Hi there.
First I posted some modded games in the n6230i games 208x208 section, and I thought that making a tutorial on how to do so could be usefull because of the popularity of java games.
Everyone should know how to view/extract a .jad file content (using winrar) but the opposite way is not evident...

However, as it needs some knowledge, I hesitate on putting it here, because a thread with an important tech level would be a scrap and not reach the expected popularity and "usefullness" :-(

The advantage of modding games are :
- Getting full screen (208x208, 320x240, 128x128 and so on...) menu/game backgrounds
- Getting ingame music changed by yours (most times .mid files)
- Changing game wave sounds (also .amr files)
- Putting your own sprites/textures/powerups in the game.
- Create a personnalized game just for u :-)
- Extend a gamelist for a specific phone model.
- and other stuff...depending on the game origin

This tutorial section would be filled with step by step tutorials for some specific games, and can be extended to all java games.
Depending on the popularity of this thread, I will take the initiative, in another case, the trash will be its destinity...

If u are intersted, just make a sign...

Will be back soon