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  1. Galaxy S Root Tutorial
  2. Create you Own Live Wallpaper
  3. How to enable 3 button Download/Recovery mode
  4. "Making Widget Skins Transparent" Tutorial (for all android phones)
  5. 'Unsuccessful download error' from market? Read here how to fix
  6. How to import books into Aldiko
  7. Android Glossary
  8. Froyo for milestone from G.O.T
  9. Samsung [ROM] Froyo 2.2 "MEGATRON" GPS fixed
  10. [Tutorial] NEXUS One Rooting Unlocking
  11. Import and play Gameboy Advance Games (Gameboid)
  12. Video Guide: Overclock Samsung Galaxy S i9000 upto 1.6 GHz
  13. Samsung Coming Soon Froyo 2.2.1 [Froyo 2.2 is old now]
  14. Samsung [ROM] Froyo 2.2.1 Update "OPTIMUS PRIME" GPS FIXED
  15. Android 2.3 Platform
  16. Samsung [ROM] ::::::DeNaViL HQ ROM:::::::
  17. Samsung BIOS postscript Custom Boot Animation
  18. Samsung Darkyy's Pure Awesome ROM 2.2.1 XXJPU V5.5
  19. Samsung Coming Soon ROM Ferrari Gingerbread Look
  20. How to use psx4droid (psx emulator for android)
  21. Milestone Froyo Roms
  22. Samsung [ROM] SUPRISE!!!! Darino's Xmas Special ROM
  23. Custom Icons-Desktop Visualizer V 1.04
  24. [Video Guides] Create / Cook a Custom Firmware for Samsung Galaxy S
  25. [Video Guide] How to install Android 2.3 Gingerbread on Samsung Galaxy S (Nexus S Po
  26. Samsung [ROM] MODDED v7.0 Darkyy ROM JPY
  27. Wake up Brick android Phones
  28. APK Edit v0.2
  29. Rerouting x10mini and mini pro does not work when the z4root
  30. Samsung [ROM Kitchen] Create Your Own ROM
  31. Motorola MIUI Latest Fully English Rom(Milestone)
  32. Motorola MIUI rom Milestone (Updated on 18. jan) + Latest Kernel
  33. HTC HTC Desire (G7) Latest MIUI Rom with Install Tutorial
  34. How To Setup Multitouch on X10(Guide)
  35. Samsung I5801 New Firmware I5801BVJP9 Released
  36. Pearson-The Android Developers Cookbook Building Applications with the Android SDK 20
  37. Samsung [ROM] Latest Darky's v9.2 Extreme Edition
  38. [ROM] Darky's ROM v9.2 Extreme Edition (correct version)
  39. [ROM] Darky's ROM Resurrection Edition (ODIN stripped version of v9.2)
  40. Samsung Stock Firmwares for Samsung Galaxy S I9000 series
  41. Samsung [ROM][2.2.1][European] I9000XFJS2 for Samsung Galaxy I9000
  42. [ROM][2.2.1][European] I9000XWJS5 for Samsung Galaxy I9000
  43. Samsung [CUSTOM ROM] Galaxy 3 i5800/i5801
  44. HTC HTC Desire HD MIUI rom...
  45. Samsung ***Sconcau ROM-Darinoz Mods***
  46. [Video Guide] Build / Create Your Custom Angry Birds levels
  47. [ROM][2.3.2] I9000XWJV1 for Samsung Galaxy S (Gingerbread)
  48. Samsung [ROM] Darky's v9.3 Extreme Edition Final (SGS i9000)
  49. Samsung Firmware [2.2.1] I9000XWJS7 for Galaxy I9000
  50. [GUIDE] How to add Android Market on your device
  51. Samsung [ROM][Official][2.2.1] I9000XXJQ3 for Samsung Galaxy I9000
  52. Motorola XT-720 Froyo
  53. Samsung [ROM][Official][2.2.1] I9000RSJS2 for Samsung Galaxy I9000
  54. Gingerbread 2.3.3 rom for xperia x10
  55. Samsung [Firmware][2.2.1][Official] I9000BOJS5 T-Mobile UK for Galaxy S
  56. Samsung [ROM][Official][2.2.1] I9000XWJS8 for Galaxy I9000
  57. Samsung [Firmware][2.2.1][Official] I9000ZSJPJ for Galaxy I9000
  58. foryo CM 6.1.3 V4.5.7 with Camcorder stable for x10
  59. Samsung [ROM] Darky's Custom ROM v9.4 Extreme Edition (SGS i9000 Only)
  60. custom roms for xperia x10a/i (guyz check this out u wil lov ur cell) ANDROID DEVELOP
  61. Samsung [ROM][2.3.3] I9000XXJVK OFFICIAL GINGERBREAD for Galaxy S
  62. Samsung [ROM] Darky's v9.5 Extreme Edition Final (SGS i9000)
  63. Latest foryo CM 6.1.3 V053 with full Camera fix x10
  64. Samsung [APP]::16-03-11::NEW Themed Market 2.3.4:::Neon White fix and install re-wrote:::
  65. Samsung [ROM][3/4/11] Juwe's Smart Edition *NEW v3.1 GINGERBREAD XXJVK* | Extreme Stability
  66. [ROM] 2.2.1 MiniCM-1.0.0-RC2 CM-6.1.3 for the X8
  67. [Firmware][2.3.3]I9000XWJVB (GINGERBREAD) for Samsung Galaxy I9000
  68. Sony Ericsson X10mini Rooting Firmware 2.2.1 UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  69. Request about android devices
  70. FREE HTC Desire SIM-Unlock Utility
  71. SAMSUNG GALAXY S update GINGERBREAD official I'tel version - Works in India (+Root)
  72. Samsung Galaxy Ace 2.3.3 ROM
  73. Samsung [ROM][30/04]>Goatrip 1.8<TW4[2.3.3][XWJVB] // Port of many GS2 features (SGS I9000)
  74. Samsung Working Apps from SGS2 to SGS - CWM update
  75. Samsung [Firmware][2.3.3]I9000XWJVH (GINGERBREAD) for Galaxy S
  76. Samsung [08/05/11][GINGER]Simply Honey 3.3 FINAL (2.3.3 JVB) (SGS I9000 ONLY)
  77. Samsung [THEME]:::SteelBlue v4.11/4.13 JVB/JVH by Team Carbon:::/09-05/**4.13 JVH **
  78. Samsung [ROM][09/05]Goatrip 1.9[2.3.3][Gingerbread][XWJVH] // Ported all Mods from JVB
  79. Sony Ericsson Experia Play ROOTED
  80. Samsung [ROM][10/5] ★ 7Linux ROM v2.1 [GingerBread 2.3.3 XWJVH] InSaNe SpEeD / Arabic ★
  81. Samsung [ROM][2.3.3] Samsung Stock XXJVO Gingerbread (May 4, 2011) - I9000 ONLY
  82. Samsung ►►[ROM][22/5] ★ 7Linux ROM v3.2 [2.3.3 XWJVH] First Ginger with Arabic Locale and★ ◄◄
  83. Motorola Mororola DEFY (MB525)..Android 2.2 Releases for ASIA
  84. Samsung [ROM][17/05/11][GINGER]Simply Honey 3.5 Revolution (2.3.3 JVH) - Working...
  85. Samsung [rom][05/26] O B S S E S S I O N [ JV9 ] lots of sgs2 bloat + 9 locks + transparency
  86. Samsung [THEME] PaulDiddy Remix GB 1.3 [*9 Lockscreens* - 26.05.2011]
  87. Samsung [ROM] [26.05.2011] Darky's Extreme Edition v10.1 ★ JVH ★ Fast. Sleek. Beautiful.
  88. Samsung [ODIN] Darky's Resurrection Edition 10.1 (GT-I9000 ONLY for now)
  89. Samsung [ROM][05.06.11] Simply Honey 3.6.1 Revolution (2.3.3 JVO/JV9) - Hebrew + Arabic!!
  90. [ROM][miniCM]Sony Ericsson 2.2 Firmware [All Sony Ericsson Style]
  91. Samsung [Samsung Galaxy S II][ROM] Lite'ning Rom - Fast as Lightning
  92. Samsung Guide: How to Upgrade and Root Samsung Galaxy Ace to Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread
  93. Samsung [ROM][2.3.4] Samsung Stock XXJVP Gingerbread (June 3, 2011) - I9000 ONLY
  94. Samsung [THEME] PaulDiddy Remix GB 1.6 [* JVP 19/06/2011 *]
  95. Samsung [KERNEL] Galaxian v2 - brings you power of the universe
  96. Samsung JUWE's v5.0 XXJVP 2.3.4 Gingerbread ROM for Samsung Galaxy I9000
  97. Samsung [ROM][F1 Galaxy S2 V6][Look & Feel Of Galaxy S2][Rock Stable!][6-27-11] [I9000 ROM]
  98. Samsung [ROM][02.07.11] Simply Honey 3.9 Final Revolution (2.3.4 JVP) - Stable, Fast, Simply!
  99. Samsung Update Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 to Android 2.3.4 XXJVQ Firmware
  100. How to: Root Android 2.3.4 (Nexus One)
  101. [GUIDE] How to download gameloft games SDCard Data directly to pc
  102. [Samsung] [ROM][2.3.4] DarkyROM v10.2 Final
  103. mwakiousROM® 0.8.3 MULTI ONLINE MIUI 1.7.30
  104. ( Samsung ) Share - Bring Up ur Galaxy Ace S5830 CodeROM v2x-2b
  105. Samsung Galaxy S II Root v1.2 - One Click Root and UnRoot!
  106. Samsung [KERNEL] Insecure/Original Kernels for use with rooting for Galaxy S II
  107. Samsung Update Samsung Galaxy FIT S5670 to XWKQ2 Gingerbread 2.3.4
  108. Samsung Update & Root Samsung P1000 to Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread [stock ROM]
  109. Samsung How To Update Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 with Galaxy S2 ROM
  110. [GUIDE] How to Download SD Cache Data of Gameloft Games using 3G/ Edge/GPRS
  111. Samsung Galaxy GIO GT-S5660 GioPRO v1.2 Android 2.3.4
  112. Samsung Galaxy S II [CUSTOM ROM 2.3.5] SensatioN ROM 1.9 [WIPE/NO WIPE]
  113. Samsung Galaxy S II Stock ROM I9100XXKH3 2.3.4
  114. Android Phones - Installing Application
  115. Samsung Galaxy S II [ROM] [XXKH3] Black Android ROM V1.0 2.3.4 [LIVE!]
  116. Samsung Galaxy S II [ROM] CriskeloRom - BREATHTAKING AND BEAUTIFUL!!!
  117. Samsung Galaxy S II [ROM][2.3.4 XXKH3] CodecROM v1.1 - OverClocked 1.6ghz [SUPER FAST!!!]
  118. Samsung Galaxy S II [GUIDE] ClockWorkMod recovery + Root - MUST READ!!!
  119. HTC Sensation/Sensation 4G 2.3.4 Revolution HD™ 3.0.1
  120. HTC Kernels for Android Revolution HD ROM
  121. HTC [Guide] to Installing S-off, ClockWork, Root, SuperCID & S-on [03/AUG/11](noobproof)
  123. Samsung How to Root Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 Froyo/Gingerbread
  124. Samsung How to Downgrade Galaxy Ace to Froyo 2.2.1 and then update it to GB 2.3.4 using Kies
  125. Samsung Galaxy S juicy Ginger Rom.
  126. GUIDE For Using GameCIH (Cheating Hacker)[Like Cheat Engine]
  127. Samsung Samsung Galaxy S2 - Rooting, Unlocking, Updating Questions!!!
  128. Samsung Galaxy S II Stock ROM I9100XXKI3 2.3.5
  129. Samsung Galaxy S II Exynos Extreme 7.2 ★ XXKI4 2.3.5
  130. Samsung Create Custom FlipFonts for Samsung Devices
  131. Samsung Galaxy S I9000 HYBRID ROM 5.0 I9000XXJVT
  132. [ROM-p920] KING_3D_ROM_V2.1 for LG Optimus 3D
  133. Samsung Darky rom 10.2-re for Samsung galaxy I9000 (sgs)
  134. HTC [ROM] 10.21 | Swagged Out Stock v1.9.0.5 1 | 4.53 | Superuser FC Fixed For EVO 4G
  135. Samsung Root Samsung Galaxy Y S5360
  136. Samsung Samsung Letter Code for android firmwares - MUST READ!!!
  137. Samsung Galaxy S II v3.0 SenseStyle [Htc Sensation Theme][Beautiful]
  138. Root Samsung Galaxy Note(and more) with zergRush Exploit
  139. Samsung Galaxy S2 TurkbeyRom Deluxe Edition V29.2 XWKK5 Sony Bravia Engine-Fancy Rotation
  140. HTC [ROM] MIUIce Cream Sandwich [Android4.0.1 + MIUI Hybrid][UPDATE 11/12/11]
  141. Samsung Galaxy S II WajkIUI - MULTiLanguage
  142. HTC [ROM][Nov 22]RunnyDrOiD v1.1 By PVTEAM | Ultrafast & Smooth | 2.3.5 | Sense 3.5
  143. Samsung ICS Alpha 9 Build 4.0.1 is ready to download now for galaxy s2
  144. HTC HD2 NAND Toolkit v4.2.0.1 - Toolkit for HD2
  145. [GUIDE] Get 50GB storage with on any device /50GB only until 'til March 31st/
  146. Samsung [MOD] ultimate guide to Build.Prop Tweaks for Samsung galaxy ace
  147. [ROM]Cm7 Vengeance v1.0 - Nightly 0 for LG optimus 3D
  148. [ROM][6/12]acurarom GB V6.1 now 2 launchers and overclock!!! for lg optimus 3D
  149. [ROM] IpmartX for Thunderbolt
  150. [MOD] Build.prop tweaks for LG OPTIMUS 3D
  151. [ROM] I9000XXJVU HYBRID v 11.0
  152. Motorola [ROM] Rubix 2.0 [Motorola Droid-X]
  153. Motorola [ROM] GINGERALE 3.0 STABLE RELEASE [Motorola Droid-X]
  154. Samsung Galaxy S II [Pitch Black][AOKP-B36] Resurrection Remix ICS 4.0.4 v1.9.1
  155. Samsung [TUT]How to Port Original Samsung keyboard from stock Rom to Custom Roms.
  156. Samsung [12.02.2012][ROOT] TriangleAway v1.0 ONly For SGS II
  157. Quasar kernel governors and I/O schedulers manual
  158. Samsung [KERNEL] SiyahKernel v2.6.12 - "One kernel to rule them all" (SAMMY&AOSP ROMs) SGSII
  159. Samsung Siyah Governors SGSII
  160. Samsung Got a Boot Loop?? SGSII (READ THIS)
  161. [GUIDE] How to port MIUI v4 to your Device
  162. [ROM] LG OPTIMUS 3D [ROM][CM7] Vengeance O3D Edition v2.0 *AROMA INSTALLER*
  163. AROMA Installer :: 120208-013 :: Open Source
  164. Samsung Galaxy S2 - PFittech ROM v1.1 - ICS 4.03 (Stable and Smooth)[Best SGS2 Rom]
  165. [GUIDE] Take screenshot WITHOUT installing app on Galaxy S/SII/Note (other models)
  166. Samsung [ROM] CriskeloServanTeam V05 -ICS 4.0.3 (Firm Oficial XXLPQ)
  167. Samsung GT-I9100[ROM]PARANOIDANDROID 2.22|Android 4.1.2|True HybridMode
  168. [rom]sgs i9000 [xwjw5] hybrid 14.0 [multilanguage][21/04/2012][standard-lite]
  169. Samsung Galaxy S II [AOSP]F1 GalaxyNexus | Pure Galaxy Nexus Experience ICS 4.0.4
  170. Samsung Galaxy S 2 [IMM76I] Omega v4.0 AOKP Build-37 ICS 4.0.4
  171. Samsung Galaxy S II (MIUI) ASNET v2.5.4 ICS 4.0.3
  172. Motorola GSM ICS Leak T-Mobile Germany [OTA] Droid Razr
  173. Sony Ericsson Xperia X10mini Android 4.0.4 Updated........................
  174. [Guide] Bootloader and kernel guide | X8 | W8 | X10 mini | X10 mini pro
  175. Samsung Galaxy S II [XWLPG]Pure Look S3 "Design by Nature"[v3.1.1 Final][Jkay v14.0]
  176. make call without intent
  177. Samsung Galaxy S 3 [UNOFFICIAL][AOKP Milesetone 6] Android Open Kang Project - I9300
  178. [TUTORIAL] Download .APK from google play to PC
  179. Samsung [Galaxy S] [ICS ROM] TiramiSlim Final V. 2.0
  180. Samsung Galaxy S 2 [CM9/CM10/AOKP M6][UNOFFICIAL] Pier's vanilla builds [UPDATED DAILY]
  181. Samsung Experimental build: Jelly Bean Android Version 4.1 (Is buggy, works quite well!)
  182. Samsung [SGS 3 TOOLKIT V4.0] Drivers, Backup, Root, CWM, BusyBox + MORE [GSM]
  183. Samsung [sgs 3 sim unlock]
  184. Samsung [SGS 3 Secret Codes]
  185. Samsung [AOSP][Jelly Bean][4.1.2][JZO54K] SuperNexus - I9300 - BUILD 5
  186. Samsung Galaxy S2 PieR's AOKP JellyBean 4.1.1 builds [UPDATED REGULARLY]
  187. CPU Governors explained
  188. HTC One X Jellybean 4.1.1 for Endeavoru AOSP Build [JRO03L][UPDATED REGULARLY]
  189. HTC Guide to CyanogenMod & AOSP Jellybean / ICS on the HTC One X
  190. Android Application Reverse Engineering Tutorial
  191. Screenshot for sony ericcson neo v
  192. ROOM (Arc / Arc S) smooth + ram free 200 + 3-in-1 Audio + less demand on battery powe
  193. Waklman interference between SoundEnhancement (Improved sound) and Equalizer Along th
  194. [ROM] PARANOIDANDROID.Per-App COLOR (newest PA invention), Dpi & UserInterface
  195. Samsung GT-I9300 WanamLite Jelly Bean XXDLJ5 V4.3 [JB 4.1.1] Aroma Installer Fast & Smooth
  196. [Noob Guide]Access Windows PC files directly from Android through Wi-Fi
  197. Samsung Galaxy S2 Stock Jelly Bean v4.1.2
  198. Samsung [MODs][LSJ][v3.5]MultiWindow+Ripple+SS/SR+Extnd Togl+4 way reboot/Rtn/icons+lot MORE
  199. Samsung [MOD] Multi Window & All Apps (XXLSJ)
  200. [ODX+DODX]25/11[MOD][LSJ]INK+MultiWin+Ripple+SS/SR+ExtndTogl+4 way Rbt/Rtn/icon
  201. Root Root
  202. Cyanogenmod JB 4.1.2 for galaxy ace (S5830)
  203. Samsung Need samsung gt-i6410 Firmware l
  204. How to manually remove ads from applications
  205. Samsung [ROM][XWLSD][14Feb] Omega v20 ●►Final JB 4.1.2◄●Omega Files●►Custom Install◄●
  206. How to root Samsung Galaxy S4
  207. Galaxy S4 Firmware Download and Guide
  208. How To Remove The Pattern Code or Password From Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505
  209. How To Remove The Pattern Code or Password From Samsung Galaxy S3 mini I8190
  210. How To Remove The Pattern Code or Password From Android Phones
  211. Root How to root cherry mobile Omega HD 2.0 (H120)
  212. Google Android 4.3 Ported to x86 Architecture
  213. HTC [ROM][One] Android Revolution HD 20.0 | High Quality & Performance | Android 4.3
  214. HTC [ROM] HTC ONE Android Revolution HD 31.5 | High Quality & Performance | Sense 5 |
  215. Galaxy S Advance 4.4.2 KitKat rom
  216. [samsung] Need ROM for Galaxy S Duos S7562
  217. Request thread for roms,guides etc for android devices
  218. Samsung Trick to Get early 4.4.2 update on Note 3 India
  219. IMPORTANT.MUST READ: This section is for posting Guides,Tutorials and roms etc ONLY
  220. Download .APK from google play to PC
  221. Root [PC Application] Root your phone without flashing | Kingo Android ROOT
  222. Direct Download to Android to PC
  223. [ROM] THL W100S - MIUI v5 Rom and installation
  224. Need help looking for Cherry Mobile Cubix Cube Stock Rom