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29th April 2008, 13:28
The new MT-SIM V109 brings even more features and improvements:

What's new:
1. New unlocking method that works with virtually any model on the market ( some phone/sim cards are not compatible with each other
and with current unlock method. )
2. Supports more phone models than before including LG U310 other 3G phones from Italy
3. Supports Sony Ericsson and other brands
4. Easy configuration with standard presets

How to use:
1. Update firmware first
2. Select desired preset and press Update Configuration
3. In order to check if the configuration have been successfully writen you can use the button Read configuration.
If you see IMSI FFFFFXXXXXXXX that means the configuration of card or the update has failed!
Please check again if you inserted properly the card into the reader!


Q: My phone keeps restarting over and over ... what should i do ?
A: Please uncheck enhanced mode and update again the configuration into the card!

Q: My phone stops at the main screen. What should i do?
A: On some phones like some 3G samsung the phone will remain blocked at the main screen. If this happens please check
the manual mode button and write the configuration into MT-SIM.
After the phone powers up, you'll have to go to the original menu of the card into the phone menu.
After you've found this menu you need to press on any option available on this menu and after get out to the main screen.
After few seconds the phone will have network signal and you will be able to call and receive calls.

Q: My phone displays Insert SIM card. What should i do?
A: Please check the contacts of MT-SIM, and check if you properly inserted into the phone together with your sim card.

Q: My phone displays Incorrect SIM or network lock. What should i do?
A: On some phones you need to write in FAKE IMSI field the original network MCC+MNC where the phone was locked.
You can find this informations easily on Wikipedia.
for AMOI phones for example you should write 222990123456789 in Fake IMSI field ( cause amoi is sold in Italy on
H3G network and this network has MCC+MNC of 222-99
This info also applies to blackberry phones. ( not all )

30th April 2008, 10:05
Where is the mtsim v1.09?..i tried to download from support area but it always goes to expired page...please re-upload or give us link here...thanks

30th April 2008, 11:52
Here you go the 1.09