View Full Version : Cruiser Suite A1JavaUnlocker v1.00 Released

10th June 2008, 17:19
Cruiser Suite A1JavaUnlocker v1.00 Released (

Patch unlocker for SonyEricsson DB2020 phones,
With our A1JavaUnlocker you can unlock DB2020 plattform based phones simply,
without internet connection and ofcourse you don't need any logs.
All you need is the original sim card for which is the phone locked, or test sim card.
At this moment only DB2020 plattform is supported.
DB2012 and PNX5230 phones will be added very soon.

Download Link : [ (]

14th June 2008, 20:20
Hi paavalan,

i need to repair my w550, cause it flashes the "configuration error.. how do i use this cruiser suite? where to get the main firmware flash file? and the raw FS flash file?


7th November 2010, 00:21
here link to download