View Full Version : HeLp aNy1... Pls!!!

14th August 2005, 20:04
I need some app 4 n6680...
such as FExplorer, anti-virus and etc....
Just bought this hp.... Been searchin at this forum but can't get any of this...
still learnin how 2 use this forum... pls any1.. appreciate any help :oops: :oops:

14th August 2005, 21:38
Whts... u cant find any app for ur phone on this FORUM .. :( ... m8 ... real the topic on how 2 search ...

THEre are so many appp topics...

All the best ... 8) 8)

14th August 2005, 22:16
plz search the forum. if you wish there is a topic on how to section that explain how to work with it.
this is also not the correct section for this.