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22nd September 2006, 18:51
dear bros i need master code for 1100 i used so many master code genarators but they give the worng code i dont know y may be there are differnet kind in nokia 1100. i also observed that on many sets those master code generators dont work if some one can tell me please share it , here is my ime
IMEI = 354309006177957
Security Mastercode = 1007131367
but this code doesnot work so if please some one can solve this problem i will realy apriciate that thnx in advance

25th September 2006, 10:29
I have same problem.

30th September 2006, 04:01
it still dont work bro ur site also give us the same code and yes i m sure that it asks for securitycode not pin 1 r pin 2 coz they are related to sim not set
and in that case set should accept any other sim and no it is also not on default code

30th September 2006, 09:41
the master code is for security code...

no matter dct3, dct4, wd2, bb5 also can unlock cos not simlocks

but if you've enter too many times wrong codes, even you enter correct master code it wont help/unlock

so you've to use cable to unlock now

2nd October 2006, 17:32
thnx for the help bro now iwill use cable inshallah

3rd October 2006, 15:09
use ufs and set to factory default then reset user lock.or mt box use factory seting than execute user data then factory default.
i'm doing that to day with 1100 and 1110.

3rd October 2006, 15:40
i am getting the same code but if that is not opening ur phone make sure that ur phone model is correct... the model is written under ur phone battery - it can be 1100a 1100c 1100i so check the proper model.. or try another unlocker in which u have to input the manufacturing country and different constraints...

9th October 2006, 05:10
type:RH-18 Model:1100
only this is written there

14th October 2006, 03:23
"Mastercode" does not work with 1100,
even not with 1110, 1600, 2300, 2600, 2650 and some other low-cost models!!!

Try to read sec.code with cabl or reset with box!

14th October 2006, 15:22
Hello guys! There is no sound coming out of 1100 when receiving a call.
A symbol of a car or head phone is displayed on the screen.Wht do you
think is the solution?Thanks in advance.

14th October 2006, 17:58
hey ,guy , to fix symbol a car in display on 1100 ,just cek you plung in handfree and check the follow line ceramik .

for unlock you phone ,you need a box like ufs or mt-box ,thank

15th October 2006, 22:39
can anyone post secreat code for 1100 nokia

16th October 2006, 14:29
i need a code for 2300, i forgot my security code. I want to reset the factory setting....

17th October 2006, 14:05
i need a code for 2300, i forgot my security code. I want to reset the factory setting....

you have forgate to post your ime press *#06# with out sim and pot with your ime here.........:finga:

19th October 2006, 19:12

this is my imei.......can anyone help me??? I tried the master is not working

1st November 2006, 12:21
@chicaman try this 2135527524

4th November 2006, 16:26
its not working.... ><....

5th November 2006, 09:03
@ chicaman dear brother it was only for test so 1100 impossible to unlock via mastercode................ok??????????????????
some body please close this thread.

31st December 2006, 17:21
type :RH-18
this is the imei given.
when i switch on the mobile it ask for puk code
if i enter the code, then it asks to enter new pin code and re enter
if i enter a pin code it shows error.
please help me.

6th January 2007, 14:19
it is not suported master code

6th January 2007, 15:10
Once more:

"Mastercode" does not work with 1100, 1110, 1600, 2300, 2600, 2650 and some other low-cost models!!!

You can enter codes until you have bloody fingers :-P It will not work! These low-cost phones have no mastercode-option inbuild!
Try to read sec.code with cable or reset with box!


4th September 2007, 06:21
so we can give up unlocking this phone but to use a body can unlock nokia 1100 with just a simple code...

18th February 2008, 04:23
i have nokia 2600 and im having a hard time to reset the seciruty code i already downloaded the calc but it doesn't work my imei is 3562070008xxxxx the security code 12405 is not working plz.. help

edit :
please dont disclose ur imei here.. pm someone if u want help about imei

25th July 2009, 09:43
Hi friends
I am also search the same & I found the code in ************* for free for my mobile nokia 5100

28th February 2011, 18:19
Unlock code again free to you....
Get unlock code from the website ( along with instructions.This codes and instruction really helps you.

14th November 2011, 08:09
Hi, i got a master reset code for Nokia 1100(IMEI-354309006177957) from Unlock-Free ( . here also i got the same unlock code 1007131367 . I think you may enter it please once again check it..

10th May 2012, 09:47
i am sure this device is not support master code its supports only puk code that provided by service provider.
but if you try this i think its maybe working otherwise not

type :RH-18