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Thread: SPB Tips & Tricks 1.5 - PPC+WM5.0

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    Default SPB Tips & Tricks 1.5 - PPC+WM5.0

    SPB Tips & Tricks 1.5 w/ serial

    Spb Pocket PC Tips & Tricks is the most complete collection of more than 200 tips and tricks on using the Pocket PC, written by 10 professional Pocket PC authors. You will also find more than 40 system tweaks that help to access undocumented Pocket PC features.

    Sample Tips, Tricks & Tweaks
    • Tweak: installing CAB files to a storage card
    • Tweak: showing the date on the taskbar
    • Tweak: narrow down your scrollbars to get more viewable area in Pocket Word and Excel
    • Find out how to enter text much faster by setting the right options
    • Learn how to store more music on an SD card without quality loss
    • You can watch DVDs on your Pocket PC without expensive converters
    • View all, not just one, of your upcoming appointments on your Today screen
    • Password protection does not wholly protect your data from intruders
    • - read these and 190+ more tips and use these and 39 more tweaks in Spb Pocket PC Tips & Tricks -

    Requirements: Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003 or Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC


    Secured URL
    Secured URL

    register with the serial key 82702398

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