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  1. Sega Console Zippo Lighters set your gaming fingers on fire
  2. Starbucks Announces Plans for Free Wi-Fi in U.S Coffee Outlets
  3. Facebook CEO mocks iPhone!
  4. First sightings of Sony Ericsson Xperia X8
  5. AT&T: Call Quality Almost There
  6. Verizon Announcing Next Motorola Droid on June 23
  7. AT&T's Launch Day iPhone Stock Sold Out
  8. Apple, AT&T hit with glitches on new iPhone orders (AP)
  9. AigoPad powered by Android
  10. Avatar + Stormtrooper Helmet
  11. Lego ak-47
  12. T-Mobile Significantly Expands HSPA+ Footprint
  13. Nintendo woos gamers with classics, 3-D (AP)
  14. LG Display ties up with iRiver for E-ink displays
  15. Disney photo frames with a retro look
  16. Nokia gives Q2 profit warning (AP)
  17. At new dating site, love is in the MacBook Air (AP)
  18. HTC Desire Hitting U.S. Carriers in August
  19. AT&T Suspends iPhone 4 Pre-Orders After 600,000 Taken
  20. RadioShack to Offer Free T-Mobile Phones on June 19, Too
  21. RIM Intros BlackBerry App World 2.0 with Carrier Billing
  22. Sony Ericsson Announces Xperia X8 and Cedar
  23. Apple: 600,000 iPhone 4 units pre-ordered in day one hysteria (Christopher Null)
  24. Microsoft’s new sleep proxy system is an energy saver, allows remote access even if y
  25. Nintendo’s 3DS is official now and 3D gaming will soon be in the palm of your hand
  26. AT&T MicroCell causes serious anguish for potential new office users
  27. Harman tries to take in-car audio to the next level with their JBL MS-8 integration d
  28. Olympus’ entry-level cameras get waterproof
  29. Nike Ballman made of 3,000 footballs
  30. Sony Ericsson Yendo and Cedar go green
  31. A plane with an anime theme rocks Japan
  32. BlackBerry 9800 Slider may come in as the ‘Torch’
  33. Google TV official video
  34. PlayStation Move will come by here this September
  35. T-Mobile App Keeps Android Phones Running Smoothly
  36. Swype Opens Up Android Public Beta
  37. FCC Could Redefine Broadband Access Rules
  38. Cellular South Will Offer HTC Desire Soon
  39. Sprint Firing Up WiMAX in New York City
  40. FCC set to reconsider broadband rules Thursday (AP)
  41. Starbucks to offer Wi-Fi for free (Christopher Null)
  42. City to require cell phone radiation disclosures (Christopher Null)
  43. FCC set to reconsider broadband regulations (AP)
  44. Apple, AT&T get record number of iPhone orders (AP)
  45. AOL selling social networking site Bebo (AP)
  46. HTC Desire to sail to US in August
  47. Belkin’s gadget monitor helps you regulate power consumption
  48. iTunes 9.2 made available, scores high on performance
  49. PR2 Robot that plays billiards
  50. Google Earth Integration in 2011 Audi A8 helps it win a prize
  51. Banned Marisa Miller's Guitar Hero ad surfaces
  52. LG CF3D Full HD 3D projector
  53. New Mortal Kombat is bloodier and sexier - Video
  54. Water-Based Email Filter System
  55. Robotic Beverage Delivery System
  56. LG launches Korea’s first eco-friendly solar hybrid air conditioner
  57. Court OKs search of policeman's sexy text messages (AP)
  58. Internet sleuths get new way to report stolen data (AP)
  59. Verizon Wireless Publishes Motorola Droid X Web Site
  60. Nokia Says All Smartphones to Include NFC by 2011
  61. AT&T Captivated by Samsung Galaxy S, Launching This Summer
  62. HTC Sense Stores Thumbnails of Bookmarked Web Pages
  63. EU Investigating Qualcomm Over Antitrust Claims
  64. Musician presses CD and vinyl record into a single disc (Christopher Null)
  65. IBM?s Jeopardy! computer plays to win (and does) (Christopher Null)
  66. Brando’s USB Itching Removal Instrument is the latest weapon in the fight against tho
  67. Samsung gears to to bring forth the very first SSD utilizing high-performance DDR NAN
  68. Vinyl/CD Sci-Fi Hybrid
  69. Beamz Interactive Music Player Launched at E3
  70. Sony Ericsson Xperia X8, Greenheart Cedar and Yendo
  71. HTC Legend With AT&T Networking Available Unlocked
  72. Motorola's Cellphone Unit Will Get More in Divorce
  73. Motorola Details Android 2.1 Upgrade Schedule
  74. Microsoft Details New Mobile Platform Push for Businesses
  75. Will tablets surpass netbooks in two years? (Christopher Null)
  76. Paramount green-lights brand-new DVDs, Blu-rays on Redbox (Ben Patterson)
  77. The Smurfs teaser Trailer
  78. New Xbox 360 casemod
  79. Gameplay: Marvel vs. Capcom 3
  80. RealD’s new 3D glasses make you look slightly nerdy instead of goofy.
  81. Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X8 goes official, comes with Android 1.6
  82. Twitter a hit in Japan as millions 'mumble' online (AP)
  83. Hello Kitty Engine oil - Yes its for real
  84. Horizon MiniPak uses Hydrogen fuel cells to charge gadgets
  85. Tritton Wireless AX 180 Headset
  86. Sony’s USB Power Supply keeps you charged up
  87. Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld platform premiers on Motorola ES400
  88. Virgin’s new gaming module will help players earn
  89. Corsair Padlock 2 Secure Flash drives reach 16GB summit
  90. iMousePad is a cool idea
  91. iPhone finally gets a mirror app
  92. NASA predicts solar flare that may affect GPS services
  93. Online Dating for iPad, iTouch and Mac Users
  94. iPhone 4 will have 512 MB RAM which is double of iPad and the 3GS
  95. Samsung introduces 512GB SSD for SATA 3Gbps. New king of SSD?
  96. Bigger storage coming to your mobile device, all thanks to Toshiba.
  97. Gran Turismo 5 designer went crazy with detail obsessions.
  98. Razer goes Starcarftism
  99. Mr. PR2 the robot, plays better pool than me.
  100. Energy Efficient RavenWindow Responds to External Temperatures
  101. Study: Adults as likely as teens to text and drive (AP)
  102. iPhone camper pitches tent at Dallas Apple store (Ben Patterson)
  103. Compact 'Travel Zoom' Group test Review
  104. Review: HTC Aria
  105. FCC Spectrum Task Force Eying 90MHz of New Spectrum
  106. Courts Rule Employers Can Search Employee Text Messages
  107. Apple's Find My iPhone App Lets One iPhone Find Another
  108. Broadcom to Scoop Up NFC Firm
  109. Hackers and Apple make for a dangerous pair (Christopher Null)
  110. Twitter traffic spikes with World Cup goals (AP)
  111. Infamous 'Red Ring of Death' replaced with 'Red Dot of Death' on new Xbox (Ben P
  112. Palm exec promises 'future devices,' 'new version' of WebOS (Ben Patterson)
  113. A cute mic for your iPhone.
  114. The chart that will save our money
  115. Navigon shows off iOS 4 multitask
  116. Cute robots dancing, courtesy of Nao.
  117. Super Mario Beatbox by Hikakin
  118. Sharp’s Lynx SH 10B MID looks cool but may never leave it’s home country, Japan
  119. Sony’s Vaio Z and Y series Laptops Can Be Your Very Own Personal Hotspot
  120. Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act (PCNAA) will allow Prez. to shut down t
  121. iriver’s N15-Jewel is the latest in techno-bling
  122. Telstra strikes $10B deal for Australia broadband (AP)
  123. iPad coming to church altars with daily missal app (AP)
  124. FCC asks: Do media ownership limits make sense? (AP)
  125. StarCraft II First TV Commercial
  126. E-Rope keeps you healthy while saving the world.
  127. Valve: Apple, ATI, Nvidia to collaborate and improve Mac Gaming
  128. Lenco gives the iPod a retro style with a modern look
  129. Lenovo joins the 3D fest with their IdeaPad Y560d
  130. Samsung gives your home cordless phone a touch of magic
  131. Taiwan scholars blast Foxconn's China operations (AP)
  132. Barnes & Noble cuts price for Nook (AP)
  133. Most Apps Half Price at Palm's App Catalog
  134. Symbian^3 Is Functionally Complete
  135. FCC asks: Do media ownership limits make sense? (AP)
  136. Verizon lets FiOS customers sign up month-to-month (AP)
  137. Anatomy of a rumor: Just 500 Kin phones sold (Christopher Null)
  138. Utah Attorney General announces execution via Twitter (Christopher Null)
  139. iPhone 4 makes it to Czechoslovakia and photos and HD video samples make it out
  140. Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Google
  141. Peeping-Tom gadgetry now includes the Binocular slash 8MP Digicam, watch out
  142. New Spec Promises Seamless Roaming Between Wi-Fi and 3G
  143. iPhone OS 4 Now Available for Download
  144. Verizon's LTE Technical Trials Complete, User Testing Next
  145. Amazon cuts Kindle price to $189 after Nook move (AP)
  146. Calif. license plates might go digital, show ads (AP)
  147. MacOS gets antivirus update (Christopher Null)
  148. More thoughts on iOS 4 for iPhone (Christopher Null)
  149. Hands-on with iOS 4 update for iPhone, iPod Touch (Ben Patterson)
  150. Utah execution case updates on Twitter
  151. Best Buy’s iPhone 4 launch plan leaked!
  152. Toshiba Libretto W100 is a dual-screen tablet
  153. Pepper Mouth sends off foul odor every time you swear
  154. Toshiba AC100 Android smartbook with HD video, 8 hour runtime
  155. Do you think your robot can dance?
  156. R.A.T.7 Gaming mouse touted as world’s best
  157. HP and Yahoo! partner to advertise HP’s web printers
  158. Apple Shares User Location Data with Partners
  159. Apple releases iBooks app for iPhone, iPod touch, officially.
  160. Toshiba announces new Series, Libretto. Looks like a siamese iPad.
  161. Game with your Xbox any time and any where, with the GAEM Xbox Suitcase.
  162. Give your iPad some balls for safety
  163. Uber cool clock portrait that can only exist in concept living room
  164. California to place ads on number plates. Will you get paid for them? What do you thi
  165. iPhone 4 makes it to Czech-Republic and photos and HD video samples make it out
  166. Intel, FTC in talks to settle antitrust case (AP)
  167. Medvedev to tour Silicon Valley, seek investors (AP)
  168. SkypeKit SDK Brings Skype to All Electronics
  169. Cellular South Expands Test-for-Answers Service
  170. Adobe Offers Flash Player to Phone Makers
  171. AT&T Launches Android Version of 'Mark the Spot'
  172. Review: Samsung M570 Restore
  173. Apple sells 3 million iPads (AP)
  174. Adobe Flash Player ready, waiting for phones (Ben Patterson)
  175. Microsoft Store to sell Kinect for $150
  176. Hitachi EMIEW2 is totally cute and smart as well
  177. Javascript, now taught using Manga
  178. iPad to make it to church altars
  179. Qlocktwo tells the time in a smart way
  180. Nike’s giant LED screen helps fans support their teams more fiercely
  181. Toshiba’s new Dynabook Qosmio DX is an All-in-One desktop PC with a slick look
  182. iOS4 seems great but like all Apple products it has it’s bugs, here are a few
  183. A bartending robot does no frauds
  184. Panasonic Micro Four Thirds AG-AF100 camcorder
  185. Egg-Like Capsules to Replace Standard Space Suits
  186. Dessert Dispenser that Serves Ice Cream when you Smile
  187. Biographical RosettaStone Tablet is the Latest in Morbid Technology
  188. Nissan’s EV has warning noises that have blind lawyers in a tizzy
  189. Adobe posts higher 2Q profit as revenue soars (AP)
  190. Gourmet brand, dead as magazine, returns as an app (AP)
  191. Ears-on with the slimmer, quieter Xbox 360 (Ben Patterson)
  192. FCC begins moves toward broadband regulation (Christopher Null)
  193. First Look: iOS4 on iPhone 3G vs 3GS
  194. AT&T Won't Have iPhone 4 at Retail Until June 29
  195. AT&T 3G Microcell Now Available to All Customers
  196. Google Maps for Android Adds Train Schedules
  197. Google Opens Voice to Everyone
  198. New iPhone earns glowing early reviews (Ben Patterson)
  199. Medvedev to tour Silicon Valley, seek investors (AP)
  200. San Francisco board passes cell phone emission law (AP)
  201. Aussies: Get a virus, no Web for you! (Christopher Null)
  202. The Paper Apartment
  203. Fast Lane the Shopping Carts
  204. Verizon Wireless Assets Now In AT&T's Hands
  205. Leather Motorcycle Jackets
  206. Trio of Texting Titans Turn Up the Temptation at T-Mobile
  207. Another weird Front & Back clock that barely tells the time
  208. Louis Vuitton announces new Tambour Spin Time watch, unkers and aunties lovin` it!
  209. AMG joining the electric supercar rally behind Porsche and Audi with the E-Cell Proto
  210. World Cup for gamers is here! Get ready for ESWC 2010!
  211. iPhone 4 Disassembled
  212. AT&T not selling iPhone 4 until June 29 (AP)
  213. Virgin Mobile Will Launch Prepaid MiFi
  214. Apple Disputes More Patent Infringements by HTC
  215. SD Association Brands Ultra High Speed Cards
  216. BlueAnt's New Apps Read Messages While You Drive
  217. Verizon iPhone rumor mill continues to churn (Ben Patterson)
  218. iPhone 4 demand too hot to handle for AT&T
  219. Disney TRON accessories have futuristic touch
  220. Samsung’s message friendly phones from T-Mobile
  221. Acer Aspire Home Theatre will come with Core i7
  222. Sprint’s 3G/4G USB 250U Mobile Broadband modem
  223. iPhone Cassette Tape Case evokes nostalgia
  224. A cellphone that frags germs
  225. Weird looking Vibrating Speaker could be mistaken for a singing paper weight
  226. Nesbot delivers your caffeine fix whenever and wherever you want
  227. Toshiba’s new Wi-Fi enabled memory card can send pics to other cards and upload to th
  228. Merc goes electric with their SLS E-Cell, she looks good and is good for the environm
  229. First Look: Motorola Droid X
  230. Apple Says White iPhone Will Be Available in Late July
  231. Google Now Offering Android 2.2 to Anyone
  232. Verizon Wireless and Motorola Launch Droid X
  233. Self-publishing expands from books to magazines (Christopher Null)
  234. Judge sides with Google in $1B Viacom lawsuit (AP)
  235. Cisco commits $1B in meeting with Russian leader (AP)
  236. Verizon: Droid X smart phone coming July 15 (AP)
  237. Verizon unwraps 4.3-inch, Flash-ready Motorola Droid X (Ben Patterson)
  238. Medvedev: New technologies would open access (AP)
  239. Judge hands Google victory in $1B Viacom lawsuit (AP)
  240. HKS Racing Controller for PS3
  241. The World’s Most Expensive Suit
  242. Batman’s Golf cart
  243. New iPhone in short supply at Japan launch (AP)
  244. Samsung's Texting Trio for T-Mobile
  245. Twitter ready to join the multitasking iOS 4 gang.
  246. Half million disc were killed (maybe) to create the sea of obsolescence
  247. iPhone 4 comes with yellow discoloration bands and spots, number of cases proved a se
  248. Belkin retails HDMI to Mini DisplayPorts converter, with new AV360.
  249. Apple’s new iPhone 4 retina display does not live up to its tale.
  250. My wait for the iPhone at Apple's Fifth Avenue store (Ben Patterson)