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  1. Authorities bust 3 in infection of 13M computers (AP)
  2. Microsoft CEO: Google merits regulatory scrutiny (AP)
  3. Ricoh GXR S10 24-72mm F2.5-4.4 VC Review
  4. TiVo hopes for a lift from DVR blending 'Net, TV (AP)
  5. Yahoo CEO indicates turnaround could take years (AP)
  6. Video: Porsche 918 Spyder at Geneva Motor Show
  7. Moov V780 Mobile Internet Device From Mio
  8. Limited Edition Honda Civic Type R Mugen
  9. ASUS DR-900 e-book Reader
  10. Bag by Simon Wald-Lasowski
  11. AT&T CEO Warns That Metered Pricing On the Way
  12. Honda’s Driving Simulator
  13. Nokia C5
  14. Sheng Duo Art of Vectors
  15. Lip reading technology in phones for speechless conversations
  16. Nokia C5 with Series 60 will cost $182
  17. DIY Adafruit Monochron clock is for the old Atari Pong fans to gaze into at all hours
  18. Lanlubbers beware the H2Office makes sure you’re busy at work even out at sea
  19. i-Tab reminds you what to play next
  20. Sony’s gaming headsets have the style
  21. Logitech’s Harmony 600 and 650 remotes
  22. RIM possibly has a Touchscreen/Vertical Slider BlackBerry in the works
  23. Now you can play the drums anywhere with Microsoft’s interactive 3D ‘Mobile Surface’
  24. RedEye Mini turns your simple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch into a full blown universal re
  25. Canada Won't Be Left Out of Motoblur Party
  26. ZTE Voices Support for Nuance's Speech Tech
  27. Skype Lands in Ovi Store for Symbian Phones
  28. Virgin Mobile Improves Its Prepaid Broadband Offers
  29. Sony Intros Naite Unlocked GreenHeart Phone
  30. New WD drives come with E-Ink displays
  31. Spain: mastermind of 'botnet' scam a mystery (AP)
  32. Dow industrials for startups? Pre-IPO index opens (AP)
  33. Judge Stays Apple-Nokia Patent Fight Until ITC Issues Ruling
  34. Charging fees for Hulu comes with its own problems (AP)
  35. Facebook, Omniture expand marketing partnership (AP)
  36. Lg infinia le8500
  37. Samsung Corby F phone
  38. TuneWear TuneSonic Earphones with Microphone and Control for iPhone and iPod
  39. Flat And Shiny PC Keyboard from Minebea
  40. RealNetworks will stop selling DVD copying product (AP)
  41. Bluetooth SIG Says 4.0 Spec to Reach Handsets by Year's End
  42. Palm Catches Up With New Facebook App
  43. Google Gifts Android with Gesture-Based Search
  44. Stop-Motion LEGO Star Wars Animation
  45. Street Headphones
  46. Pin-up photography by Tiffany Krzywicki
  47. Cedar Point’s Top Thrill Dragster
  48. Dog’s love Pedigree
  49. New disaster aid robot comes with CCD extendable arm to open doors, tote that barge a
  50. Win tickets for the Star Wars: In Concert in France from Journal Du Geek
  51. Archos 2010 Vision introduced at CeBIT
  52. Simulator teaches doctors to operate with robots
  53. TiVo prevails in patent rights case against Dish (AP)
  54. Sony Developing PlayStation Phone
  55. WinMo 5 and 6 Phones Get Native Browser from Opera
  56. Designer build Wirless-Catcher for music from thin air or at least Wi-Fi signals
  57. Flying Double Axis Tourbillon watch looks cool but sounds super confusing
  58. Technology takes a step in the blind direction with the 'Touch and Go’ GPS system for
  59. Warner Bros. may make a Space Invaders movie
  60. Loewe AG’s Mediacenter is uber cool
  61. Continental Airlines charges extra for the comfort of the tall
  62. More on Ideum’s MT-50 multi-touch table
  63. Asus O!Play HD2 at CeBIT 2010
  64. Porn Detecting Stick from Paraben detects naughty images
  65. Motorola HS1001 is a landline phone with a touchscreen
  66. Serious scandal hits Activision and Infinity Ward camp, two senior execs get the boot
  67. Former studio heads sue Activision after firing (AP)
  68. AP IMPACT: Toyota secretive on 'black box' data (AP)
  69. Microsoft Outlines Windows Phone 7 Development Platform
  70. AP IMPACT: Toyota secretive on 'black box' data (AP)
  71. Camera ClickMe (Free only Today)
  72. Western Digital My Passport Studio External Drive with E-ink Display
  73. Prince of Persia movie trailer
  74. AIPTEK PocketCinema Z20 HD-DV projector
  75. Lady Gaga Dollar
  76. Sarah Palin pitching TV show about Alaska (AP)
  77. Darth Vader Disco Ball
  78. Hydro Floors
  79. Bottle Opener Cufflink
  80. Tt Shock One Gaming Headset
  81. Street Fighter IV for iPhone
  82. US Apple iPad launch slightly delayed to April 3 (AP)
  83. New Windows phones won't run current apps (AP)
  84. FCC Plans to Overhaul Universal Service Fund
  85. Verizon Wireless Quietly Drops Mail-In Rebate for Pre and Pixi
  86. AT&T Joins Sprint in Green Efforts
  87. Verizon to Score Microsoft's 'Pink' Phones by Summer
  88. Sony to bring out a PlayStation phone!
  89. Samsung’s Wi-fi refrigerator
  90. Pay up to keep your trial versions from ‘degrading’
  91. Logitech Z205 Clip-on Speakers for Notebooks
  92. iPhone radiation app dishes out suggestions too
  93. Nintendo PC Gamepad goes USB
  94. Gesture Search app for Android
  95. Waste watchers? UK group fears trash bin spies (AP)
  96. FCC to propose reforming Universal Service Fund (AP)
  97. T-Mobile Trades In Yahoo for Google
  98. KESHA + STAR WARS Tik Tok Music Video Spoof!
  99. Citroën SURVOLT concept
  100. Nightvision Flashlight Camcorder
  101. World of WifeCraft
  102. Mercedes-Benz F800 Style
  103. Alice in Wonderland Storybook for iPhone (FREE until March 8, 2010)
  104. North Korean govt. designs their own OS based on Linux, Red Star shines over bright b
  105. Star Wars’ super villain, Sith Lord, Anakin Skywalker now goes by Darth ‘Disco Ball’
  106. 1000 Taxies in Taipei get free WiMAX, no break for the working stiffs
  107. Mind controlled pin-ball showcased at CeBit, reads brain and nose waves it seems
  108. Swype Offering Beta Download for Android Phones
  109. Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2 Preview
  110. 3.1M customers face Oscar night without broadcast (AP)
  111. Database can crack missing person cases — if used (AP)
  112. Chinese Homeless got Famous
  113. Oakley Nokia N97 Winter Olympics Edition
  114. 2day’s How-To: Apply Dark Knight Joker Makeup
  115. ABC restored to 3.1M customers after Oscars begin (AP)
  116. Qualcomm Developing Dual-Mode Femto Chips
  117. Oo
  118. Hopscotch Rug
  119. IDAPT i3 Charging Station
  120. Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard
  121. 2010 Opel Flextreme GT/E Concept
  122. New Iron Man 2 trailer is awesome
  123. Sanyo Eneloop Lite
  124. Samsung Go N315 netbook with pinetrail
  125. The world's first passport with an AMOLED display
  126. Apple iPad - The first commercial
  127. Tax season bringing out the fraud artists (AP)
  128. Panasonic Lumix DMC G-2
  129. Motion sensor in cell phones to keep track of employees
  130. Aiptek PocketCinema Z20 pico-projector camcorder
  131. Intel’s all-new classmate PC design is affordable
  132. Oakley N97 Winter Olympics Edition
  133. Bluetooth 4.0 devices will be out by Q4
  134. Professor X Chair is right out of a SAW movie
  135. Star Wars model took 2 years, 30,000 blocks
  136. iPhone 4G may have video calling
  137. Gowalla App Out Now For Android Phones
  138. Asiq Brings Mobile Service to Airplanes Via Bluetooth
  139. Verizon Wireless Talks Up LTE Speeds
  140. Web standards group gets former tech exec as CEO (AP)
  141. Toyota disputes critic who blames electronics (AP)
  142. Stay tuned: More fee disputes over local TV coming (AP)
  143. White House tweeting spreads president's message (AP)
  144. Android Develops Enhanced OpenGL Support
  145. Ramos T7+ PMP support HD recording
  146. Teclast K2 e-Boook Reader
  147. Panasonic Lumix G2
  148. G-Shock MAN BOX
  149. Panasonic EP-MA70 Massage Chair
  150. Toyota disputes critic who blames electronics (AP)
  151. IBM, Stanford cite advance in plastic recycling (AP)
  152. Acai berry supplement
  153. LG Cookies Fresh
  154. Apple’s First iPad Commercial
  155. Restoring an iPhone
  156. The Wood Wallet
  157. Sexy Racing Gamer
  158. Sony to start selling 3-D TVs in June (AP)
  159. Samsung, Panasonic start selling 3-D TVs this week (AP)
  160. Google welcomes chance to export to Iran, Cuba (AP)
  161. Britain could force owners to microchip their dogs (AP)
  162. Cisco to introduce new heavy-duty Internet router (AP)
  163. Sony Japan’s 3DTV dates and pricing
  164. Forget about warp speed, it only kills you
  165. Olive Communications’ AAA powered phone!
  166. Energizer USB Battery pulled off market because of threat
  167. Bugatti Veyron Edition PSP is totally swell
  168. Sony Japan’s Active 3D Shutter Glasses for TV and Emitter
  169. Dodobongo USB Dog blushes!
  170. No iPad, iPhone marriage says Steve Jobs
  171. Leap Shutters Some Stores, Reduces Headcount
  172. Apple Revises iPhone OS 3.2 SDK Yet Again
  173. Review: Motorola Backflip
  174. Palm Helps Developers Port Games to WebOS
  175. FCC Suggests Free Wireless Broadband
  176. On latest guitar game, players strum real strings (AP)
  177. `Nobel of computing' goes to early PC designer (AP)
  178. Facebook to Become Location-Aware in April
  179. Corrugated Cardboard Laptop Case
  180. Audio-Technica Boogie Box
  181. Airplane Hanger
  182. Google opens Web store for business applications (AP)
  183. MySpace outlines makeover after exec shake up (AP)
  184. Google adds bike lane with latest mapping feature (AP)
  185. LG’s First Android Phone in Korea
  186. Kanibot by Norio Fujikawa
  187. Samsung’s New R0 and R1 PMP heading to US this April
  188. Ferrari one 200 Netbook
  189. Ezy PC-x9 Tablet PC
  190. Mio S400 portable GPS
  191. Biking Directions Coming to Mobile Google Maps. Eventually
  192. Target Launches Phone-Based Coupon Program
  193. Google to digitize old books from Rome, Florence (AP)
  194. EA Sports Active 2.0 with keep you fit
  195. Windows 7 phone OS to come with 3D gaming
  196. Yes! HTC HD2 is coming this month!
  197. Android Pillows come in for alien nights
  198. New Samsung Soundbars and dock announced
  199. Intendix EEG interprets your thoughts
  200. Game Boy pillow has uber soft buttons
  201. Samsung Beat R1 PMP is totally chick
  202. Apple, RIM, Moto, Others Hit with Smartphone Patent Suit
  203. Windows Phone 7 Series Won't Ignore Adobe Flash
  204. Amazon Wireless Store Expands T-Mobile Offerings
  205. Global agency reconsiders `.xxx' for porn sites (AP)
  206. OnLive game streaming service to start in June (AP)
  207. Panasonic's first 3-D TV set in $2,900 package (AP)
  208. Palm Inc. teeters in crowded smart phone market (AP)
  209. Stop TV networks' blackouts, providers beg the FCC (AP)
  210. Gowalla Scores an App Hat Trick
  211. Twisted Pair's Wave Shoves Push-to-Talk Over IP
  212. YouTube Offers WinMo and S60 Mobile App Take 2.4
  213. LEGO: Army Men on Patrol
  214. Digital Touch T3-B Bar
  215. BMW S1000 RR. Dinner for RR.
  216. iPhone App: Today Dashboard Available for Free at Limited Time
  217. Maine Lobster Kit
  218. Huge 'botnet' amputated, but criminals reconnect (AP)
  219. Opera Debuts Mini 5 Beta for Android
  220. Verizon's First LTE Handset Coming Mid-2011
  221. Sony unveils new motion contoller to slow Nintendo (AP)
  222. World’s most expensive Televisions are up for $2.25 million and $1.5 million
  223. iPhone Apps Icons Fridge Magnet
  224. PlayStation Move
  225. Earth Hour: For Once, The Dark Side Saves The Planet.
  226. The best Mario furniture you will ever see
  227. Pentax 645D- Designed to be the Top of Medium-Format Digital SLR Cameras
  228. Casio Brigade Stomps Over to Verizon
  229. T-Mobile's Rocket Launches March 14, Plans Tweaked
  230. The war of drones, in your living room
  231. Pink Floyd wins battle with EMI over online sales (AP)
  232. Having Sushi on the international space station
  233. The ultimate geekasm - Girl recognizes Lego Star Wars figures by sucking on to them
  234. Unreal Engine 3 Scores a Headshot on Palm WebOS
  235. Google Shows Mobile Users What's In Stock Nearby
  236. American Airlines Expands Mobile Boarding Pass Option
  237. T-Mobile Provides Devs with User Location Tools
  238. Video Tour: Sony Ericsson Naite
  239. Report finds online censorship more sophisticated (AP)
  240. Feds pledge tough review of Comcast-NBC deal (AP)
  241. VeriSign to spend more than $300M on tech upgrades (AP)
  242. February video game sales drop 15 percent (AP)
  243. Twitter unveils tool to share tweeting locations (AP)
  244. FCC Releases Apps to Test Broadband Coverage
  245. Twitter Updates Its Status With Location Tool
  246. Street Fighter Road Sign
  247. The Twilight Saga Eclipse Official Trailer
  248. Lenovo says business will focus on mobile Internet (AP)
  249. Chinese minister insists Google obey the law (AP)
  250. 'Uncharted 2' nabs 5 trophies at video game awards (AP)