.rar 25.2 MiB
/X-Men Legends.rar 28.54 MiB
/Xanadu.rar 10.54 MiB [/CODE]

[CODE]Size: 951.02 MiB (997215186 Bytes)[/CODE]