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  1. BLU Products intros Vivo 4.3, says it’s ‘world’s first’ dual-SIM smartphone with Supe
  2. Apple testifies in court that it once considered making a car
  3. Rumored HTC One X+ with 1.7GHz Tegra 3 revealed in NenaMark report?
  4. Super fun day
  5. Two Apps, TuneIn and iHeart Radio, Put Radio Online
  6. Shopping With Lucky Will Soon Require Less Clicking
  7. Zillow and Other Companies Moving From Consumers to Businesses
  8. Disruptions: Disruptions: Apple Patent Fight With Samsung Spills Some iPhone and iPad
  9. Computer Security Start-Ups Catch Venture Capitalists’ Eyes
  10. Lenovo unveils lighter, quicker ThinkPad laptop
  11. An unpredictable event
  12. Apple SVP Eddy Cue wanted 7-inch iPad in 2011, internal email says
  13. Xiaomi Phone 2 may debut on August 16th, packaging will withstand 180kg of weight
  14. CEO: RIM almost switched to Android
  15. Tactus Touchscreens put Physical Buttons on your smartphone
  16. AT&T Shared Data Kicks Off August 23rd
  17. Nuance's Nina to Add Voice-Powered Service to Apps
  18. Watch as father and son meet for the first time via Google+ Hangout
  19. Olympics fans use the Web to sneak around tape delay
  20. Apple Senior VP: Steve Jobs considered building an iCar
  21. Sprint 'Confident' in Windows Phone 8
  22. Sprint Says BlackBerry 10 is 'Exciting' But Not Enough
  23. Sprint's HD Voice to Launch Before Year's End
  24. Apple Dropping YouTube from iOS
  25. Sprint Weighing iPhone 5, Motorola, and Tizen for 2013
  26. Apple and Google Place Rival Bids for Kodak Patents
  27. Review: Samsung Galaxy S III for Sprint
  28. ARM Unveils Next-Generation GPU Technology
  29. Scientists find chemotherapy can encourage cancer growth in healthy cells
  30. YouTube app removed from iOS 6 but not iOS 5 and older; Google working on a standalon
  31. Everytime I ask someone to take my picture
  32. Valve reportedly preparing second-generation Source engine, kinda explains the Episod
  33. NASA’s Curiosity captures awe-inspiring shot of Mount Sharp, uploads video of descent
  34. Microsoft’s Office Store now open for business, productivity-boosting apps just a cli
  35. Bits: Apple Account Break-In Highlights Security Weakness
  36. BBC’s Olympics Broadcasts Focus on Live Coverage
  37. Bits: Apple to Remove YouTube App From iPhone and iPad
  38. Sidebar: Nutrition Blogger Fights North Carolina Licensing Rebuke
  39. Cablevision stems subscriber losses in 2Q
  40. Microsoft no fan of existing WebRTC standard, proposes its own to get Skype onboard
  41. WiFi-Extending Robot is built like a tank!
  42. 1:1 scale model parts tree of Aston Martin’s 1959 Le Mans winner is stunning
  43. New construction at Apple’s North Carolina data center poses for aerial photographs
  44. Quad-core Galaxy Note 10.1 source code wastes no time, available now
  45. Sprint Offers Rare iPhone Price Drop
  46. Proposed Federal Law Would Slap Radiation Warnings On Phones
  47. Amazon launches video game development push
  48. MetroPCS Launches World's First VoLTE Service
  49. Microsoft Renaming Phone App Store
  50. Sprint CEO: Industry Has to Deal with the Duopoly
  51. Sharp Licenses Smartphone Patents from Microsoft
  52. GAO Agrees with FCC: Radiation Limits Need Reexamination
  53. NYC police subpoena Twitter over Broadway threats
  54. Apple to ditch iPhone YouTube app
  55. AT&T workers in 3 states launch short strike
  56. Report paints dire picture of Samsung factory’s working conditions
  57. Cold fusion chemist Martin Fleischmann dies at 85
  58. Bits Blog: Want to Do Mobile Payments? Here's a Free Tablet
  59. After Delay, Twitter Sends Data on User Issuing Threats
  60. Bits Blog: One on One: Steve Mann, Wearable Computing Pioneer
  61. Starbucks and Square to Team Up
  62. Bits Blog: Craigslist's Challenger Could Be an App, or Several
  63. Guess who’s in town
  64. Kno starts offering K-12 textbooks on tablets, scores industry-first deal with Hought
  65. Need For Speed: Most Wanted Lets You Steal The World’s Fastest Cars. Kind Of.
  66. AMD announces $4k FirePro W9000 GPU, entry-level FirePro A300 APU for CAD and graphic
  67. ARM’s Mali-T604 makes official debut
  68. 'Avatar' director launches China 3-D venture
  69. Amazon and Apple seal up glaring security holes in light of hacking attempt
  70. Android extends dominance in smartphones worldwide
  71. HP raises outlook, boots head of Services
  72. Starbucks to accept Square mobile payments
  73. Nokia Updates Beta Suite 3.5 with N9 Support
  74. Verizon's Shared Data Plans Range Up to 20GB
  75. Clearwire Spectrum Vital to Sprint's 4G Plans
  76. Sprint CEO: We Want to Be the Good Guys
  77. Mars crater where rover landed looks 'Earth-like'
  78. Google to include people's Gmail in search results
  79. NYTimes to sell to for $270M
  80. TracFone Scores the LG Optimus Zip
  81. Google Improves Voice Search for iOS, Adds Gmail Results
  82. Source: NYTimes to sell About to Answers for $270M
  83. Obama may act to stop infrastructure cyberattacks
  84. KittyCam project finds your pet cat is probably a killer
  85. Customer orders television through Amazon, gets a gun instead
  86. Google Goes Back to the Drawing Board for Nexus Q
  87. Noted: Keeps Baby Pictures Off Facebook
  88. Bits Blog: New Google Tools to Make the Search Engine More All-Knowing
  89. Bits Blog: Apple Stops Password Resets Over the Phone
  90. Bits Blog: Money, Mentoring and a Claim on the Payoff
  91. Korean scientists solve flexible battery riddle
  92. Google experiment lets you visualize the global arms trade in detail
  93. OpenGL ES 3.0 and OpenGL 4.3 squeeze textures to the limit, bring OpenVL along for th
  94. Twitter announces it’s now available in three more languages: Greek, Czech and Basque
  95. Do not feed the intern
  96. Facebook pressured to remove page deemed racist
  97. Sprint Looking to Raise More Capital Via Note Sale
  98. Review: Pantech Renue for AT&T
  99. Nokia Sells Standard Essential Patents to Vringo
  100. Google Translate Update Adds Camera Support
  101. Nokia Sells Its Qt Business to Digia
  102. Google agrees to record $22.5M fine on privacy
  103. T-Mobile loses subscribers, smartphones flat
  104. Multimillion-dollar verdict against RIM overturned
  105. Ouya game console snags $8.5 million in Kickstarter funding, but what’s next?
  106. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte gets gold medal, gold razor
  107. What happens when a Google employee dies?
  108. Could Bruce Willis save the world from an incoming asteroid?
  109. Big Four Carriers Form New Mobile Payment Initiative
  110. Yahoo CEO mulling possible changes in strategy
  111. Google fined $22.5M for latest privacy breakdown
  112. Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 official: Windows 8, NFC and a fingerprint reader, arrives i
  113. Google’s revamped voice search coming to iOS, tackles Siri on her home turf
  114. CS:GO patch to add custom controls for sound spatialization
  115. Windows 8 RTM will include ‘do not track’ by default for Internet Explorer 10
  116. Steve Buscemi vs the world
  117. Facebook will soon let you send real postcards based on your photos
  118. Sale of the Century: Dealership accidentally sells BMW for $1
  119. The Campaign to Digitize Your Wallet Is Intensifying
  120. Bits Blog: Virus Seeking Bank Data Is Tied to Attack on Iran
  121. DealBook: Ex-Goldman Programmer Is Arrested Again
  122. A Mobile App for Analysts and Students of the Economy
  123. DealBook: E*Trade Names New Interim CEO
  124. Samsung Offers Peek at Next-Gen Exynos Processor
  125. Watch a Call Me Maybe video like you’ve never seen before
  126. HTC Promises Android 4.0 Updates Still On the Way
  127. Google Now-Style Search Results Reach Mobile Browsers
  128. FTC finalizes privacy settlement with Facebook
  129. Online accounts for Blizzard video games hacked
  130. Perseid meteor shower to dazzle the night sky this weekend
  131. Evolution of Olympics Tech: From Carrier Pigeons to Quantum Timers
  132. Watch this YouTube music video created using spreadsheet software
  133. How a Sprint Phone Is Born
  134. Disney creates a method for turning plants into touch sensors
  135. Security firm: New computer virus prowling Mideast
  136. Google to $22.5M fine for latest privacy breakdown
  137. New iPhone app checks your heart rate by reading your face
  138. Noted: Social Media Speeds Up Criticism of Olympians - Noted
  139. Cultural Studies: Parting Is Such Sweet Revenge
  140. After Facebook Settlement, F.T.C. Will Reconsider Rules
  141. Media Decoder Blog: Under Copyright Pressure, Google to Alter Search Results
  142. Wheels Blog: Marketing to Women Bloggers, Harley-Davidson Experiences a Rare Backfire
  143. Google to downgrade pirate sites in search results
  144. Fresh iPhone Apps for Aug. 10: FlightTrack Free, Bite Hunter, Slingshot Racing
  145. Unboxed: How Big Data Became So Big - Unboxed
  146. In Olympic Park, a Deluge From the Sponsors
  147. Workstation: How Music Can Improve Worker Productivity - Workstation
  148. Next iPhone’s tiny docking connector possibly spotted
  149. Google to downrank sites hit by valid copyright claims
  150. FTC and Facebook settle privacy dispute, skip the fine
  151. Cheap NFC-based chips run on your phone’s radio waves, can be read and written
  152. No… No…
  153. Google cutting 4,000 at Motorola unit
  154. WikiLeaks: Our site's been hit by weeklong attack
  155. Facebook’s Stock Has Suffered, but Some Investors See Long-Term Value
  156. Disruptions: Robotics Companies Look to Near Future - Disruptions
  157. Motorola to Cut 20% of Work Force, Part of Sweeping Change
  158. U.S. Filmmakers Eager to Feed China’s Appetite for 3-D
  159. Critics See South Korea Internet Curbs as Censorship
  160. Google to Buy Frommers
  161. Vringo Closes Acquisition of Nokia Patents
  162. Motorola Photon Q Arrives at Sprint August 19 for $199
  163. Motorola to Cut Jobs, Close Offices, Focus on Fewer Phones
  164. John Wiley sells Frommer's to Google, no terms
  165. Curiosity on Mars: NASA identifies a caught-on-photo mystery
  166. Verizon's Viewdini Appears on Apple iOS Devices
  167. Microsoft Licensed Design Patents from Apple
  168. Sprint Launches Disney-Themed iD Pack
  169. Phone cos. lose broadband subscribers for 1st time
  170. Groupon 2Q beat profit estimates; sales disappoint
  171. Google cutting 4,000 jobs at Motorola unit
  172. Weak European economy hurts Groupon in 2Q
  173. Clever experiment shows how rumors about Apple spread online
  174. Kodak's Patent Auction to Roll Past Deadline
  175. Neo Geo’s New Game: 1990s arcade machine makes a comeback as a handheld
  176. Dell debuts new 27-inch U2713HM monitor: its first AH-IPS panel
  177. Researchers make unsuitable parts work as solar cells, could lead to cheaper panels
  178. Motorola to cut its workforce by 20 percent, shutter a third of its offices worldwide
  179. More iPhone 5 parts leaked from China
  180. Shortest horror story they say
  181. Media Decoder: Google Plans to Buy Frommer's Travel Guides
  182. Bits Blog: I.B.M. Adds an African Lab to Its Growing Global Research Network
  183. Bits Blog: Elusive FinSpy Spyware Pops Up in 10 Countries
  184. Review: HTC One V for Virgin Mobile
  185. RealPlayer for Android Becomes All-In-One Media App
  186. Verizon Blesses Droid 4 With Global Roaming Via ICS Update
  187. Verizon Adds ESRB-Approved Ratings to App Store
  188. Verizon Agrees to DoJ Terms to Gain Spectrum Approval
  189. Facebook insiders can sell stock as 'lock-up' ends
  190. Phone cos. lose broadband subscribers
  191. Political ad in Florida scares seniors with kill-hungry driverless cars
  192. Steve Jobs’ house robbed of $60,000 worth of computers, personal effects
  193. FCC Agrees to Test Shared Use of 1755-1780MHz Spectrum
  194. Microsoft Announces SkyDrive for Android App
  195. Sprint Collects $1.5 Billion in Cash Via Note Sale
  196. Angie's List's shares drop as selling ban lifts
  197. Groupon shares 26 percent off on 2Q slowdown
  198. Interactive 360 degree panorama of Mars Curiosity landing site is far-out
  199. Watch Apple’s “Wizards” praise the original Macintosh in this never-before-seen class
  200. Correction: Cable vs DSL story
  201. Deals fatigue? Groupon stock 27 percent down
  202. Samsung NX210
  203. Scientists find mutant butterflies exposed to Fukushima fallout
  204. CERN scientists create the highest temperature mass humanity has ever seen
  205. Report: Obama's campaign more wired than Romney's
  206. WSJ: Google set to acquire Frommer’s from Wiley, add trusted travel reviews
  207. ‘Stained glass’ nanotechnology capable of printing up to 100,000 dpi
  208. Google, Mozilla and Wikimedia projects get Maya language translations at one-day ‘tra
  209. Right in the childhood
  210. Germany Reopens Facebook Privacy Inquiry
  211. Bits Blog: Hulu Faces Privacy Test in Court
  212. Bits Blog: Branch, a Group Conversation Site, Publicly Branches Out
  213. Big Retailers Team Up on Mobile Payments Plan
  214. Media Decoder Blog: Google Can Challenge Class-Action Status on Book Scanning Suit
  215. Nokia Lumia 900 Update Adds 'Flip-to-Silence' Feature
  216. Verizon Says Aug. 16 LTE Expansion Reaches 75% of US
  217. 'Merchant Customer Exchange' to Push Mobile Payments
  218. Kyocera's Rise QWERTY Phone Headed to Sprint and Virgin
  219. Adobe Flash No Longer Available to Android Phones
  220. Retailers to launch mobile app for payments
  221. Google upgrades Android maps as Apple battle looms
  222. Police: Burglar made off with Steve Jobs' wallet
  223. Samsung starts US sales of Galaxy Note 10.1
  224. Pinterest launches official app for Android devices and iPad-specific app
  225. Space race 2.0? India says it’ll be on Mars by the end of 2013
  226. Google+ for Android Improves Hangouts
  227. Google Maps Can Now Route to 1 Million Transport Stations
  228. HP Spins Off WebOS Team as New Subsidiary Called Gram
  229. Judge Orders Apple, Samsung CEOs to Meet for Third Time
  230. Disney unveils facial modeling technology that makes robots look real
  231. Next 3D printer fad: Printed meats?
  232. Bits Blog: Unable to Crack Computer Virus, Security Firm Seeks Help
  233. Bits Blog: OrderAhead Wants to Offer Takeout for Everything, on Your Phone
  234. Cisco's 4Q earnings rise 56 pct, raises dividend
  235. Michael vs LeBron? It's a match made for video
  236. Humor website leads campaign to crowd fund a Nikola Tesla museum
  237. AT&T working on way for parents to disable texting and calling for driving teens
  238. Thrustmaster unveils Ferrari Vibration GT Cockpit 458 Italia Edition and Ferrari game
  239. IHS iSuppli: Apple iPad takes 69.6 percent of tablet brand market share in Q2, reader
  240. Giada intros i35G mini PC with Intel’s Cedar Trail, NVIDIA GT 610 graphics
  241. Microsoft licensed design patents at issue in Apple v. Samsung, Surface lovers breath
  242. An unwinnable race
  243. Lenovo profit up 30 percent but growth slows
  244. Ahead of the Bell: US sales of Galaxy Note 10.1
  245. Major Retailers Plan Mobile Payments Effort
  246. Judge Urges Apple and Samsung to Settle Patent Dispute
  247. Bits Blog: Boundary: Keeping Cloud Software in Shape
  248. Bits Blog: Pinterest Rolls Out Android and iPad Apps
  249. Pantech Flex, Android LTE Phone, Headed to AT&T Soon
  250. Google Stuffs Discover Card Into Its Wallet