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4th November 2005, 07:19
hi i posted about this but it seems that has lost its credibility i ordered some items and to date they cannot tell me if the recieved m y orderr or if it has been sent or put on hold or whatever its been 1 month can u believe that someone please tell me whats happened
the company is habint i ordered from
in miami
the items were some v180 lcd v220 lcd v3 lcd 1 repair manual a prodigy box and some other minor items so please give me an update

4th November 2005, 21:27
if you posted before then there is no need to post it again.
if you are worried send an email to the i-phone suport site and ask for explanations. you canīt expect them to find your problem.
topic locked.

16th November 2005, 23:24
kindly do this step and create ticket no way they dont ship you anything after one month anyway what is your order number?

Dear Sir,

For Support, activate code, shipment and etc you need to logon to
And then click the create support ticket and then create a ticket and our support team will assist you .Thanks


I-Phone Team Support