View Full Version : Sharp Tool v3.0 - UFS/Twister interface, 903-703 corect unlo

3rd November 2005, 13:43

Sharp 3G Tool v3.0
- Added UFS/Twister interface support
- Removed build in testmode flash unlock
- Replaced V903SH-EU, V903SH-JP, V903SH-CH models with
one single model selection V903SH
- Added V703SH model selection

Patched unlock/language flash files have been uploaded:

How to unlock/repair Sharp 903 and Sharp 703 phones:

- Flash all UNLOCK flashfiles (2 or 3) in your phone.
- Any flashfiles package (Euro, China, Taiwan, Japan)
can be flashed into any phone (SH903/SH703 Euro, China, Japan)
- Select phone model Sharp-703 or Sharp-903 and unlock
- Power on phone. Sometimes need hold Power ON button for at least 15 seconds!
Phone need to write some internal dates at startup.
- if you trying to restore dead phone
- To restore dead phone, after flashing, hold PowerON and # until shows
formatting on display and wait 10-20 minutes to complete.
- Allways use FULL battery or use UFS/Twister cables

2nd December 2005, 16:09
i have sharp 902sh, i tried to unlock it but didnt manage, instead it died, ive tried flashing it using all the available files from usb smart dongle support site, it powers on justmomentarily then goes off again plz help me sort it out ,what prcedure am i missing?