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Thread: Ideas On Architecture - Share Your Insights Here

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    Lightbulb Ideas On Architecture - Share Your Insights Here

    Architecture is field of knowledge that never gets old. It is a way of life, a choice, a gift...

    Utilitas, Firmitas, Venustas, the 3 aims of Architecture...

    Utilitas means to utilize, to be able to use productively, effectively and efficiently, Firmitas means firm, sturdy, to be able to withstand weathering, to resist the rage of time and Venustas, beauty, aesthetics, the ambrosia of sight. This is the main purpose of architecture, to be able to create a structure that would be visually pleasing.

    In economics, it has been said that with every grain of need, there is always a handful of want. A shelter is good, but a residence with all the modern necessities is always better. Man has always been an uncontented creature, he continues to venture forth, his quest for never-ending self-discovery. He wants to make the most of what is given to him. He wants to ease his world. He created Architecture. He has a vision.

    Architects are like God, we create, we design, we safeguard life...

    I am a tekton, i design the future.

    - neguno
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