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Thread: Request and Discuss Mobile Movies/Series/Any Film Here ONLY

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    Default Request and Discuss Mobile Movies/Series/Any Film Here ONLY


    This thread is created to accommodate all movie requests inside the mobile video section, which means, no new request thread must be created as it will just be trashed.

    If possible, please mention the name of the movie uploader with whom you want to direct your request, else, anyone can respond to it. People like wingtip, gracefull, zaman, kenow, FAQ, etc are the ones uploading movies while hectic, along313, animex, read005 or possibly silentecho are the ones who normally upload animes/series films.

    For us to make this thread member-friendly and easy to browse, all posts/requests except the last 4 pages will be trashed every 16th of the month. This is to make sure that impulse requests will be housekept, and only 'genuine' request will get better chance of getting served -- simply because if they are deleted from prior month, people wanting them will re-post their request.

    This update is being issued and will take effect starting today, 16 September 2006.

    Cheers and br,

    Wingtip :rock:
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