View Full Version : Place your health requests here...

25th March 2010, 15:34
Seems strange not to see a thread devoted to health related requests so I thought I'd have a go at starting the ball rolling..

1) The missus is keen on losing some flab and would be grateful if anyone could share a copy of Slimming worlds "Food Directory 2010".

Did find this on a torrent but it doesn't include the "Branded foods" list she wants...doh!

2) As a HGV driver rapidly approaching 45 I'll soon need a medical to retain my driving license. My local GP wants to charge 85.00 for this but I'm sure some of you have managed to get it cheaper than that..(I live in the Notts/Derby area if it helps).

We await any replies with bated breath and I hope I haven't trampled on any toes in creating this thread. :pmpl:

25th March 2010, 20:53
Health requests? You mean you are a doctor and want to help other members who post their problems here? Sorry if I'm missing something here.. :thinking: