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15th January 2011, 10:37
Hi guys, hope you can help,

I have a chinese double din headunit running wince 6, i downloaded sygic mobile maps, windows version, from their own website.
i put all the files on to the sd card and put the card into my device. Everything came up fine and i could select the voices change the date etc, etc. the next stage was to input the product code, so i could access the maps. This is where the problems began.
For some reason, after several attempts, it would not accept the code. so i switched the unit off and then back on again, now all that happens is nothing, when i touch navigation on the screen, nothing happens. i can access setup and select setupwinmobile and that is it.
i emailed sygic, and they said they have reset the code, so i tried again, still no joy. Now they are telling me that it will not run with wince 6. it only runs with windows mobile 6.1 and 6.5. is this correct ? it seemed to be working right up into i tried putting the code in.
it just says on their website, windows mobile, not which versions. The unit runs fine with igo8 and tom tom.

will it work with my unit or should i ask for my money back ?

I am a newbie to in dash sat nav progs !


15th January 2011, 21:19
hi, my PND is on WinCE 6 platform and I can tell you that Sygic is compatible with WinCE. I tried sygic software from iPmart threads.Keep trying with different downloads. Good luck

20th January 2011, 00:53
i have downloaded the Sygic Mobile Maps 10, and installed to the root of the sd card.
i then select setupwinmobile exe, then i come out of settings. when i touch navigate, nothing happens ?
i have a chinese double din unit running wince 6.

hope you guys can help !
many thanks

20th January 2011, 17:33
Same problem here... little help please.

2nd February 2011, 22:41
it is working on windows ce6 without any problems i activate the maps and everything works lioke a charm beter then igo8 :)

i will upload the working without instalation ver of sygic for win ce 6 when i get home.

19th October 2011, 12:18
Did you get home yet?

7th January 2012, 03:53
maybe his satav got him lost.......I also would like sygic.

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to blackstars, did you get it running on wince6?. in settings DON'T set it up for winmobile as you havent got it,it's wince6,
then it should be ok.

16th January 2012, 03:24
if you are still holding that software, then please select drive.exe from the drive folder. (Sygic>Drive>Windowsmobile>Drive.exe ) . it will work. Good day

18th January 2012, 12:17
Actually no one from you guys mentioned what version of the software you are trying to start on a WinCE 6 device. The help provided is adequate - dumb question (It is not working!) - dumb answer (try to start it!) ;-)

YES! The software work flawlessly on a WinCE device - 8.16, 8.24, Maemo and Drive "truck" versions 8.30, 8.32. The only things you should do are:
First to give the right paths in ...\Drive\setings.ini text file:


\.. means an upper level directory

The second ting is how you deal with the Maps folder - all the maps there should be in a respective folder with the same name e.g. ..\Maps\alb\alb.pak, ..\Maps\aus\aus.pak and so on.
The third thing is to activate the software with a *.mlm (* - means World, Europe, ...) or file according to the version you have/want which should be in the Maps folder.
More info you can find here in this forum...

11th February 2012, 09:32
hey i got one of the chinese units as well. i was able to install sygic drive 10 for europe. Let me know if you need help

11th February 2012, 12:22
to kid_19440.
can you upload the working software