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  1. Oil revenue data gets baked in Alaska
  2. Motorola reports management shakeup after disappointing sales
  3. U.S. agencies given deadline to secure XP, Vista configurations
  4. Broadcom asks U.S. to ban phones with Qualcomm chips
  5. Surveys: Fancy phones sell, but services lag
  6. Microsoft probes Xbox Live hacks
  7. Virtualization Gotchas: Part 1
  8. IMSafer aims to guard MySpace kids from predators
  9. IP VPN helps steel company in network reliability
  10. Google adds themes for personalizing home pages
  11. GratisCard offers a credit card for the anonymous
  12. Microsoft changes tune; Zune update to be 'soon'
  13. Stolen TJX data used in Florida crime spree
  14. Whodunit: 'Hillary 1984' mashup maker mystery remains
  15. GPS, heat-sensing hardware helped in Boy Scout rescue
  16. Moore's Law and memory to hit physics wall
  17. Don't touch that dial: Mobile TV has a bright future in the enterprise
  18. Liberty Alliance releases new client ID specs
  19. Fujitsu UK strikes on hold after government intervenes
  20. IDC: Changes afoot in the x86 server market
  21. BrainShare: Novell chief talks about Microsoft deal
  22. Dell launches low-cost PC in China
  23. Oracle CEO: Linux support program working
  24. How to get a problem solved
  25. AppleTV ships late, as scheduled
  26. Mozilla fixes Firefox flaws it introduced
  27. Living (and dying) with Linux in the workplace
  28. Biggest security threat? Your users
  29. Image Gallery: Living with Linux in the workplace
  30. Building a Resilient and Highly Available Exchange Infrastructure
  31. Beyond Postfix and Sendmail: What Every IT Executive Needs to Know About Legacy Email
  32. Survey Says: Small Organizations thinking Big about Disaster and Data
  33. Antivirus Software and Disk Defragmentation
  34. Is Palm Inc. for sale? Analysts abuzz
  35. ACS founder offers to buy company for $6B
  36. Father of Fortran programming language dies
  37. Gozi Trojan leads to Russian data hoard
  38. Yahoo expands mobile search offering
  39. Microsoft, Vista activation researcher butt heads
  40. RIM chief: Wireless security must be top priority
  41. No Vista 'pop' on 2007 PC sales, predicts Gartner
  42. Reporting data breaches won't kill your company (honest!)
  43. Oracle, Sun fixing J2SE bug with E-Business Suite
  44. The Widgetization of the Web
  45. Does a Google phone make sense?
  46. Hacker attacks getting more personal
  47. Blog postings divulge details about 'Windows Seven,' Media Center plans
  48. Microsoft joins AJAX alliance
  49. Firefox hit by fewer flaws than IE in 2006
  50. EU proposal would change piracy liability
  51. More News...
  52. Apple set-top box ships after delay (AP)
  53. Court backs FCC over states in VoIP case (AP)
  54. Biofuels spark biotech rally (AP)
  55. Motorola slashes outlook, replaces CFO (AP)
  56. Sirius: Lower price plan with XM buy (AP)
  57. Video war erupts between Clinton and Obama (Reuters)
  58. Palm takeover interest continues: sources (Reuters)
  59. Broadcom urges ban on Qualcomm chips (AP)
  60. SugarCRM update due in beta next month (InfoWorld)
  61. Microsoft names leaders for search-and-ad unit (InfoWorld)
  62. IBM hails Jazz collaboration platform (InfoWorld)
  63. Art imitates video games (AP)
  64. Google Tests an Ad Idea: Pay Only for Results
  65. Oracle Says Profit Rose 35% to Exceed Expectations
  66. MySpace Restrictions Upset Some Users
  67. John W. Backus, 82, Fortran Developer, Dies
  68. Lumberton Journal: A South Jersey Town Emerges as a Hub of E-Commerce
  69. Advertising: Cue the 4:53 Silver Bullet to Happy Hour
  70. State of the Art: Apple TV Has Landed
  71. State of the Art: One Number That Will Ring All Your Phones
  72. An Electronic Translator With a Human Voice
  73. A Wireless Way to See Who?s Calling
  74. Take-Two Examines Possible Sale of Company
  75. Viacom?s Full-Court Press for Online Ads
  76. The Media Equation: All the World?s a Story
  77. Researchers Track Down a Plague of Fake Web Pages
  78. Memo Pad: More Mobile Technology
  79. World Business Briefing | Asia: China: Mobile Phone Bids Sought
  80. World Business Briefing | Asia: Japan: Sanyo?s Chairwoman Steps Down
  81. E-Commerce Report: Amazon Seeks to Fill Classical Recording Niche
  82. A Division of NBC Buys Out One of Its Harshest Online Critics
  83. A Fee Per Song Can Ruin Us, Internet Radio Companies Say
  84. Lycos, Early Search Engine, in a U.S. Remake as Jubii
  85. Novelties: How to Soften the Edges of Technology
  86. Art: Look at Me, World! Self-Portraits Morph Into Internet Movies
  87. If the Mirror Could Talk (It Can)
  88. Ideas & Trends: In Aisle Three, Couch Potatoes Trying the MP3s
  89. The Future President, on Your Friends List
  90. [TS] Talking Business: Awaiting a Compromise on YouTube
  91. What?s Online: Popularity Might Not Be Enough
  92. V.C. Nation: Green Energy Enthusiasts Are Also Betting on Fossil Fuels
  93. Video Games Review | God of War II: A Game With New Tricks for an Old System
  94. Cisco to Buy an Online Conferencing Company
  95. Ex-Internet Tycoon in Japan Guilty of Fraud
  96. The top 10 funniest tech videos on YouTube
  97. Image Gallery: Building online communities with Community Server
  98. Building online communities with Community Server
  99. Hands On: My adventures getting Vista up and running
  100. Video Gallery: The top 10 funniest tech videos on YouTube
  101. 'Hillary 1984' mashup maker steps forward
  102. Software development may join cigars as Cuban export
  103. Apple set-top box ships after delay (AP)
  104. Four Livedoor execs sentenced in Japan (AP)
  105. Four former Livedoor executives sentenced (InfoWorld)
  106. Hyped-up gamers queue for next-generation Playstation 3 (AFP)
  107. Jet passengers may not get to chat on cellphones after all (
  108. Oracle Entrance Into Linux Field Has Little Impact (Investor's Business Daily)
  109. EU concerned about Microsoft gaining market share (AFP)
  110. The sun sets on a golden era for foreign workers (
  111. New site aims to be the YouTube of gaming (Reuters)
  112. Tweaking the Zoom
  113. Motorola Cuts Its Estimate of Earnings
  114. Q & A: Old Programs on a New System
  115. Online Shopper: I Dreamt That I Dreamt on a Bed Without Wrinkles
  116. The Size of a Paperback and Most of the Functions of a Real PC
  117. An MP3 Player With Bluetooth: Look, Ma, Stereo but No Wires
  118. Hang on to the Beat With Earbuds That Stay Put
  119. Advertising: Marketers Have Eyes on the ?Third Screen?
  120. Blog Exposes Creator of Ad Portraying Clinton as Big Brother
  121. Never Miss ?Oprah? Again
  122. Play Games Without Clutter or Tiresome Pop-Up Ads
  123. Ex-Qwest Official Says Chief Was Misleading on Growth
  124. World Business Briefing | Asia: Japan: Sentences in Livedoor Case
  125. FCC launches Net neutrality inquiry
  126. Are Xbox Live support staff helping hackers hijack accounts?
  127. Palm sells record number of Treos in Q3
  128. Veritas™ Configuration Manager by Symantec Real-time, Accurate Application and
  129. The Business Value of Dual-Use Disaster Recovery
  130. Judge overturns Internet child protection law
  131. Second state expected to nix forced RFID chipping
  132. House bill seeks to more than double H-1B visa cap
  133. Microsoft issues Vista security scorecard, gives itself an A-plus
  134. Dreading the Exchange 2007 upgrade? Alternatives abound
  135. Elusive iPhone is sold on eBay
  136. Hands on: Going wireless with the 802.11n Airport Extreme
  137. Oracle charges 'corporate theft,' slaps SAP with lawsuit
  138. Growing pressure for data classification
  139. Yahoo refreshes Widgets, puts small-app tool on RAM diet
  140. Borders turns a new page on e-commerce after posting losses
  141. Collaborative Efforts
  142. DHS must assess privacy risk before using data mining tool, GAO says
  143. Survey: Most corporate boards neglect IT issues
  144. IT vendors submit management spec to W3C
  145. EU official: Microsoft's behavior 'unacceptable'
  146. Insurance company refuses to cover law firm's blog
  147. Lawsuit against Google dismissed
  148. Photo Gallery: Google adds themes for personalizing home pages
  149. YouTube gets a rival
  150. Internet Security Threat Report
  151. The Essential Elements of Comprehensive Endpoint Security
  152. Network Access Control Technologies and Symantec Compliance on Contract
  153. Indoor 3G base stations to spur convergence
  154. Nokia ships N95 phone with GPS
  155. Microsoft discounts Vista 10%, but restrictions apply
  156. Not horribly wrong, just wrong
  157. Web Filtering: Countering Internet Threats, Securing Systems and Users
  158. Application Performance Management Performance and availability for business-critical
  159. Effective Performance Management for Service-Oriented Applications
  160. E-Mail Security: Coping With New Threats, Legal Requirements, And Archiving Challenge
  161. PatchLink and SMS: Complimentary Solutions for Effective Patch Management
  162. The Return on Investment (ROI) of Automated Patch Management
  163. How PatchLink Meets the Top 10 Requirements for Effective Patch and Vulnerability Man
  164. Instant Messaging for Business
  165. Real-Time Collaboration: Delivering Secure Web Meeting Solutions Now
  166. News Corp, NBC plan YouTube rival (Reuters)
  167. Google building software, not cell phone: analyst (Reuters)
  168. Judge strikes down Internet porn law (Reuters)
  169. European blitz needs to kick PlayStation 3 in gear (Reuters)
  170. Clients Try To Manipulate 'Unpredictable' Viral Buzz (
  171. Safety officials warn against phone ban (Reuters)
  172. Motorola shares fall to 2-year lows (AP)
  173. Novell, Red Hat bring Linux updates to desktops (InfoWorld)
  174. Oracle sues SAP alleging purloined software (AFP)
  175. to offer social networking functions (Reuters)
  176. Hyped PlayStation 3 launch gets off to slow start (AFP)
  177. NBC and News Corp. to Create YouTube Rival
  178. Oracle Accuses SAP of ?Corporate Theft on a Grand Scale?
  179. Federal Judge Blocks Online Pornography Law
  180. Motorola Cuts Its Estimate of Earnings
  181. Hands on: Going wireless with the 802.11n Airport Extreme
  182. Ten dangerous claims about smartphone security
  183. Funding, Technical Woes Shut Down Longtime RHIO
  184. News Corp, NBC plan YouTube rival (Reuters)
  185. Promotion blitz ushers in PlayStation 3 in Europe (Reuters)
  186. Swimming stars dive into the blogosphere (AP)
  187. Gamers worldwide finally grab ahold of Playstation 3 consoles (AFP)
  188. Safety officials warn against Qualcomm ban (Reuters)
  189. Oracle sues rival SAP, charges "corporate theft" (Reuters)
  190. Oracle Lawsuit: SAP Committed "Theft On A Grand Scale" (TechWeb)
  191. News Corp. and NBC in Web Deal
  192. Oracle Says Rival Stole Its Software
  193. Court Rejects Law Limiting Online Pornography
  194. Chief Says F.C.C. Is Against Cellphone Use on Airliners
  195. The Subprime Loan Machine
  196. As Cellphone Industry Shifts, Motorola Needs a Quick Fix and a Long-Term Plan
  197. Intel, Already With Operations in China, Appears Ready to Build a Chip Plant There
  198. Borders to Close Many Stores and Start a Retail Web Site
  199. Qwest Gave Chief a Raise Despite Cloud, Witness Says
  200. Palm Profit Falls but Beats Estimates
  201. Judge hits Vonage with injunction, shares plunge
  202. Exploit-for-sale hacker pins bug on Vista's e-mail app
  203. Brief: Ubuntu Linux beta Version 7.04 released
  204. Review: Apple TV just plain works
  205. UPDATE: Oracle to buy in-memory data grid company
  206. Slideshow: Sexy Machines
  207. Windows Home Server testing uncovers nearly 2,400 bugs
  208. Virtual Iron kicks off pricing spat
  209. Feds warn travelers about batteries after two in-flight fires
  210. The Google phone revealed
  211. DASHing solution proposed for remote PC diagnosis
  212. Skype gets call from a Trojan
  213. Update: FCC ready to continue cell phone ban on flights
  214. Slingshot takes aim at Adobe's Apollo
  215. An Assessment of CMDB Adoptions and Priorities in 2006
  216. Cost-Effective High Availability with Veritas™ Cluster Server
  217. Novell, Red Hat compare desktop Linux programs
  218. How the Feds do SOA
  219. Gartner Webinar: WAN Acceleration Scalability Requirements
  220. IBM applies glue differently to help chips stay cooler
  221. Google building software, not cell phone, analyst says
  222. Safety officials warn against Qualcomm cell phone ban
  223. Familiar story, the other way around
  224. Hackers spend a Shmoo weekend in DC
  225. Microsoft to announce next stage of systems management platform
  226. K-Fed is now a search engine
  227. Microsoft puts brakes on Soapbox video sharing
  228. TV Guide to offer Web video search tool (AP)
  229. Vote on '.xxx' Internet address nears (AP)
  230. Questions on `.xxx' bid and domain names (AP)
  231. European Web sites go for long addresses (AP)
  232. Audible Magic on copyright patrol (AP)
  233. Judge hits Vonage with injunction (Reuters)
  234. FCC unlikely to lift airplane cell phone ban (InfoWorld)
  235. Wireless show to push mobile ads, shopping (Reuters)
  236. Red Hat Responds to Claims It's the 'Next Microsoft' (PC Magazine)
  237. eBay software bargains and pitfalls (Reuters)
  238. ShmooCon hacker event gets under way (InfoWorld)
  239. Wii game console bowling over retirees (Reuters)
  240. Zell offers $33-per-share for Tribune: L.A. Times (Reuters)
  241. Mom donates laptops to wounded soldiers (AP)
  242. Cablevision loses network DVR court case (Reuters)
  243. New MIT Supply Chain Software Is Far Out -- In Space (TechWeb)
  244. Vonage Told to Stop Using Verizon Technology
  245. What?s Online: Apple Cult Becoming a Religion
  246. A Flood of Pleas to F.C.C.: No Phones on Planes, Please
  247. Livedoor Given Japan?s Largest Corporate Fine
  248. Research from ShmooCon: JavaScript flaws peril Web (InfoWorld)
  249. Kuwait's MTC set to win Saudi's 3rd mobile licence (AFP)
  250. Slipstream: Artificial Intelligence, With Help From the Humans