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4th October 2010, 15:04
Think you’re a real Casanova? Let’s see how you act in real-life situations when you face a whole gamut of dates, from romantic to wild! Date or Ditch is an absorbing dating adventure for both guys and girls, testing you through an evolving scenario. Discover unique gameplay mixing social simulation, hilarious face-to-face conversations, and fun quizzes. Randomly meet someone at a party, go to the movies together, invite your date to dinner and more. And a surprise visit from your Ex may spice up your love story a bit. Love has always been a game. We just made it more fun.


4 seductive dates to meet face to face, ranging from the wildest to the most romantic personality.
7 settings, from your home to cafés, trendy clubs, or a romantic beach.
Learn about yourself and about love with reviews of your seduction skills.
After each chapter, fun quizzes are unlocked such as "Are you a good kisser?" and more.
A love meter indicates if you’re on the right track with the love of your life.
Secret seduction powers to find throughout the in-game world

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