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  1. Adobe says customer data, source code accessed in cyber attack
  2. Appeals court revives Microsoft claim against Google
  3. Twitter unveils IPO filing, aims to raise $1 billion
  4. Insight: Little-known Hollywood investor poised to score with Twitter IPO
  5. Exclusive: Security firm says iPhone bug can thwart device wiper
  6. Gates, Ballmer seek re-election to Microsoft board
  7. Adobe says source code, customer data stolen by hackers
  8. Ellison gives up $500 million potential payout to settle Pillar suit
  9. Olympus PEN E-P5
  10. Social Networks in a Battle for the Second Screen
  11. As F.B.I. Pursued Snowden, an E-Mail Service Stood Firm
  12. Bits Blog: Samsung’s Mobile Chief Departs
  13. DealBook: Alibaba Invests in a Search Engine for Apps
  14. Trade Commission Told to Review Google Patent Ruling
  15. Samsung takes aim at second straight year of record profit as memory chips rebound
  16. HTC posts first-ever quarterly losses as troubles multiply
  17. Twitter reveals rip-roaring growth, big losses ahead of IPO
  18. Belgium seeks answers from Britain over telecom spying
  19. Tesla in talks with Samsung SDI for battery supply deal
  20. Facebook Users Can Now Unfriend and Unlike from Windows Phone
  21. U.S. Cellular Billing System Upgrade Remains Problematic
  22. DealBook: Twitter Puts Numbers to Its I.P.O. Talk
  23. Many Win in Offering, but Some Are Off List
  24. DealBook: Twitter Filing Opens Books on Company
  25. Bits Blog: Twitter’s Biggest Risk? Losing You
  26. Twitter’s I.P.O. Plan Has an International Focus
  27. Icahn caves on Dell again, will not seek share rights
  28. Exclusive: With IPO elusive, Avaya explored sale to Oracle this year - sources
  29. Analysis: IT experts question architecture of Obamacare website
  30. Gamblers not waiting for Twitter IPO to bet on valuation
  31. Mario's Tweets: Twitter celebrity name-dropping reflects novel IPO risk
  32. Atlanta woman says she is the voice of Apple's Siri
  33. AT&T Pushing Software Update to Moto X
  34. Exclusive: Cisco, Google, SAP discussing BlackBerry bids - sources
  35. HTC Reports Its First Loss, But Samsung Shows Vigor
  36. What Can Be Sold in 140 Characters? That’s Now the Challenge for Twitter
  37. Curtain Is Rising on a Tech Premiere With (as Usual) a Mostly Male Cast
  38. DealBook: How Twitter’s I.P.O. Filing Evolved to Contain New Details
  39. Memories of Facebook cloud Twitter's IPO
  40. Analysis: IT experts question architecture of Obamacare website
  41. Twitter’s Main Characters, Not Counting the Usual 140
  42. Selling Secrets of Phone Users to Advertisers
  43. Mugged by a Mug Shot Online
  44. Deciding Who Sees Students’ Data
  45. Craving Those Good Old Dot-Com Days
  46. In Age of Anywhere Delivery, the Food Meets You for Lunch
  47. Eight banks join chat network from Markit and Thomson Reuters
  48. Disruptions: How the F.A.A., Finally, Caught Up to an Always-On Society
  49. Awaiting I.P.O., Twitter Must Deal With Horde of Younger Rivals
  50. Bits Blog: Twitter C.E.O. Defends Representation of Women at the Company — Sort Of
  51. LG Display unveils curved handset display for November launch
  52. BlackBerry shares rise on interest from strategic buyers
  53. Time Warner Cable to buy DukeNet Communications for $600 million
  54. Sharp public offering falls short as fears of future weigh
  55. AT&T Agrees to Sell FiLIP, Phone-Watch-Locator for Kids
  56. Skype Updated for iOS 7
  57. LG Reveals Flexible OLED Display for Smartphones
  58. Twitter gets 'buy' rating even before listing
  59. S&P puts Telecom Italia on creditwatch for possible cut to junk
  60. TI Media, L'Espresso in talks for broadcasting tie-up
  61. Hawk-Eye's vision extends to soccer and beyond
  62. In a World of Social Media, Alternatives for Everyone
  63. Twitter’s Main Characters, Not Counting the Usual 140
  64. Problems at main Obamacare website are being fixed: White House
  65. Alcatel-Lucent to cut 10,000 jobs: reports
  66. Sawiris ups Telecom Italia short position after Telefonica wins control
  67. Microsoft Republishes YouTube App, But Strips Features
  68. Insight: At Twitter, global growth tests free speech advocacy
  69. Hooked on Candy Crush? King gets gameplayers to pay
  70. Nikon D610 First Impressions Review
  71. Pentax K-3 First Impressions Review
  72. Gates’s Future Fuels Speculation as Microsoft Seeks New Chief
  73. Bits Blog: Microsoft: The Cloud Can’t Be Slave to the Past
  74. Nielsen to Measure Twitter Chatter About TV Shows
  75. China police target online 'jihad' talk amid rumor crackdown
  76. Alcatel-Lucent cuts 10,000 jobs in turnaround plan
  77. Vodafone plans to boost stake in Indian unit: source
  78. U.S. ban on some Samsung products to go into effect
  79. Retailers see 'click and mortar' as way to beat Amazon
  80. Deutsche Telekom offers T-Mobile USA bonds worth $3.1 billion
  81. Nest Labs gets into talking smoke detectors
  82. Twitter for Windows Phone Adds Lock Screen Tweets
  83. AT&T Says First VoLTE Handset Due This Year
  84. Obama Lets ITC Ruling Stand, Some Samsung Phones Banned
  85. Pure TalkUSA Debuts Rollover Data Plan
  86. Yahoo Refreshes Mail with Threaded Convos, 1TB of Storage
  87. Analysis: Take HP's slide personally, CEO Whitman tells employees
  88. Microsoft awards over $100,000 to expert for finding bugs
  89. Intel talks up chips for growing wave of connected gadgets
  90. U.S. court rules in favor of Amazon in CIA contract dispute
  91. Bits Blog: A Woman to Serve on Twitter’s Board? Here Are 25
  92. Government Upholds Ban on Some Samsung Products in Patent Dispute
  93. For Shoppers, Next Level of Instant Gratification
  94. Bits Blog: Nest Labs Reinvents the Smoke Alarm
  95. Apple to introduce new iPads on October 22: AllThingsD
  96. Suspect in 'Blackhole' cybercrime case arrested in Russia: source
  97. Chipmaker On Semi to cut up to 870 jobs at Sanyo unit
  98. Samsung launches Galaxy variant with curved screen
  99. Samsung Announces the Galaxy Round with Curved Display
  100. AT&T Pushing Android 4.3 to HTC One
  101. Analysis: Take HP's slide personally, CEO Whitman tells employees
  102. Flipkart raises $160 million in latest funding drive
  103. Bits Blog: Encouraging the Reviewers, Honestly
  104. Bits Blog: Back-to-Work Day at H.P.
  105. BlackBerry and Wi-Lan Settle Patent Dispute
  106. Wi-Lan, BlackBerry settle all patent litigation
  107. Alibaba invests $193 million to buy Chinese asset manager Tianhong
  108. South Africa's Cell C lodges competition complaint against MTN, Vodacom
  109. GE partners with AT&T, Cisco, Intel for 'Industrial Internet'
  110. Deutsche Telekom's talks to buy GTS stumbling over price: sources
  111. France pressures Alcatel-Lucent on lay-off plans
  112. Comcast to Let Subscribers Load TV Shows from Tweets
  113. Review: Kyocera Hydro Elite for Verizon Wireless
  114. Firefox OS 1.1 Adds Push Notifications, MMS and More
  115. Flickr for iOS 7 Adds Auto-Uploading
  116. AT&T's LTE Network Reaches 13 More Markets
  117. Analysis: AT&T keen on Europe, investors wary of merits
  118. HP CEO expects to steady the ship in 2014, sends shares north
  119. Analysis: Canada veto complicates BlackBerry, telecom deal making
  120. Citrix estimates results below expectations; shares dive
  121. T-Mobile Offering Free Overseas Data and Messaging
  122. T-Mobile Says LTE Available Nationwide
  123. Colombia senator proposes state management of mobile network
  124. Lenovo tops PC makers, industry sales decline in quarter
  125. T-Mobile US international options to include no-fee data roaming
  126. Canada's Rogers Communications suffers countrywide wireless outage
  127. Japan's NEC to sell Internet provider Biglobe: sources
  128. All Is Fair in Love and Twitter
  129. Deal Professor: In Twitter’s I.P.O. Filing, Signs of a Start-Up That Has Matured
  130. AT&T Confirms GDR2 and Amber Updates for Lumia Phones
  131. U.S. cable companies home in on security
  132. Exclusive: Alibaba decides against Hong Kong IPO, not yet committed to other exchange
  133. Deutsche Telekom haggles with buyout firms over Scout24 sale: sources
  134. EE to partner BT in mobile services
  135. Liberty's Malone says cable companies should create Netflix rival
  136. Richemont says Net-a-Porter unit is not for sale
  137. Email App for Android Updated
  138. LG Announces G Pro Lite with 5.5-Inch Screen
  139. Former CEO Lazaridis Weighing Bid for BlackBerry
  140. A Novel Prompts a Conversation About How We Use Technology
  141. Comcast Hopes to Promote TV Shows in Twitter Deal
  142. T-Mobile to Make It Cheaper to Make Calls While Abroad
  143. Bits Blog: PC Shipments: It Could Have Been Worse (and Probably Will Be)
  144. Bits Blog: A Conversation With Lavabit’s Founder
  145. BlackBerry co-founder considers bid to buy company: filing
  146. U.S. cable companies home in on security
  147. British regulator proposes fee hike for mobile network operators
  148. Mobile security software maker Lookout raises $55 million
  149. Broadcasters could bring Aereo fight to Supreme Court: sources
  150. Sony faces long fight to clamber up smartphone ranking tables
  151. DealBook: BlackBerry Founders Explore Bid for Company
  152. Bits Blog: For Silicon Valley Novels, Blurring Fiction and Non-Fiction
  153. Bits Blog: Stun Guns and Video Generate a Surprising Match
  154. Google Escapes Guilty Verdict in Safari Case
  155. Sony Has 'No Big Plans' for U.S. Market
  156. Instagram for Android and iOS Updated
  157. Russia plans state-backed Web search engine named after Sputnik: report
  158. Brazil investigates Google over antitrust charges
  159. AT&T to Refocus on Mobile Share Plans
  160. Google Sets Plan to Sell Users’ Endorsements
  161. Bits Blog: Canadian Carrier Backtracks on BlackBerry Snub
  162. Bits Blog: A Senator Raises Privacy Questions About Cross-Device Tracking
  163. AT&T limits new customers to data-share plans only
  164. Google unveils plans for user names, comments to appear in ads
  165. Isis to Launch 'In a Couple Weeks' on Android Phones
  166. T-Mobile's LTE Network to Eventually Cover 225M People
  167. Deutsche Telekom hopes to hide German internet traffic from spies
  168. Innovation: Who Made That Android Logo?
  169. Technophoria: In a Mood? Call Center Agents Can Tell
  170. Novelties: Seeking a Staredown With Google Glass
  171. Preoccupations: When Debate Stalls, Try Your Paintbrush
  172. App City: A Winner, to Get You There
  173. Cyber warrior shortage hits anti-hacker fightback
  174. Festival of open houses taps San Francisco's tech startup allure
  175. Twitter pays engineer $10 million as Silicon Valley tussles for talent
  176. Netflix in talks with U.S. cable companies: WSJ
  177. China's Huawei rules out large acquisitions: report
  178. Bolstering a Phone’s Defenses Against Breaches
  179. Privacy Fears as Surveillance Grows in Cities
  180. Disruptions: Bit by Bit, Virtual Reality Heads for the Holodeck
  181. Google Jousts With Wired South Korea Over Quirky Internet Rules
  182. Group Presses for Safeguards on the Personal Data of Schoolchildren
  183. Yahoo CEO Mayer has advertisers' attention, but can she get their dollars?
  184. Facebook buys Israeli start-up app-maker Onavo
  185. U.S. Cellular Intros Shared Data Plans
  186. Cricket to Sell iPhone 5s and 5c
  187. Microsoft Brings 1080p HD Support to Windows Phone
  188. HTC Debuts the One Max with 5.9-Inch Screen and Fingerprint Scanner
  189. TIM CEO says Telecom Italia not trying to sell: paper
  190. Telefonica set to sell $3.6 billion Czech stake: sources
  191. Sprint to Sell HTC One Max
  192. Sprint Debuts Messaging Plus for Smartphones
  193. BlackBerry issues open letter to calm customers and partners
  194. Apps aim to revive tradition of hand-written notes
  195. Twitter wrapping up $1 billion IPO revolver
  196. UK's Argos undercuts Tesco with 99.99 pound tablet
  197. Demand Media co-founder, chairman, CEO Rosenblatt exits
  198. Review: Samsung ATIV S Neo for Sprint
  199. Burberry names Bailey CEO as Ahrendts quits for Apple
  200. Amazon to open Tel Aviv office to support cloud services
  201. On a New Jersey Islet, Twilight of the Landline
  202. A Staff of Robots
  203. Bits Blog: How to Opt Out of Google’s Plan to Use Your Name and Comments in Ads
  204. Divining the Future: Special Report: The Rapid Advance of Artificial Intelligence
  205. Bits Blog: As Microsoft Updates Mobile Software, a Cautionary Tale
  206. Tim Cook brings in Burberry boss to restore Apple's shine
  207. Spain's mobile market shows signs of further recovery in August
  208. Review: HTC One max
  209. Sony Xperia Z Ultra, Z1, and SmartWatch 2 Now Available
  210. Twitter Enables DMs from Any Follower
  211. New iPads expected at Apple event set for October 22
  212. Amazon partners with HTC to make smartphones: report
  213. SoftBank buys $1.5 billion stake in Finnish mobile games maker Supercell
  214. Ireland to close Apple's tax loophole, but leave bigger one open
  215. Yahoo reports Q3 net revenue of $1.081 billion
  216. Intel reports mixed quarter, delays cutting-edge chip
  217. Twitter picks NYSE as quarterly results affirm IPO hopes
  218. Verizon Deploying LTE On Its AWS Spectrum
  219. Alcatel-Lucent's future is at risk: CEO
  220. Apple Hires Burberry C.E.O.
  221. Yahoo's Alibaba stake takes heat off weak forecast
  222. Chinese gaming company Rekoo picks London for European home
  223. SoftBank buys $1.5 billion stake in Finnish mobile games maker Supercell
  224. Apple cuts fourth-quarter orders for iPhone 5C: source
  225. Analysts raise Yahoo price targets on Alibaba magic
  226. Twitter picks NYSE for IPO even as losses widen
  227. South African banks hit by Internet card fraud syndicate
  228. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 First Impressions Review
  229. Sony Alpha A7 / A7R First Impressions Review
  230. Ad Share Slips Again at Yahoo
  231. DealBook: Twitter Picks N.Y.S.E. for Stock Listing
  232. Intel Reports Earnings Drop as Its Industry Changes
  233. Bits Blog: Video Start-Up Co-Founded by Cory Booker Is Set to Be Acquired
  234. Ubisoft shares slump after warning over games delay
  235. Japan's TDK gets lifeline from China's rising smartphone stars
  236. T-Mobile Announces Samsung Galaxy Light and HotSpot Pro
  237. Scratch Wireless Offering Free Wi-Fi-Based Service
  238. Google Tweaks Maps for iOS Devices
  239. EBay profit rises as PayPal grows, but holiday outlook disappoints
  240. IBM third-quarter EPS beats Street, revenue misses
  241. Facebook lifts restriction on teen users sharing with public
  242. Prominent attorney named as monitor in Apple e-books case
  243. EBay holiday quarter outlook disappoints on U.S. weakness
  244. American Express profit rises as corporate spending picks up
  245. Facebook Changes Privacy Policy for Teenagers
  246. Maker of Assassin’s Creed Delays Release of 2 Games
  247. DealBook: América Móvil Drops Bid for KPN
  248. Ireland’s Government Says It Will Curb a Tax Strategy That Faced U.S. Scrutiny
  249. Twitter hires Google executive as head of retail: report
  250. Many investors look past Twitter's losses, for now