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  1. HelloOX - The Easiest Way to Hack for All S60 3rd, fp1, fp2 Phone (Updated 06.10.09)
  2. How to Signed Symbian's Application/Games in PC
  3. [OFFICIAL] Hacks Query/Question/Doubts Thread
  4. Nokia N8 Hack- Modded installserver
  5. N8 installserver hacked CFW
  6. c-7 (rm-675) cwf uda with installserver ## HERE ##
  7. PNHT Hacked N8 UDA with FileBrowser and Camera Mods
  8. Get your N8 hacked right now! 1st HACKED N8 CFW RELEASE IN THE WORLD :) (newbie-proof
  9. Nokia N8 Features an Inbuilt WebDav Client for Mapping Network Drives
  10. World’s first N8 modified CFW (not only hack) is here!
  11. [How to] Change N8 language pack without changing product code
  12. Use C7 Fla****e as torch
  13. Change fonts in Nokia N8
  14. Changing Boot Screen Possible?
  15. How to download .sis files from the Ovi store on the Desktop
  16. S^3 Modding by CODeRUS
  17. N8 CODeRUS CFWv2 v11.12
  18. (5/12/2010) *H2O* A Full featured custom firmware for the N8! *New Mods Included*
  19. how to Flash and Install H20 firmware? Im a newbie
  20. No Camera Sound for Symbian^3
  21. symbian^3 ultimate flashing guide C7 as example
  22. Nokia File Browser V4.5 Symbian^3 Hacked FW Only Open4all
  23. jaf ini for N8 newer mobiles
  24. ***[N8] H2O Mods Pack! Autofocus etc.** **Use H2O Mods without flashing H2O CFW!** :)
  25. New Video modification by sisqo88 Unsigned
  26. New Nokia N8 Camera Mod
  27. New N8 Multiple Mods (No Hacked N8 needed)
  28. NEW N8 Multiple Mods v7.00 S^3 Released (No HACKED N8 needed) [Updated on 12-04-2011]
  29. Additional languages C7 ?
  30. Switch off all data connection
  31. Nokia C7 RM-675_012.004 hacked uda
  32. C6-01 Hacked UDA !
  33. ques- general validity of app hacked with opda
  34. Nokia N8 Update. PR 1.1
  35. downgrade C7 from 12.004 to 12.003 ??
  36. [help wanted] N8 Full Flash Files(All Optional Files Included)
  37. [REQUEST] Folder Icons Patch
  38. Help
  39. How editing or create *.cre files?
  40. Make your own USB OTG adapter using nokia data cable(CA-101)
  41. Sign Symbian's Application/Games in PC
  42. Phoenix problem 3 times 3 files
  43. How to get Certificate and Key for Nokia N8 ?
  44. Unlocking?
  45. Nokia N8 RM-596 Firmware 13.016 HACKED
  46. Debranding my N8
  47. help regarding v13 hack
  48. Nokia N8 RM-596 UDA CFW 13.016 v1.2.5 [Updated on 18-03-2011]
  49. help Nokia C7 update through GSM?
  50. Nokia C7 12.004 euro firmware
  51. CFWs by Ivo777: Symbian Anna CFW for N8 RM-596 FW14.002 v1.1 [01-07-2011]
  52. Mod for no beep during Call Recording?
  53. N8 - screen backlight while new sms/mms arrives
  54. N8 - screen always vertical after unlock - possible?
  55. Hacked UDA for Nokia C7 RM-675 v13.016 by ivo777 upon my request [24-02-2011]
  56. Best website for getting your 100% working certificate
  57. nikia n8 only installserver needed
  58. Help in Installing Nokia Ovi Store N8
  59. Nokia N8 Six Homescreens Without Hacking
  60. Custom menu grid S^3
  61. Nokia C7 Pro Edition V1 By: Taylor
  62. Update:- installserver for S^3
  63. HACKED UDA for Nokia N8 RM-596 14.002 PR1.2
  64. Nokia N8 RM-596 PR1.2 UDA CFW 14.002 v1.2.8 [Updated on 10-04-2011]
  65. Nokia C7-00 Hack For V 014.002 please
  66. change your fonts on symbian^3 easily (no haking needed)
  67. Nokia E7 RM-626 14.002 hacked uda needed!!!!!!!!!!
  68. Nokia E7 RM-626 14.002 hacked uda
  69. Files listed in VPL omitted by Navifirm
  70. Equalizer editing mod for n8 by CODeRUS awesome.
  71. CFW collection for Nokia C7, RM-675, v14.002, PR1.2 by Random User [10-04-2011]
  72. how to hack nokia n8 v 14.002
  73. N8 Pop custom folder icons
  74. Index of all the CFW/CFW Related threads in Symbian^3 Hacking/Modding Zone (20/08/12)
  75. Beginners guide Need help from experienced custom firmware makers in ipmart forum.
  76. [update] eikcoctl mod for S^3
  77. Song Metadata editing S^3
  78. How to modify icon of Ovi Chat 3.1?
  79. Just HackIt! v1.1 Automatic Hack App by CODeRUS-WithOut Flashing [Updated-19-4-2011]
  80. Plain UDA File
  81. Brief Flashing / Hacking Guide for Symbain^3 phones using Pheonix by Zeeshu007
  82. Symbian Anna Icons for Gravity
  83. Any HACK or MOD for PURPLE SCREEN ISSUE in nokia N8 .
  84. Rom patcher for n8
  85. Nokia N8 Lifetimer Reset
  86. Flashing a Nokia N8
  87. SysAp 2.0 + Splashscreen for S^3
  88. can you change the N8's imei?
  89. Symbian 3 Portrait swype?
  90. SysAp 2.1 + Splashscreen for S^3
  91. Mod Disable Active Diverts Note for S^3
  92. Closed : Wifi Hack??
  93. SysAp 2.2 + [MOD] Alarm 2.0
  94. RomPatcher3 for S^3 v3.00 - by Mighty CodeRUS
  95. CFW C6-01 RM-718 v14.02
  96. RomPatcher+ v3.1 {New version with S^3 support}
  97. [Patch] Remove Recording Tone for S^3 - by CODeRUS
  98. HelloOX2 v2.11 released!12th Jun 2011 - RP+ 3.0 for S^3, Symbian Anna included
  99. Profile and Clock widget removable from Home Screen?
  100. Updates about cfw for N8.. (Just info, no real stuff yet)
  101. Music Player Equalizer on Hacked Nokia N8 or any other Symbian^3 Phone
  102. Nokia Releases Official Flash File Downloader !!!
  103. Delight Anna N8 PR2.0 by nicesoni_ash
  104. [Request]Converting some files
  105. STEPS to edit core rofs rof2 rofs3 for nokia s^3 for beginners for custom firmwares
  106. Nokia E7 Fixed Focus to Auto Focus
  107. DosBox For Nokia E7
  108. Java Permissions Mod
  109. [HOT] N8 CFW v5.1 Fix by Anna vutaikt style;) 30/6/2K11
  110. [HOT] How to add any language Pack to your firmware.
  111. how can i change product code on ma nokia E7-00
  112. Symbian Anna for Nokia N8 Firmvare 22.014 Hacked by ivo777
  113. Free Up 14 MB Phone Memory in N8
  114. Symbian Anna for Nokia N8 with Greek Language and Keyboard
  115. downgrade from ANNA to original??N8
  116. Any hack method for the E6? Flash, or otherwise?
  117. Symbian ANNA Rofs2 of Ivo777 with arabic, frensh and english!! BY DR-NET
  118. Symbian ANNA in arabic, frensh and english BY( DR-NET) Hot update(16-07-2011)
  119. Kinetic scrolling improve for Symbian Anna only
  120. MOD for Symbian Anna - Split Screen by Himura...
  121. Symbian Anna PR 2.0 v20.037 for Nokia C7 - Ported from Nokia Astound version RM-675
  122. how to add new writing language to firmware??? Help me.
  123. Nokia C7 RM-675 The Legend RKY C7 Anna v3 dated 24/07/2011 by Rawand Kurdy
  124. Downgrade your N8 (and poossibly other s^3) with Phoenix (even if it's dead!)
  125. Use New "Text Message Filter" in Anna firmware even with restore data with few step..
  126. Error pop-up with phoenix v2010.24.008.43820 (flash c7 with all cfw and ofw)
  127. Molded UDA file for Nokia E6 v.22.014
  128. nokia E5 hacking
  129. hacking nokia x7
  130. Symbian Anna N8 RM-596 Firmware 22.014 Hacked, Cleaned and Full French !
  131. [MOD] Kinetic Scrolling Improvement for Symbian Anna & Belle by Ancelad v1.1
  132. Hacked X7-00 UDA for 22.014 "RM-707_022.014_U01.01_79.92.uda.fpsx"
  133. hack n8
  134. SysAp 2.4 + Splashscreen for S^3 by coderus
  135. Custom Logs Age Mod change log days history by coderus
  136. FullScreen Swipe Menu Mod for Symbian^3
  137. FullScreen Swipe Menu v2 Mod for Symbian^3
  138. Symbian Belle Updated Files Tested !! Try IT At YOUR OWN RISK !!!!!!!
  139. Symbian Belle hacked UDA for Nokia N8 ( Try it Own Your Risk)
  140. Symbian Belle List of Known Issues
  141. N8 CFW Belle (PR 3.0) v1.0 by vutaikt
  142. [INFORMATION] NOKIA COOKER starting warning problem
  143. HACKED UDA for NOKIA N8 v22.014 official release original file.
  144. HACKED UDA for NOKIA c7 v22.014 official release original file.
  145. HACKED UDA for NOKIA N8 v24.001 official release original file.
  146. HACKED UDA for NOKIA c7 v24.001 official release original file.
  147. Hacked UDA for Nokia E7 v22.014 Official Release Original File
  148. [patch] Remove Recording Tone for Symbian Belle by coderus
  149. Nokia Cooker Is Too Old Fix (Run As Date )
  150. [GUIDE] How to Fix Java on Symbian Belle / Unable to Run Java Apps on Belle
  151. N8 symbian anna v22.014 cant connect to wifi??
  152. is possible c7 rm-691 to rm-675 via phoneix???
  153. [HELP THREAD] Post all your fw/cfw related queries here
  154. Nokia C7 - Anna RM-675 v22.014 - Inspire CFW v2.0 (Advanced) by Zeeshu007 [04-09-11]
  155. [MOD] Remove Open Applications Menu for Symbian Anna.
  156. CFW Symbian Belle for Nokia N8 by ivo777 FW111.010.0606
  157. PR 2.0 ##xtreme## c7 V1 by Rishi Gour updated on 24/8/2011
  158. Symbian belle camera on 16:9 12mp
  159. How to get .cert and .key files
  160. [HOT FIX] Restore gprs/wifi data entry on log after anna update
  161. new Java Permissions Mod
  162. ivo777 N8 Belle CFW with Greek keyboard and T9 added.
  163. Apple On screen keyboard sound for N8 on screen Keyboard..... Request
  164. NEED Multiple Mods v7.00 SIGNED Verion plz
  165. need cer & key
  166. [SymbianBelle] CODeRUS CFW for N8
  167. N8 - PR3.0- Delight Belle by nicesoni_ash - v2.0 updated on 24.08.2011
  168. C7 Anna RM-675 Inspire CFW v3.3 (Xtreme) for v24.1 by Zeeshu007 [23-09-2011]
  169. [MOD] Change Anna Boot Screen with Symbian Belle (working now)
  170. Symbian Belle for Nokia N8 v111.020.0203 author : coderus
  171. Theme Effects for Symbian^3
  172. N8 Anna RM-596 Inspire (Xtreme) v4.3 for v24.1 by Zeeshu007 [02-10-2011]
  173. C7: How to disable USIM APPLICATION when phone starts
  174. (Theme Effects) New effects for S^3 Anna only
  175. Symbian Hacked again! DrWeb AV security hole.---[by CODeRUS]---
  176. [Tutorial] Use any font with Delight cfw without flashing
  177. Symbian Hacked again! Anti Virus security hole
  178. Effects for S^3 BELLE! + How To make own effects
  179. NVT N8 CAMERA MOD 3.1 Jpeg @ 100,95,90,Mixed;HD,nHD CAF, Zoom, StartupAnim.
  180. [ Request ] For Patch for Nokia N-8
  181. Good looking WP 7 font "Segoe WP" for S^3 and Anna phones
  182. Custom menu grid for S^3
  183. [Tutorial] How to Add Theme Effects on Symbian Belle v111.020.0203
  184. [MOD] Big analogue Clock Widget for Belle (WORKING!)
  185. Camera Improvment Mod For Nokia C7-00
  186. N8 - PR3 "IMPULSE" FOR RM 596 ONLY BASED ON VER 111.020.0203 - CFW by STRATEGIST
  187. N8 Symbian Belle Delight 3.1 Greek/English UI + Keyboard
  188. N8 Belle Delight 3.1 UI + Keyboard localized roms
  189. Symbian Belle for Nokia N8 v111.020.0203 Russian coderus [23.09.11]
  190. Symbian ANNA Multiple Mods v1.00 Released! by sklchan (Hacked N8 Required! USE AT Y
  191. [MOD] MenuSwitch 2.0 for Symbian Anna
  192. Symbian Belle for Nokia N8 v111.020.0203 Russian [06.10.11] [GoodBye]
  193. (Theme Effects) New effects for S^3 Belle only by jlmvc
  194. Nokia C5-00 with no beep recording
  195. N8 - PR3 - Delight Belle by nicesoni_ash - v3.3 released on 18.10.2011
  196. Nokia Cooker v 2.0
  197. HACKED UDA for NOKIA N8 v25.007 official release original file.
  198. Nokia Cooker v 2.1
  199. NokiaCooker v2.6 - Cooked Fw for 3rd / 5th / Symbian^3
  200. Conversation Mod for hacked N8
  201. Help with modem driver for N8
  202. [QUESTION] Where I can find mods to make my own CFW for Anna?
  203. CFW rm-774 on a Nokia C7 rm-675. Can I do it?
  204. Hacked UDA for Nokia E7 v25.007 Official Release Original File
  205. Possible: To flash only rofs2 with another proctcode??
  206. [CFW] Symbian Anna v25.007 - SyMbIaNnA ™ v1 for N8 RM-596
  207. Nokia N8 RC Belle 111.030.0607 [New Leak]
  208. HACKED UDA for NOKIA 701 RM-774_111.020.0307 official release original file.
  209. HACKED UDA for NOKIA 701 RM-774_111.010.1009 official release original file.
  210. Add TTS of another language
  211. How to Hack Nokia N8 ?
  212. Where To Get Certifcate & Keys ?
  213. Problem in Download original Firmware files from NaviFirm !!!!!!!! Plz help
  214. Nokia N8 RM-596 S^4 Xeon Fw111.030.0607
  215. Help Regarding Nokia C6-01
  216. N8-RM 596, PR3 BELLE - Symbian DEV edition - by STRATEGIST based on 111.030.0607
  217. Hacking Nokia 700 [Belle}
  218. Nokia 701 CFW RM-774 111.020.0307 Experia V1
  219. !!!! Remove smartinstaller from Qt based apps and avoid install error !!!!
  220. Nokia C7 - RM-675 - BELLE Unleashed
  221. How to make Theme effects yourself [Effects files detailed]
  222. [MOD]menu key always red(for c7)
  223. N8 Belle RM-596 "HEARTBREAKER" Version (111.030.0607) on 14.12.2011
  224. Nokia 500.Help pls
  225. little help with nokia e71x
  226. HACKED UDA for NOKIA X7 RM-707 v25.007 official release original file.
  227. [MOD]homescreen & menu always portarit
  228. Nokia N8 life time reset
  229. Nokia E6 Cleaned C drive and No Annoying Wellcome Application
  230. help with E7-00 please
  231. Nokia N8 FM Transmitter Hack
  232. NTFS support for USB OTG
  233. Any one help me for 36 symbian belle
  234. Arabic language for C7 RM-675
  235. C7 Upgrade
  236. What hacking method to use for official Belle?
  237. Kinetic scrolling
  238. Nokia N8 RM-596 CFW- Nokia DEV-Evolve final 609
  239. STRATEGIST AIO Mods for Nokia Belle - all u need to create a CFW for N8
  240. [Solved] Help with Dead Phone Flashing
  241. [help required] how to modify the predefined home cities
  242. C7 Belle WIFI problem after hacking
  243. InstallServer Patch v1.5 [Supports Belle] - Test in Progress
  244. HACKED UDA for NOKIA C7 RM-675 v111.030.0609 official release original file.
  245. HACKED UDA for NOKIA N8 RM-596 v111.030.0609 official release original file.
  246. Fully Transparent Widget Pack For Nokia^Belle - Unsigned
  247. [Solved] Very dead Nokia N8...
  248. How to install Ovi Notification API?
  249. Can't see installed widgets - Nokia E6 Belle
  250. Downgrade Belle To Anna Nokia C7