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  1. Wireless wonks celebrate 35th anniversary of first cell call
  2. iPhone owners talk less, they ?
  3. Google says it's satisfied with spectrum auction
  4. IPhone price cut in Germany
  5. ISPs hog rights in fine print (AP)
  6. No, your ISP doesn't own the Internet (AP)
  7. Federal ban on contracts with IBM lifted (AP)
  8. Verizon to use spectrum for broadband (AP)
  9. Samsung chief denies ordering slush fund (AP)
  10. Spring Java developers offer enterprise package
  11. Olympic Committee accepts China's Internet-access assurances
  12. Couple sues Google for posting house pix (AP)
  13. Daily wrap up - April 4th, 2008.
  14. Microsoft 'evaluating' its Yahoo offer (AP)
  15. Microsoft to appeal $367M patent ruling (AP)
  16. Courts disagree on legality of uploading (AP)
  17. Verizon to Use Spectrum Winnings for LTE
  18. CTIA 2008: Part 4
  19. Google Bid in Auction Strictly to Trigger Open Access
  20. AT&T to Use 700MHz Spectrum for LTE Network
  21. Nokia's N-Gage Platform Available
  22. iRiver’s MPlayer Season 2 MP3 player
  23. Sense Light Swing by Alexander Lervik
  24. Griffin’s ClearBoost for iPhone
  25. T-Mobile offers 99 Euros Apple iPhone
  26. iPhone PwnageTool Released!
  27. ISPs hog rights in fine print (AP)
  28. Microsoft 'evaluating' its Yahoo offer (AP)
  29. Lines Drawn for Microsoft and Yahoo, and Neither Is Ceding Ground
  30. Saturday Interview: Making It to the Major League of Fantasy Sports
  31. What?s Online: At Last, Buffett?s Key to Success
  32. Ban on I.B.M. Lifted
  33. Alcatel Sharper Image 909TSI Signature collection in Gold and Platinum
  34. Alcatel Playboy Phone covered in Gold and Platinum
  35. BigDog could become mans second best friend
  36. First image of the 3G iPhone?
  37. 2day’s How-To: Perform the Mercury aces card trick
  38. Motorcycle PC Case
  39. Volvo C30 comes in 20 patterns
  40. Fifth Gear - Jaguar XF
  41. Microsoft Sets Deadline for Yahoo to Make Deal
  42. In Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Till They Drop
  43. Microsoft gives Yahoo deadline on offer (AP)
  44. Symbian Beta Test Program Open for Signup
  45. Picture: 3G iPhone?
  46. MIT's NEXI an advanced human like Robot
  47. FiFth Gear - Volkswagen Golf GTI vs. Subaru Impreza WRX
  48. Boeing flies plane powered by hydrogen battery
  49. 32GB Panasonic SD card
  50. Nokia 1680 – Advanced features for budget buyers
  51. US cyberwarfare prep includes offense (AP)
  52. Quake 3 running on iPod Touch
  53. Nyko’s FrontMan Wireless Guitar Controller for PS3
  54. Watercooled Xbox 360
  55. Egg Slicer-Wedger
  56. Evisu Denim Products - Zippo, Teddy and Helmet
  57. Yahoo promises to 'amp' up ad platform (AP)
  58. Va. schools teach 'Net safety lessons (AP)
  59. Yahoo Is Said to Rebuff Microsoft Threat Over Bid
  60. Amazon Accelerates Its Move to Digital
  61. Yahoo Reveals Details of Its New Ad Sales System
  62. Scrabble Tries to Fight a Popular Impostor at Its Own Game
  63. High-Tech Crime Is an Online Bubble That Hasn?t Burst
  64. Yahoo adds voice commands to Web search on phones
  65. Europe clears mobiles on aircraft
  66. Carphone Warehouse: Coming to the U.S.
  67. All AT&T Smartphones to Be 3G-Enabled Within Months
  68. A new low for Motorola
  69. AOL MyMobile launches
  70. MTI Micro set to replace lithium ion batteries with fuel cells
  71. Toshiba's HD1 HDTV camera is world's smallest
  72. S.T. Dupont Fountain Pen x USB key
  73. Samsung’s first HSUPA smart phone ‘SCH-M470?
  74. Nokia 1680
  75. The Hummer HT2 Phone
  76. The Voice QR Mobile barcodes speak to us
  77. LG launches third Black Label series handset.
  78. Touch-screens replacing Flip Phone?
  79. HSBC Bank loses 370,000 personal customers details on CD
  80. TosPom Takes Pics when playing catch
  81. HyMini puts Green Power in your hands
  82. Futurama in real life
  83. Kids Brushing Teeth is now a Game!
  84. Touchscreen Sun Visor includes DVD, TV and Radio
  85. Cold boot attack - How is it done
  86. Samsung SCH-M470 is its first HSUPA smart phone
  87. Floral titi a strange name for a chic MP3 player
  88. Google's Zurich headquarters - Images
  89. Sony Ericsson intros Style Edition Bluetooth Headset with Faceplates
  90. Undoubtedly the best name ever
  91. Walt Mossberg assures 3G iPhone in 60 days
  92. Panasonic Announces Plasma Video Displays for Cell Phones
  93. Motorola settles proxy fight with Icahn (AP)
  94. Yahoo not opposed to deal with Microsoft (AP)
  95. EU allows mobile phones on airplanes (AP)
  96. Motorola, Carl Icahn Come to Terms
  97. EU Approves In-Flight Calling
  98. Carphone Warehouse to Open U.S. Retail Shops
  99. Bill Gates drops hints next version of Windows might appear
  100. Career Watch
  101. Confronting the Application Layer
  102. Vacant airwaves spur TV-tech turf battle (AP)
  103. AMD lowers sales outlook, plans job cuts (AP)
  104. Yahoo Rejects Microsoft Bid Again
  105. A.M.D. to Cut 1,600 Jobs as It Lowers Forecast
  106. Bits: Facebook to Settle Lawsuit Over Its Origins
  107. Motorola Names Icahn Executive to Board
  108. Bits: Phorm?s All-Seeing Parasite Cookie
  109. AMD lowers sales outlook, plans job cuts (AP)
  110. T-Mobile Offers to Replace Wing Batteries
  111. Official Announcement: N-Gage goes live with new Games, Devices
  112. Opel Agila High-Heel Shoes
  113. Egoman MP810RSTD-43 Touchscreen PMP
  114. The Celebrity Scale Mirror
  115. Google’s Zurich HQ
  116. Nokia Launched the N-Gage Mobile Games Service
  117. Online crooks face tough competition (AP)
  118. HP unveils small laptop for schoolkids (AP)
  119. Online sales to grow 17 percent in '08 (AP)
  120. OS Smackdown: Linux vs. Mac OS X vs. Windows Vista vs. Windows XP
  121. Malware count blows past 1M mark
  122. A.M.D., Citing a Slowdown, to Cut 1,650 Jobs
  123. Yahoo Answers Microsoft With Yet Another No
  124. Facebook Reportedly Near Accord Over Origin
  125. Motorola and Icahn Reach Compromise on Directors
  126. Advertising: Bar Code Sales Tool Is Failing Campus Test
  127. GTA IV PS3 Bundle for Europe
  128. The Grid to give the Internet the jitters
  129. Samsung WEP350 Bluetooth Headset
  130. iBig Box, the world's largest iPod dock
  131. SeaGen - Harnessing tidal power
  132. Seekway 3D LED display
  133. PSP Firmware 3.95 is released
  134. White gold iPhone encrusted with diamonds is yours for $10,000
  135. Sanyo GPS with SSD memory doubles as a Tivo
  136. MobiBlu's Cube3 has a lot more
  137. Clover the $11,000 coffee machine
  138. 40GB Grand Theft Auto IV PlayStation 3 bundle!
  139. Motorola Sidekick Slide in Fiery Red color
  140. The Sphere Bed for techie couples
  141. World’s first Vibrating Braille cell phone developed in Japan
  142. Samsung Unveils Its First HSUPA Handset
  143. RSA: IBM's project Phantom to lock down virtual machines
  144. Top trend at Gartner conference may be budget-cutting
  145. Sure there's a reason -- it won't work
  146. Samsung unveils its first 3G HSUPA cell phone
  147. An open-source path to optimal virtualization
  148. Sonopia Is Latest MVNO to Fail
  149. Study: Editor-reader gap in news sites (AP)
  150. Thousands of posts flood Starbucks site (AP)
  151. TomTom shares fall on profit warning (AP)
  152. Indonesia blocks Web access over film (AP)
  153. Image Gallery: A new kind of Web -- Don't miss these 11 sites
  154. Online retail sales in the U.S. to hit $204B in '08
  155. Yahoo's Flickr expands into online video (AP)
  156. Chertoff pushes cybersecurity goals (AP)
  157. Online Sales to Grow 17 Percent in '08
  158. Philips Ending Production of TVs for U.S. Market
  159. Insider Named New Chief of BT Group
  160. Nokia to Pay $314 Million to Close German Plant
  161. Chertoff pushes cybersecurity goals (AP)
  162. Nokia Remade Concept
  163. Axxen I-PASSION Pearl USB Drive
  164. Samsung D780 Dual SIM handset
  165. Google Android Running on Nokia N810
  166. Super-Talent Pico USB drive
  167. Pelikan Sun Lancing - Fear not needle phobics
  168. Electrobit HSPA IP-based satellite phone introduced
  169. 9000 PCs in Swiss schools shift to Linux only mode
  170. Assessing the risks and cost of encryption
  171. Pressure to build green data centers will intensify, say IT execs
  172. Opinion: A new kind of Web -- Don't miss these 11 sites
  173. Yahoo's Flickr expands into online video (AP)
  174. Economy Has Become a Drag on Silicon Valley
  175. Study Gives High Marks to U.S. Internet
  176. Former AT&T Chief Named Chairman of Motorola
  177. Philips to Stop Manufacturing TVs for the U.S. Market
  178. Disney Unveils Its Animation Slate
  179. Fifth Gear - What Cars Can You Buy For £1500?
  180. Yinlips YDP-G68
  181. Lipstick Stun Gun
  182. Sony PSP firmware v3.95
  183. Porsche Cayenne and Maybach are Taxi Cabs in Moscow
  184. Asus Essentio CS5110 World’s smallest Desktop PC equipped with a fully embedded discr
  185. Takata CSW Steering Wheel offers driving instructions
  186. Instant Ramen Inventor's Statue erected to mark 50th anniversary of creation
  187. Programmable tattoos display images that you like
  188. Cool G108 watch phone
  189. Kensington Ci70 keyboard with top-mounted USB
  190. TAG Heuer's Luxury Phone Leaked pics
  191. Lipstick Stun gun is shocking
  192. Toshiba REGZA ZH500 full HD LCD TV's with 300GB hard drive
  193. Cray gearing towards Petaflop computing for University of Tennessee
  194. 3D Printer – Print your next cool gadget out
  195. IBM Power575 - Supercomputer saves energy by water cooling
  196. The Parasolar umbrella – power up while having a brunch
  197. Ants Life Studio – Ant farm in your pocket, YEEOuch!
  198. Global Campus – University of Illinois' virtual campus seems deserted
  199. Samsung D780 – Dual phone in one package
  200. Robot takes a long walk sets a new record in the process
  201. US initiates Cyber Command – To launch and defend cyber attacks
  202. Nokia Tube has an iPhone hangover
  203. Energy Logic: Cutting Data Center Energy Costs By 50 Percent or More
  204. EMC buys portable storage vendor Iomega for $213M
  205. Nothing special — just a basic project
  206. Q&A: Dave Roberson on HP's 3-year IT consolidation
  207. Nokia Makes Peace with Bochum Workers
  208. Dorman to Replace Zander on Motorola Board
  209. Motorola names ex-AT&T boss as chairman (AP)
  210. EU report urges search data deletion (AP)
  211. Weather around the U.S.A. (AP)
  212. Computer experts protest global pact (AP)
  213. Embarq offers landline handset with Web (AP)
  214. 4 to share $1.7 million in tech prizes (AP)
  215. CenturyTel to Use Spectrum Winnings to Supplement Wired Network
  216. Newest iPhone SDK hints at 3G possibilities
  217. FCC Proposes Nationwide Mobile Alert System
  218. Next Generation of Parental Control Software Debuts
  219. Yahoo, Google test search ad partnership (AP)
  220. Feds blame Lieberman for Web site crash (AP)
  221. Review: Suunto watch measures golf play (AP)
  222. MIT researcher 'paints' cyber threats (AP)
  223. Microsoft Said to Be Talking With News Corporation About Joint Yahoo Bid
  224. Bits: How Should I.S.P.?s Tell You if They Want to Track Your Surfing?
  225. Tired of IE Mobile? 3 alternative browsers to the rescue
  226. Google to help curb Web porn in Brazil (AP)
  227. LG XNOTE R700/S900 Widescreen Laptops
  228. Luxury Gas Masks
  229. Paying with your Mobile Phone with NFC
  230. 2day’s How-To: Open Curtain using Measuring Tape
  231. Bird’s Nest Speaker
  232. Internet, media stars line up for Yahoo (AP)
  233. MySpace inks global TV distribution deal (AP)
  234. DHS offers first take on Cyber Storm exercise
  235. Microsoft's own analyst warned about Vista, low-cost laptops
  236. Microsoft Introduces Tool for Avoiding Traffic Jams
  237. Text Alerts to Cellphones in Emergency Are Approved
  238. Explaining Lieberman?s Web Crash
  239. Names That Match Forge a Bond on the Internet
  240. 2day’s Video Preview: Tap Tap Revolution
  241. Fifth Gear - Nissan 350Z vs. Honda S2000
  242. Reminder: I-Pmart Crazy Deal - Xbox 360 plus Apple iPod Nano for only $9.90 (5 more d
  243. A spy for suspicious lovers
  244. LEGO MP3 Player
  245. Toshiba's ApriPoco Robot controls devices in your Livingroom (Video)
  246. Boeing 787 launch delayed
  247. Relief for gaming addicts
  248. Australia to lay longest undersea Internet cable
  249. Electric vehicles not really eco-friendly without clean power
  250. The jet engine is set for an overhaul