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1st April 2005, 02:53
Hey guys.. I need help ! I've installed a couple of programs in my 7610 and I dont know which one messed it up.. Now there's a "system error" that occurs once i reboot the phone which created a lot of problems since I can't write any text (alphabets) elsewhere in the phone.. i'm only able to write numbers... I've unistalled all the programs (except the once that came with the phone) to try to fix it and it still doesnt work.. Worst comes to worst.. i need to get it flashed but i'd like to get your feedback first.. thanks guys.. really appriciate it...

2nd April 2005, 20:13
before flashing try doing a hard format to the phone see if it works. maybe your phone has some kind of bug caused by a virus or a corrupted app.
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11th April 2005, 21:22
Check the firmware.
If it is older than 4.0445.0 have the firmware upgraded at a nokia service centre.It should solve a lot of problems

23rd August 2005, 10:27
reformating will bring the original settings back and will clean any virus that has infected your phone.
for hard formatt press green key, 3 and * at the same time and then press the on button. keep pressing the 4 buttons until the formating screen appears. it should work.

26th October 2005, 00:00
format it

26th October 2005, 00:01
yes i think so

26th October 2005, 00:01
check the firmware

26th October 2005, 00:02
install the last version

26th October 2005, 00:02
yes install the last version

29th October 2005, 03:03
i suggest you to format it by pressing *#7370#,then enter your lock code 12345,if your lock code still in this no.,after that press the pen button until the phone start normally