View Full Version : YehBA Instant Messenger 1.0.6f

5th January 2008, 19:46
YehBA Instant Messenger is quickly becoming the popular Mobile IM of choice. YehBA Instant Messenger is a powerful, user-friendly messaging application that gives you PC Style Messaging capabilities as well as access to popular IMs (Yahoo, MSN, Google). Some of it's features are: chat, multi-user chat, presence, group/broadcast messaging, low-bandwidth requirements, customizable alerts and tones, emoticons, message history, mobile blogging, and multi-user chatrooms. Important: To successfully login to YehBA Mobile Instant Messenger, change your access point to your mobile carrier`s full GPRS Internet Access Point or you should have subscription to your mobile operator to use their service.

Version 1.0.6f fixed critical error when searching for other chatrooms.