This tutorial will teach you how to create a playlist for Realplayer so that you can play your favourite songs without using the default music player!

It has been tested on the N70 and may work on other S60 phones.

What you will need:
*FExplorer (or a similar file manager)
*Ogg/Wma codecs if you want to play these formats
*Nokia Default Music Player (pre-installed)
*Nokia Realplayer (pre-installed)

Step 1:
Import your music into the default music player. This should be very simple for mp3 files.
For Ogg/Wma Files see: Secured URL

Step 2
Create a playlist of the songs you want, do this on the default music player.
I found that creating playlists of each of the artists was the best thing for me.
This is how you do it:
*Goto 'Artists'
*Highlight the artist you want to make a playlist of:
*Select 'Options' > 'Add to a playlist' > 'New Playlist':
*You will now have a playlist of all the songs from that Artist.
*Do the same with all the other artists.
*I also created a playlist containing all the songs.

Step 3
Move all your playlists to a single folder (easier to find and manage) using FExplorer.
They can be found in E:/My Music/

Step 4
Setting the playlists to be opened by Realplayer:
*In FExplorer highlight one of the playlists you made.
*Select 'Options' > 'File' > 'Open with...':
*Select the second box and choose 'Music plyr' from the list:
*Select 'Options' > 'Save'

Step 5
Playing your songs:
*Find the folder containing your playlists using FExplorer.
*Select which playlist you would like to play.
*It will open in Realplayer:

*To change playlist, exit Realplayer and choose the playlist you want from FExplorer again.
*If you have Active Standby 'On' and you have Realplayer running in the background you will see the current song on the main screen. Here you can also change the volume of the music without opening the program (Very cool!):

The END!

If possible please sticky this as it took me a long time to make and will help a lot of people.

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