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What does the image of the scales with 'Repute' mean ?

The image of the scales with 'Repute' written in it is the 'reputation' button . This is what we use to give opinion on (good/bad) or say thanks to the author of any post or thread on the forum.

What is Point Power & how are points awarded ?

'Point Power' is the quantity of points you can give for + or - reputation . By default you give 100% + reputation and 50% - reputation (you can take 1/2 of what you can give).

Point power is awarded based on :

  • Time registered
  • Reputation points you have
Full details of point power and how it is worked out can be found on 'forum news' section @ Mobi NUKE Announcement 'reputation system'.

How & why do I give good reputation ?

Just click on the image of the scales attached to every post .

Should you like the post/thread click on 'i approve' so is highlighted ,now add a short comment of why you approve ( Required ) and click 'add to reputation' button...

How & why do I give negative reputation ?

If you think a post is irrelevant or silly/nonsense etc you can give negative (-) reputation.

Click on scales and highlight 'i disapprove'... now add comment ( Required ) of why you think the post is bad. Click 'add to reputation' button.

I dont have an opinion on the post what should I do ?

If you dont have any opinion on the post or thread do nothing , your not obliged to give reputation though for everyones benefit we hope you will as it encourages sharing and the community spirit we value here @ Mobi NUKE ...

So how do I get detailed info on this reputation system ?

Go to 'Forum News' section of forum , please read Announcement thread by Mega Admin called 'Reputation System' .
Here is detailed information on:
  • exactly how the system works
  • How + & - points are worked out and awarded
  • How your 'point power' is awarded
  • + more...

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