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9th October 2007, 10:16
Indian food is gaining in popularity in London, and companies large and small are responding to the demand. Indian Restaurant in London ( those are manufacturers of typical American products such as cinnamon rolls are now producing typical Indian dishes.

General Mills, a long time player in the international market, began offering frozen Indian flatbreads with the familiar Pillsbury Doughboy on the wrappers four years ago. Its whole-wheat roti, puffy naan, and flaky parathas are available plain or stuffed with paneer, cauliflower, or other fillings. They cook in just a couple of minutes on a hot frying pan or griddle. They’re an easy way to round out a meal or provide appetizers for a hungry crowd.

Indian food also seems to be seeking out a different corner of the market, Indians living abroad, searching for a nearly instant taste of home, a heat-and-eat dose of the good old days. In the UK, Paneer Tikka Masala has been named a national food. In the US, Indian food is still catching up. A lot of American food chains have started carrying Indian foods. It has become popular among other ethnic groups.

In Indian grocery stores throughout the London, heat-and-eat treats like samosas and spicy vegetable curries crowd the freezer cases along with pre-fried chunks of paneer, a soft Indian cheese used in many vegetarian dishes, and ice creams in flavors that are popular among Indians such as mango and pistachio. Most conventional grocery stores have a few jars of pre-mixed spice paste or simmer sauces from.

poison ivy
29th November 2007, 05:27
yup...jus go for a visit to tesco, asda, sainsbury etc..u can see all the instant indian takeaways in the cold products aisle...spices..and least it gvs de varieties..i love de tikka masala n de samosas