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1st April 2007, 08:20
Adisasta WinMobile Magnifier v1.5
Requirements: WM5 & WM6
Overview: Following the footsteps of WinMobile Lens and WinMobile Lens Pro we have developed a real time magnifying screen.
WinMobile Magnifier is an advanced virtual magnifier that magnifies any part of Windows Mobile's display in real time. It is a small pop-up application in selectable shape. WinMobile Magnifier allows you to magnify any part of the screen and forward your tap on the magnified screen to the related part of your Windows Mobile's screen. The magnified screen is updated in real time with shiftable focus commanded by tap and drag action of your stylus or hardware navigational keys. The magnified screen can also be customized to various shapes, sizes and zoom factors.

The application is easy to use. Once started, tap in the magnifier and drag outside of the magnifier to any part of the screen that you would like to be the focus of it. Tap and hold on the magnifier to display the context menu with commands to alter shape, size, border and reposition the magnifier.

# Instant real time magnification
# Scrollable mafnifier focus using stylus or navigation keys
# Adjustable magnifier size
# Dialog to switch or to terminate process
# Rotate screen command
# Up to 8x zoom factor
# Save background and foreground in true color
# Border color selection
# A variety of pre-defined shapes
# Support high resolution VGA devices

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Download Instructions: ED-ShareFree.rar