View Full Version : N73 users pls come in, about the lcd screen

17th September 2006, 23:11
just check with all n73 users, its about the screen and red color on the lcd screen:
Q1 - isit yo N73 lcd screen easy to press then a liquid appear?
Q2 - problem for the red color on lcd screen, example open the Tools folder and focus yo eyes on the Infrared icon, press the Menu key back to standby screen, isit the red color of the Infrared icon showing a bit lack disapear and a shadow during changing to standby screen?
Q3 - isit normal for both Q1 & Q2?
thx for reply!;)

18th September 2006, 06:47
yes it is there

19th September 2006, 13:49
ic! i think my phone lcd screen a bit concave, u can test it with a ruler, just see the ruler from the phone screen.
when i wipe the screen, if too pressure, a ringy thingy (like u touch the lcd monitor) appear, but it happen only at middle of screen, so my phone lcd a bit concave!
Dont know others N73 isit same leh?