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  1. [UPDATED 04/03]Signing Discussion thread - SymbianSignd updated. Read!!!
  2. HACK TO OVERRIDE ALL PERMESSION on s60v3 devices by FCA00000
  3. Chinese forum distribute free certificates to everyone!
  4. Open Signed KILLER sign any app online!! enter at ur own risk!
  5. Hack to override permissions on-demand!!! by FCA00000
  6. installing unsigned sis files on the handset using python
  7. Sign & Install any app - Bye Bye Symbiansigned/OpenSigned [Thanks FCA00000 & Leftup]
  9. QuickOffice v5.0.16 Upgrade from v3- Get your license free [Only on hacked phones]
  10. Netmonitor / Field Test on S60v3
  11. All Quickoffice products for FREE - Grab your retail copy now [ONLY ON HACKED PHONES]
  12. A Simplified tutorial on how to mod/hack your firmware ***HOT***
  13. os9.1/9.2 Folder System - Explained
  14. 13 folders with different icons? Here U go
  15. How to install ANY applications using platform hack!(another guide by mr-x)
  16. ROMPatcher by ZoRn & FCA00000 + Detailed procedure by swankyleo [Updated 18-JUNE-08]
  17. MenuEditor v1.0 bugb@opda
  18. MoreCaps v1.0 by Leftup - Change the capabilities of any EXE/DLL [FOR HACKED PHONES]
  19. S60 iphone Browser {Web Browser}Only for Hacked phones
  20. Hacking & Signing Simplified - Now includes Leftup & BiNPDA certs [Updated 17-MAY-08]
  21. Change you Start-up Sound ONLY FOR HACKED Phones
  22. Change your Startup-animation ONLY FOR SOME HACKED Phones
  23. Change any icon app for one you like - only for hacked phones
  24. hello world basic by leftup{certificate, private key & root certificate on moblie}
  25. e90 - change shortcuts from inner screen - only hacked phone
  26. e90 - change Calendar shortcut from inner screen to AquaCalendar- only hacked phones
  27. Change your nokia user agent to iphone (hacked phone)
  28. Change the animated icons for apps & folders by Z-Mario
  29. uninstall any app(for those who have installed any app which is not uninstalling now)
  30. Detection of Truphone passwords for phones with access in Private.
  31. Patch: Force the phone to use files in C: before the same file in Z:
  32. Your own text for your phone model (Patch)
  33. No Camera Sounds in Pre-FP1 phones
  34. [OFFICIAL] Hacks Query/Question/Doubts Thread
  35. [hack] boost up your phone start up(as fast as it boots after reformating)
  36. Replace or remove the ASMS (animated sms) image when app startup ;)
  37. Change you "cache directory" ONLY FOR HACKED Phones
  38. How to remove/enable/change shutdown animation/splash screen
  39. c2z Patch Creator by FCA00000 [Updated 11-MAY-08]
  40. Nokia java midlets permissions policy cracked by me [EXCLUSIVE]
  41. Make Opera running on new Firmware
  42. Post your ROM Dump files Here to help the developers [Detailed instructions inside]
  43. Static menu [Only on FP1 hacked phones]
  44. Sign Any Unsigned Files -Hacking Made Easy by BiNPDA
  45. Remove WLAN scan, Search, calendar entries, and todo notes from Active Standby screen
  46. Camera Sound OFF--c2z patch--For ALL HACKED PHONES
  47. Question: Possibility to add WRT Widgets support on the N95 with 20.0.015 firmware?
  48. Install All Apps Without Sign(sis Installer) For 9.1 and 9.2!
  49. BiNPDA's ROOTSiGN - Sign any unsigned rls and install
  50. Nokia MSN ( new msg tone HACK ) for hack phone only
  51. S60ticker v. 01_03_05 for hacked phones
  52. [ExcLusive] FTD(netmonitor) for symbian9.1/2 (only for hacked phone)
  53. rename application
  54. Menu hider s60v3 by Wook{Hide From Menu}
  55. MegaDeth: Application to serial-kill processes,free memory{By FCA00000}
  56. New Hack for New Firmwares
  57. BiNPDA Platform Security Hack in SIS format with Leftup & BiNPDA Root certificate
  58. Drakkarious Signer, The Easiest Way To Sign Your Applications
  59. instsvrOnOff v3.0.1 by fireball33 [Updated 29-09-2008]
  60. inactive softkeys tutorial by wook (all credits for him)
  61. Change Browser On Key 0 (patch)
  62. Total Hider updated (version 0.03) by wook
  63. [Test] V-Shape and Horeshoe on other phones
  64. Download anything from the default browser .
  65. Alternate Hack by FCA00000! Works on N95 8GB, E90 and others without Python / AppTrk
  66. Binpda Root Certificate (Extracted From RootSiGN)
  67. SmartInstaller
  68. Opensigned Your Applications In here
  69. HelloCarbide [New update 15 June 2008]
  70. Drakkarious Hack phones and All apps installer{unsigned and Expired Files}update23/07
  71. Rompatcher with autorun option (update)
  72. SiS Installer For E50 E61 3250 5500
  73. SiS Installer For 3250 only for firmwares 04.14 and 04.60
  74. MAPDRIVES (by FCA0000)
  75. Extra Voice Commands Patch (rompatcher)
  76. application: GoMenu
  77. ****trick - how to hide apps from menu without installing any program****
  78. N82 low brightness issue fixed
  79. [Python] PinstsvrOnOff v2.1.1 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Hacked Only CHS-KAYGU [Chinese]
  80. N73 4-way menu for E65 (maybe others too)
  81. New Font Changer v1.0.2_MODDED
  82. Change SplashScreen to Nokia Maps
  83. Request your developer certificate here...
  84. Animated folders hack with extra's
  85. Adding more folders to your Nokia N-series phone!
  86. 15 folders animated and non amimated working well with all themes
  87. This is how to Increase n82 screen brightness(HACKED PHONES ONLY!!)
  88. NokeeaTons by FCA00000
  89. running app icon patch
  90. Debranding on 3 UK. Everything still works!
  91. Trick to increase fone memory of n73 by 5MB(hacked phones only)
  93. Change byte language menus on S60 Browser (hacked phones only)
  94. Deleter 1.0.1 by fireball33
  95. Free Memory deleting Lifeblog db file
  96. nokia's mobile search - extracted - with active idle plug-in
  97. Change MenuCircle
  98. 33 all new folders hack
  99. Hacking S60v3 [Drakkarious Method] The Interactive Tutorial by Farhazadeeb
  100. [Hack] Remove Nokia default bookmarks and folders...
  101. Nokia Field Test {Hacked Phones only}
  102. Free Phone Memory By Transferring Pic2themes To Memory Card [Hacked Phones Only]
  103. Adding the n95-2 themes to the n95-1..
  104. Solution! Automatic Active Standby Off>On for RomPatcher!
  105. Application's UID & xxDIUxxx
  106. Menu Hidden v1.0_modded_UnSigned
  107. Change menu's name
  108. Pack Menu v1.1 for OS 9.2-Organize your Cell with this PATCH
  109. how to change what active standby shows
  110. Memory Full in AppManager for S60v3 HACKED Phone
  111. Notifier v.1.0 [Hacked Phone Only]
  112. How to add a SmartSettings Icon into the menu
  113. personalize N-GAGE app text (N95 hacked)
  114. Zensis themeDIY: Trick to INCREASE Theme Slots[22/8/08]
  115. Hide icon & folder name
  116. Remove camera sounds in Hacked mobiles only
  117. Drakkarious - All Aplication Installer, Expired r Unsigned 01/09 [OLD FIRMWARES Only]
  118. handyCellModded (Thanx Biggzy)
  119. App TRK v2.8.9 for N96 & N78 & N95 [updated 6/9/08]
  120. Symbian 9.1 S60 v3 hack for Nokia E50 (working installserver)
  121. Menu with LexosNokiaN95 6 new folders plus 1 by me
  122. Browser Patch to change userid to firefox !! :O
  123. Amber main menu by me (first attempt)
  124. blue menu folders for hacked os9.2/3
  125. All Orginal App Icons MIF File
  126. disable lifeblog permanently
  127. Nokia Ultimate Folders by me and LexosNokiaN95
  128. Active Standby Mod v1.00
  129. Symbian Iphone by Shaqib19
  130. Solution : One KEY For LOCK / One KEY For UNLOCK Trick !!!
  131. Do you like it ^^? Do you want it? Request me ^^!
  132. Acidsonic Folders
  133. Nokia Ultimate Folders Updated 20-09-2008
  134. Solution ! New Standby Iphone Interface With Simple Tricks !
  135. Resco Viewer 5.00 with Acidsonic Folders!
  136. Removing Menu Icon for N95 FW30
  137. Menu Editor 3.05
  138. (exclusif)change your old icons with newest
  139. Viewing/Editing Resource Private & Sys folders in PC
  140. Lock Your secret folders on your phone
  141. menu editor 305,icon share
  142. Samsung i450 and g810 Hack and All Apps Installer!!!
  143. Opera Mini: extend your battery life
  144. Change X-Plore font to your phone's one. Only one step!
  145. Menu hide v 0.1.0 (update version 1st october 08)
  146. N95 Music Player Mod by albertoboom
  147. Trick how to get back yr calender and notes entries after format
  148. Remove share online from the active idle screen on N95
  149. Change your Startup-animation & Sound 4 6220c ONLY FOR HACKED Phones
  150. startup S60v3//patch change pic and sound begun open mobile by ArabPDA
  151. Music Player Modding - N95 only(updated-14thOCT,2008)
  152. RolaN95d VS Pry gorgeous 41 folder hack
  153. RolaN95d_VS_Pry2: brilliant 30 folder hack
  154. RolaN95d VS Pry3: Alumium 30 folder hack
  155. More symbols for yr normal text message
  156. Lonely Cat Games Jukebox v2.17 S60v3 Acidsonic Mod
  157. Lonely Cat Games ProfiMail v2.70 S60v3 Acidsonic Mod
  158. Back up Settings on your S60v3 device
  159. No camera sound in E51 (DIY)
  160. Menu Editor Mod v1.1.2
  161. 5320 Hacking Problem Main Thread[Lets We all do somethin' abot it]
  162. StartUpChanger 1.00[9 in 1 pack]
  163. Hide icons apps from z
  164. Add more N73 folder with icons
  165. Visual Changing or Removе EMEI [Only On Hacked Phones]
  166. Copy files from NPS directly to C drive on phone memory!
  167. TwoFace_nOracle Modd
  168. nCoin v0.2 - my Mod of nOracle [by JimmPoo]
  169. New 20 N-gage 2 icon & Tutorial -> How to change N-gage 2 icon by yourself?
  170. [ExClUsIvE] BiNPDA Security Manager v1.10 S60v3 SymbianOS9 Internal-BiNPDA
  171. Change Garmin MobileXT splash screen
  172. Smartphoneware Best Menu v1.0 S60v3 SymbianOS9 Acidsonic Mod
  173. OYSOISC v1.0
  174. Access system folders on n82 fw 30, e90 fw300, and all others(HACKING METHOD)
  175. V-Shaped & HorseShoe Shaped Menu Style Changer by HaSaN NaQvi
  176. [Python] Script to easily change Active Standby Items (Hacked only)
  177. Opera Software v8.65 black theme modded
  178. MegaBass for nokia 5700 fw 05.11 (Possibly on other FW's and phones)
  179. Patch Generator for Changer key 0 to other application
  180. Operator logo *back again* *update* working in all regions 3/12/08
  181. ExtraVoiceCommand
  182. Handy Shell Mod [GoldenBlack/iPhoneDark/Azenis/RedCircle2/HTC]
  183. Transitions on n95!!!
  184. Script to easily change Active Standby Items (Hacked only & Worked with Secman)
  185. SecMan v1.10 /Modified/ with hack installserver embedded
  186. Remove share online standby tab
  187. (Patch) Remove Icon Menu from N95 FW.30
  188. Suggestion - Needs Testing! - Install unsigned apps on non-hackable firmware
  189. "Standby" rename hacking...
  190. add more text/letters to .r01 MENU rename
  191. add more letters/text to .R01 files calendar+search plugins
  192. Modif your TTPod 3.1 to iTune look like
  193. personalize N95 multimedia menu text
  194. Crack up your s60v3 without using PC ( Tested on most S60 v3 phones )
  195. List of HACKABLE Nokia firmware (updated 10/01/2012)
  196. add your name to inbox
  197. Modify N95 ThemesLauncher icon to Nokia's default icon.
  198. S60v5 Guide: Take amazing close-up videos with N95 (& others)
  199. S60v5 Sign any app on new firmware
  200. Patch: Change your Camera Capture sound
  201. Hack: Change Visual Radio Startup Sound
  202. S60v5 How To Hack Fw 31.0.015 for n95-8gb By DeltaFoX
  203. S60v5 Probable New Method Hack for Cell Unhack - Confirmed -
  204. S60v5 Remove menu icon from firmware v31
  205. 5800XM Browser - Stay full screen while browsing and going back
  206. change silent symbol
  207. S60v5 Patch: Open4All by wadowice
  208. S60v5 Drakkarious - All Aplication Installer, Expired & Unsigned 30/01 [NEW FIRMWARES] BETA
  209. Hide the Customized Profile Name
  210. S60v5 Handy Shell v1.03 modd
  211. S60v5 Animated TUT: a new way to hack firmware
  212. StandByPlugger
  213. Change Picture "Lock Phone"
  214. S60v5 5800 is now hacked !!! (Not working anymore on new Firmwares)
  215. [N96] 15 folder icons
  216. change N95 multimedia menu default images/graphics
  217. patch: RProperty4All by wadowice
  218. Access with X-Plore 1.30 unregistered (modified by BiNPDA) on system folders
  219. change wlan plugin icons
  220. New Transtions For S60v3 (Provided By Ib_z_TER)
  221. [Hack][by jn_1991] Change your Web Navigator's mouse
  222. S60v5 Change device WiFi MAC adress to whatever you want!
  223. change lifeblog icon in gallery
  224. S60v5 HACKED FOREVER,,now Dont fear to update new Firmware
  225. S60v5 fp2 menu effects all phone
  226. change shutdown splash screen 'blue nokia'
  227. S60v5 5800XM 6 special folder icons
  228. S60v5 5800 Special folder icons
  229. Effects Theme on FP2 phones like N81, N78, etc
  230. change status area icons bluetooth ect
  231. [H@ck][By H-ERDS Team] Change your camera sounds!
  232. No Camera Sound: If ROMPatcher doesn't work - For N96 (Specially)
  233. Change the Startup Style s60 v3 with newest firmware
  234. Nokia 5800 Startup-animation and sound fully working
  235. Patch: change the path of avkon2.mif
  236. Patch: Any app on Gallery key
  237. [N5800XM]15 foldersė icons
  238. speed up gallery and music player
  239. Any app running with multimedia key (txt file mod)
  240. Speed up, free up memory on your N73, 100% working!
  241. S60v5 Speed up gallery and music player (SISX)
  242. How to edit a file. Rsc?
  243. Change Browser On Key 0 to any app (txt file mod) FP1 & FP2 phones
  244. Control TTPOD from Music Key (for hacked phone)
  245. S60v5 Tutorial: App Translation using MobilHex v0.9.7
  246. N85 camera mod
  247. S60v5 how to install unsign apps in LG KT610 ??
  248. S60v5 Any way to prevent red LED from activating? (6220c or any others)
  249. S60v5 Patch:Installserver Nokia fp2,N96,5320,N79,5800,N78,622Oc,INNOV8,i8510 by wadowice
  250. S60v5 RomPatcher - Specially for N96 (with Autorun Patches support)