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  1. Rovio Mobile Angry Birds lite v.1.02(0) signed FOR S^3 DEVICES ONLY
  2. HOT:Gameloft GTRacing Motor Academy HDv1.01 Symbian^3 Unsigned Retail By *****[155MB]
  3. Ovi Publish Bounce Boing Battle v.1.10 s60^3 signed
  4. Request Thread for Symbian^3 Games Only
  5. S60v5 games tested and working on Nokia C7/N8..
  6. FISHLABS Galaxy on Fire v. 1.11(0) symbian^3 signed
  7. Hot: GL James Cameron's Avatar HD v1.02 Symbian^3 Unsigned Retail by *****[127 MB]
  8. Gamelion Crazy Hamster v. 1.0.1 by by Gnothi seauton
  9. Indiagames WarChess 3D v1.00 Symbian^3 Signed Retail
  10. Gameloft Real Football 2010 HD v1.03(3) Symbian^3 Unsigned Retail by *****
  11. GL Hero Of Sparta HD v1.00(9) Symbian^3 Unsigned Retail by *****
  12. [Polarbit] Fuzzies 1.0 Symbian^3-Signed-Retail-Kryak
  13. [Polarbit] Raging Thunder 2 1.0.1 Symbian^3-Signed-Retail-Kryak
  14. Asphalt 5 v.1.1.8-N8-MULTILENGUAGE-Signed-Retail-by-max68
  15. Prince of Persia HD
  16. Guitar Rock Tour 2 HD SymbianOS^3 N8 v1.0.2 Signed by Dedomil
  17. [Polarbit] Cannonball 1.0.0 Symbian^3-Signed-Retail-Kryak
  18. M Bounce Throw It v.1.01(0) s60v5 symbian^3 Express Signed
  19. RovioMobile Angry Birds v1.2.1.Symbian^3.Retail-gkataria
  20. Fishlabs Rally Master Pro v. 1.08(0) symbian^3 signed by alexr71
  21. all nokia s^3 games torrent
  22. Armageddon Squadron v.1.00 Unsigned Retail by *****
  23. Angry Birds SymbianOS^3 Signed v1.2.1 by Dedomil [FULL VERSION]
  24. Wave Blazer v.1.0.0 Signed Retail by max68
  25. TibiaMe v1.10 S^3 SymbianOS9.4 Signed "First MMORPG" "22 mb" (Upd:26.10.10)
  26. Index of all Games for Symbian^3 [Updated on 20/08/2012]
  27. [Herocraft] Zum-Zum v1.33.10 S^3 J2ME EN
  28. [JAVA] [Alawar] Farm Frenzy 2 v1.0.0 ML-Kryak
  29. Nokia OviMapsChallenge v.1.00(7011) S^3 unsigned FULL by har7810
  30. All Offscreen games compatible with Symbian^3
  31. EA Tekken Mobile™ v1.00 Symbian^3 Java
  32. Softrox Stackup 1.03(0) S^3 SymbianOS9.5 Signed
  33. Breakdesign That Roach Game SEA v. 1.00(0) S^3 signed
  34. EA Mobile PAC-MAN v4.4.49 Symbian^3 JAVA
  35. [Indiagames] Cricket T20 Fever HD v1.0 S^3 SymbianOS9.5 Signed by dedomil
  36. Nextwave Mini Carrom v.1.0.0 s60v5 S^3
  37. Nextwave Snakes And Ladders v.1.0.0 s60v5 S^3
  38. Nextwave Penalty Kick v.1.0.0 s60v5 S^3
  39. Electronic Arts Heavy Weapon v1.0.28 S^3
  40. Electronic Arts Zuma's Revenge v4.3.72 S^3
  41. Polarbit Long John Silver v1.00 Symbian^3.Retail-gkataria
  42. Spb Quads v1.02.2663 S60v5 S^3 SymbianOS9.X signed Retail *****
  43. Dance Fabulous repacked again by Apex/Steve004
  44. NCIS: Mobile Game v1.4.0 (Mr.Goodliving) S^3 J2ME by dedomil - 11,2 MB
  45. picoBrothers Finger Race v.1.10 s60v5 S^3 signed
  46. Frodo v1.7 S^3 SymbianOS9.5 "Commodore 64 home computer emulator"
  47. jkosonen Block Drop s60v5 S^3 Widget
  48. Synqua Games Kalia Rescue Mission v1.0.0 S^3
  49. Synqua Games Ultimate Tennis Centre Court v1.0.0 S^3
  50. Synqua Games 2010 Twenty20 Premier League v1.0.0 S^3
  51. Spb Software Spb Puzzle v.1.00(663) S^3 signed by har7810
  52. SPB Software SPB Brain Evolution v.2.01(3918) S^3 signed by har7810
  53. [Herocraft] Treasures of Montezuma 2 S^3 J2ME EN/TR by drAdeLante
  54. Disney TRON Legacy v. 1.00(0) S^3 signed_N8
  55. EA Command & Conquer : RED ALERT v4.19.70 S^3 J2ME EN
  56. EA The Simpsons : Itchy & Scratchy v7.9.54 S^3 J2ME ML
  57. EA SPORTS FIFA MANAGER 10 v1.0.8 S^3 J2ME ML
  58. EA SPORTS 2010 FIFA World Cup v4.7.46 S^3 J2ME EN
  59. EA Hard Rock Casino Collection v1.55.30 S^3 J2ME EN
  60. EA Trivial Pursuit v3.34.82 S^3 J2ME EN
  61. EA BATTLESHIP & CONNECT 4 v1.21.23 S^3 J2ME ML
  62. INdT Pebol Beach v.1.0.0 S^3 signed
  63. [Polarbit] Iron Sight HD 1.0.0 Symbian^3-Signed-Retail-Kryak
  64. Barclaycard Rollercoaster Extreme v. 1.00(0) S^3 signed
  65. PicoBrothers Finger Race v1.21 S^3 SymbianOS9.5 Signed "Updated"
  66. FlyingBird Software FlyingBallons v.1.00(0) s60v5 S^3 signed retail by har7810
  67. [Gameloft] Real Golf 2011 1.01(7)-Symbian^3-Signed
  68. SPB Software SPB Online Games v1.2.6035 S^3 SymbianOS9.5 Signed Regged-drAdeLante
  69. SPB Online Games v1.2.6035 S^3 SymbianOS9.5 Unsigned Cr@cKeD-By-R@me$h
  70. SkillPod Media Monstagon v.1.02(0) s60v5 S^3 Signed retail by har7810
  71. SkillPod Media Puzzle_Intermediate v.1.02(0) s60v5 S^3 Signed retail by har7810
  72. LinkGoGame Whack A Goblin v. 1.00(0) s60v5 S^3 signed
  73. Edwin Leippi LeShiDo v. 1.00(0) S60v5 S^3 signed
  74. CrazySoft Snake Deluxe 2 v2.20(0) S60v5 S^3 Unsigned Retail By *****
  75. Lang Software Chess Genius v3.61 S^3 SymbianOS9.5 Unsigned by *****
  76. Space Impact: Meteor Shield v1.01(61) signed s60v5/s^3
  77. Gameloft Hero Of Sparta HD v1.00(9) Symbian^3 Unsigned All Levels Unlocked-By-R@me$h
  78. Disney Tron Tanks v1.0 symbian^3 (47mb)
  79. RovioMobile Angry Birds Seasons v 1.01(1)Symbian^3.Retail-gkataria
  80. Gameloft Hero of Sparta v.1.01(9) S^3 unsigned by har7810
  81. Ultimate Brick Breaker by dedomil (ml) (J2ME)
  82. S^3 Games Preview Thread Only... Upcoming Games Preview
  83. [GL] Spider-Man : Total Mayhem HD v1.0.6 S^3 EN Retail-drAdeLante repacked-gkataria
  84. Angry Birds v1.4.2 Update Official Version by neilgoco0310
  85. Rovio Mobile Angry Birds v1.4.3 S^3 SymbianOS9.5 UnSigned Full RePacKeD -By- R@me$h
  86. Blockgo v1.0.0 Symbian^3
  87. [GL] Assassin's Creed-Altairs Chronicles HD S^3 Full repacked UnSigned by Random_User
  88. [EA] The Sims 3 : World Adventures v4.20.24 S^3 J2ME ML
  89. [EA] SimCity Deluxe v1.33.67 S^3 J2ME ML
  90. Assassins Creed HD S^3 ( cracked )
  91. FISHLABS Galaxy on Fire v. 1.13(0) symbian^3 signed (N0 DRM ERROR)
  92. Gameloft Real Golf 2011 v.1.01(2) N8 signed
  93. UNO HD v.1.22 signed retail by max68
  94. [EA] Need for Speed Shift v7.4.28 S^3 J2ME ML
  95. Hankers Yan 3D Sky Ace v.1.00(0) S^3 signed retail by har7810
  96. Barclaycard Rollercoaster Extreme v1.00(0) Symbian^3 Unsigned - Fixed
  97. [JAVA] [OSAO] Pixeline & The Jungle Treasure v1.0.0 ML-Kryak
  98. [Sola Interactive] Photo Puzzle v1.0 S^3 SymbianOS9.5 Signed
  99. [JAVA] DaSuppaStudios Robodef v.1.1 S^3
  100. [Hyperkani] Bounce It! 1.03 Symbian^3-Signed-Retail-Kryak
  101. Nextwave: Soccer Fever v2.1 S60v5 {4in1 Game Pack}
  102. SPB Puzzle v1.0.766 S^3 SymbianOS9.5 UnSigned Cr@cKeD-By-R@me$h
  103. Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X HD by dedomil
  104. Spider-Man : Total Mayhem HD Symbian^3 Retail dedomil
  105. Assassin's Creed - Altair's Chronicles HD Retail dedomil
  106. Bingo! HDMI edition by dedomil
  107. The Moron Test by dedomil (en)
  108. Sally's Salon Luxury Edition v1.3.0 by dedomil (java)
  109. Topless Santa: Breaktru by dedomil (ML-java)
  110. Sexy Santa Breaktru by dedomil (ML-java)
  111. COLLAPSE! - Holiday Edition by dedomil (en-java)
  112. Playman Winter Sports 2011 by dedomil (EN-java)
  113. Animal Kingdom by dedomil (ML-java)
  114. Alice in Bomberland by dedomil (en-java)
  115. 3DArts Ultimate Pinball Pak S^3 Signed
  116. Gameloft Real Football 2010 v.1.00(9) signed by dedomil
  117. Gabor Fetter MicroPooL S^3 V5.09 Signed Retail
  118. ZingMagic Backgammon pro II Full Signed S^3.3.06(F) Retail
  119. [10tons Ltd.] Sparkle 1.0.3 Symbian^3-UNSigned-Retail-Sagib
  120. Astraware Boardgames v1.13 Regged-takashiro
  121. LinkGoGame FindDiff v.1.00(0) S^3 signed
  122. LinkGoGame Animals Pair Up v.2.01(0) S^3 signed
  123. Edwin Leippi LeBubbleShot 1.03 & LeBubbles 1.52 S^3 /S60 5th Signed
  124. snes emulator/genesis emulator
  125. North Pixel Motti v.1.00 Signed S^3 Retail
  126. Woody Games Petanque Boule Fighters v.1.0 signed S^3
  127. GL The Settlers HD v.1.03 Signed Retail
  128. [KronosGO] Action Bowling 1.0.0 Symbian^3-UNSigned-Retail-Kryak
  129. [Gamelion] Doodle Fit 1.0.0 Symbian^3-UNSigned-Retail-Sagib
  130. [JAVA] osao Pixeline Jungle Treasure v.1.0.1 S60v5 S^3
  131. Crystal Mountain 3D HD v1.41 S^3 SymbianOS9.5 Signed Retail-drAdeLante
  132. [gn4me] Tank Attack v1.0 S^3 J2ME EN by drAdeLante
  133. Herocraft Cubix: Dragon's Lore 1.00(2) Signed Retail Sagib
  134. Hyperkani Drop It! v1.01(0) S^3/ s60v5 Signed Retail Sagib
  135. Hyperkani Marble Maze Speed v1.02 S60v5 S^3 Express Signed[advt supported]
  136. Game Amour Pigs Can Fly Game Amour S^3/S60v5 Signed Retail Sagib
  137. [DVide Arts Inc] Crusade Of Destiny 1.53.1 Symbian^3-UNSigned-Retail-Kryak
  138. [JAVA] Baltoro Games Studio Kartmania3D S^3 Retail Sagib (N8 original)
  139. Cohous Apps Fetih v.0.08(8) lite S^3 signed
  140. CopterIt Express Signed v1.0 S60v5 S^3 [advt supported]
  141. PicoBrothers Hand Game v1.00 S60v5 S^3
  142. WarMux (Open Source "Worms")
  143. [mdragon] Gears v1.06 S^3 SymbianOS9.5 Signed Retail-drAdeLante
  144. [Botond FM] MicroMaze 1.03 Symbian^3-Signed-Retail-Kryak
  145. INdT My Little Plant S^3 widget
  146. [RovioMobile] Angry Birds Seasons: Happy Valentine ’s Day! 1.2.0 Symbian^3-Signed
  147. [RovioMobile] Angry Birds 1.4.3 [update] Symbian^3-Signed
  148. Hyperkani Air Hockey - Multiplayer v.1.00 S^3/ s60v5 Signed Retail Sagib
  149. [MusiGames Studio] Drums Challenge 1.0.0 Symbian^3-Signed-Retail-Kryak
  150. [JAVA] Lively Cubes v1.0.2 s60v5 S^3 Retail Dean1919
  151. [JAVA] [Net Lizard] Eggs vs Wolf s60v5 S^3
  152. Konami Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 v.1.00 Signed S^3 Retail Sagib
  153. Ultimate Ski Racing by dedomil (ml)
  154. ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 by dedomil (en) (java)
  155. [NaturalMotion] Backbreaker Football 1.0.0 Symbian^3-UNSigned-Retail-Sagib
  156. EA Monopoly Classic HD v0.00(33) S^3 SymbianOS9.5 Signed
  157. EA Mobile Tetris HD v0.00(26) S^3 SymbianOS9.5 Signed
  158. [Java] Synqua Games Ultimate Cricket '11 World Cup v1.00
  159. [Norbyte] Bloxter HD 1.5.0 Symbian^3-UNSigned-Retail-Sagib
  160. {JAVA}Nextwave Fun Chess v.2.0 S^3
  161. {JAVA}Nextwave Inca Ball Blast v.1.0 S^3
  162. {JAVA}Nextwave King Of Kings v.1.0 S^3
  163. {JAVA}Nextwave Mobi Tennis v.1.0 S^3
  164. {JAVA}Synqua Games Shikari Shambu SwingCredible v.1.0.0 S^3 ML
  165. [JAVA] Climate Mission Eng,Fra,Ita,Ger,Spa v1.3.8 Signed
  166. {JAVA}Joymaster Inc The Magical World of that Evil Dude v.1.0.1 S60v5 S^3 by har7810
  167. {JAVA}Nokia Climate Mission v1.3.11 S^3 ML
  168. Frag Phones on Maps! v1.005 S^3 {Play Location-Based Shooting With Your Friends}
  169. Qvik Wooden Labyrinth 3D v.1.00 S^3 Signed Retail Sagib
  170. [Halfbrick] Fruit Ninja 1.0.0 Symbian^3-Signed-Retail-Kryak
  171. Matchez v 1.00
  172. Puzzle Wheel from Sola InteractiveSymbian^3 (free on OVI)
  173. Clever Driver v 1.00 from Hxstudio Symbian^3
  174. Bitimpress Sphyro 3D v1.01(8) S^3 SymbianOS9.5 Signed {Now For Symbian}
  175. PurpleTalk Inc: Fire Drop Deluxe v1.00 S^3 SymbianOS9.5 Signed {Popular Iphone Game}
  176. Creative Masters Confusebox v1.1 S^5 {Simple Game With Addictive Gameplay}
  177. [Halfbrick] Fruit Ninja 1.6.0 Symbian^3-Signed-Retail-Kryak
  178. Gamelion Studios I Must Run! v.1.0 S^3 UNSigned Retail Sagib
  179. [GLU] Deer Hunter 4 - African Safari Symbian^3 Game Java by Dedomil
  180. Qoat Of The Hill v1.00 S^3 SymbianOS9.5 QtSigned {A Classic "Scorched Earth" Game}
  181. Hit The Monkey 2 v1.00 S^3 SymbianOS9.5 Signed
  182. WarMUX v11.01(3) S^3 SymbianOS9.5 Unsigned {Worms Like Game - 42 MB in Size}
  183. [Mirake] Darkwood v1.0.9 S^3 J2ME EN by drAdeLante
  184. [Jump Games] Word Hunt 2 v1.0 S^3 J2ME EN by drAdeLante
  185. Gameloft Hero of Sparta HD v1.0.9 S^3 Signed
  186. Breakdesign That Roach Game SEA v. 1.10(0) S^3 signed
  187. AppsOnGo PipeMania V.1.0.0 S^3 signed
  188. Hyperkani Copter it! v.1.02 no ads S^3/ s60v5 Signed Retail Sagib
  189. Nu, pagadi v.1.00(0) S^3 signed
  190. WordMaster v1.00 S^3 SymbianOS9.5 Qt-Signed {Furious Mind-Bending Word Game!}
  191. Ninja Joe Undercover v.1.00 S^3 Signed Retail Sagib
  192. Herocraft 4 in 1: WinGames v.1.1.1 S^3/S60v5 Signed Retail Sagib
  193. Star Diamonds Capture v1.00 S^3 SymbianOS9.5 Signed {Cool Graphics}
  194. BinGoo v1.00 S^3 SymbianOS9.5 Qt-Signed {Buzzword Bingo Application}
  195. [GN4ME] Space Fighter v1.0 S^3 J2ME EN by drAdeLante
  196. Clapfoot Games Virtual Table Tennis 3D v.1.01 S^3 Signed Retail Sagib
  197. Cake Mania Main Street by dedomil (en) J2ME
  198. Peekpoke iSmiley v.1.00 S^3 Signed Retai Sagib
  199. [Gamelion Studios] Prism 3D 1.0.0 Symbian^3-UNSigned-Retail-Kryak
  200. [Gamelion Studios] Boom Beats 1.0.0 Symbian^3-UNSigned-Retail-Kryak
  201. Peekpoke FruitCake v.1.00 S^3 Signed Retai Sagib
  202. [RovioMobile] Angry Birds 1.5.3 [update] Symbian^3-Signed
  203. [E-WeREST] Sluzzrr v0.07(1) S^3 SymbianOS9.5 Signed {Pleasant Game Guaranteed}
  204. Rovio AngryBirdsSeasons : Happy St. Patrick day's v.1.03(0) S^3 retail by har7810
  205. [Gamelion Studios] Speed X 1.0.0 Symbian^3-UNSigned-Retail-Kryak
  206. Adriano Rezende's Flying Bus v1.00 S^3 SymbianOS9.5 Qt-Signed
  207. k'kaa games baby memo v.2.0.0 S^3 signed retail by har7810
  208. k'kaa games baby instruments v.1.0.0 S^3 signed retail by har7810
  209. k'kaa games baby animals v.2.0.0 S^3 signed retail by har7810
  210. Clapfoot Games Tank Hero v.1.21 S^3 Signed Retail Sagib
  211. Crystal Defenders (ML) by Namco
  212. Savegames localization on symbian^3
  213. TKLA EzShapeQz Installer v.1.00(0) S^3 signed by har7810
  214. Lonely Cat Games MauMau v.3.00(0) S^3 signed retail by har7810
  215. Arctica Breakfest v.1.00 S^3 Signed Retail Sagib
  216. Motocross Masters from Sadetta Oy Symbian^3 signed
  217. {JAVA}SwanAngel IronPlane HD v.1.1 S^3 retail by har7810
  218. Herocraft TravelGenius v.1.21(0) signed S^3 retail by har7810
  219. Herocraft Robo v.1.01(3) signed S^3 retail by har7810
  220. Arctica Software BlockfestDeluxe v.1.16(0) signed S^3 retail by har7810
  221. Synqua Games Swing Mania v.1.00 S^3 Signed Retail Sagib
  222. [Fabien Chereau] RetroCosmos v1.00(1) S^3 Unsigned by daeva112
  223. TuneWiki Lyric Legend v1.00 S^3 SymbianOS9.5 Signed {Famous Iphone Game}
  224. ChristianGross Spinballs v.1.00(0) signed S^3 retail by har7810
  225. Game Square Super Beach Spammer v.1.0.0 S^3 signed retail by har7810
  226. JETI JetEx v.1.00 S^3 Signed Retail
  227. IGameStudio GearWager v.1.0.0 S^3 signed retail by har7810
  228. Necklace from NIAsoft 1.0.0 Symbian^3 signed (Japanese Logic Puzzle)
  229. Alchemiy Classic from NIAsoft 1.0.0 Symbian^3 signed (Play with the Elements)
  230. Arkaballid from cMIND Symbian^3 signed Eng
  231. [JAVA] OSAO Pixeline Jungle Treasure FREE v1.0.2 S^3 ML daeva112
  232. Hyperkani MarbleMazeClassic v.1.05(0) S^3 signed retail by har7810
  233. Digital Footmark SnakeTouch v.0.09(0) S^3 signed retail by har7810
  234. [Spicelabs] Jigsaw Puzzle v1.01(0) S^3 Unsigned by daeva112
  235. [JAVA] OVI Publish Exclusion v1.4.3 S^3
  236. Fishlabs Burning Tires™ 3D v.1.00(0) S^3 signed
  237. PicoBrothers Ping Pong Bounce v1.00 S^3 SymbianOS9.5 Signed {Addictive & Interactive}
  238. Recycle Factory v1.00 S^3 SymbianOS9.5 Signed
  239. SpinVector BANG! v.1.00 S^3 UNSigned Retail Sagib
  240. Com2us Slice it v.1.00 S^3 Signed Retail Sagib
  241. [Natural Motion] Backbreaker Football v1.00(0) S^3 Signed by daeva112
  242. [Gamelion] I Must Run v1.00(0) S^3 Signed by daeva112
  243. [SpinVector] BANG! v1.00(0) S^3 Signed by daeva112
  244. [Norbyte] Bloxter HD v1.05(0) S^3 Signed by daeva112
  245. [10tons Ltd.] Sparkle v1.00(2) S^3 Signed by daeva112
  246. [Gamelion] Boom Beats v1.00(0) S^3 Signed by daeva112
  247. [Herocraft] Ball Rush Aqua v1.04(3) S^3 Signed-Retail by daeva112
  248. [Alawar] Farm Frenzy 2 v1.01(0) S^3 Retail by daeva112
  249. [Herocraft] Yumsters v1.01(0) S^3 Retail by daeva112
  250. Puzzle