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  1. Verizon Extends Friends & Family Plans to Businesses
  2. German Killer Signaled Plans on Net
  3. A Dirty Pun Tweaks China?s Online Censors
  4. Obama's CIO: Gov't data can drive innovation (AP)
  5. Inamo Restaurant Bar in London sports has touchscreen dining tables
  6. Wii's success is AMD's too
  7. Canesta introduces gestural entertainment center
  8. Nokia 5030 - The mini radio phon
  9. The Nokia 5330 XpressMusic an edgy looking slider phone
  10. The Nokia 5730 XpressMusic with a QWERTY slide out keyboard
  11. New iPod Shuffle is more complex than a Tokyo Flash watch
  12. Osaka kids to soon learn math the Nintendo DS way
  13. Apple launches iPod Shuffle that talks and stores up to 4GB of music
  14. EKS Otus DJ turntable provides absolute control on the dance floor
  15. Yubi-Nya the ring remote control
  16. Mitsubishi shows its 3D proximity sensing touchscreen
  17. PSP branding sighted on the new Citroen C-Crosser SUV
  18. Would you still apply for the network admin job?
  19. iPhone 3.0 preview points to new phone by June, say analysts
  20. Google Voice - One number for all your phones
  21. Researchers sniff PC keyboard strokes from thin air
  22. Political cyberattacks to militarize the Web
  23. Palm Treo Pro & debut of IE Mobile 6
  24. LG's Rumor2 for Sale Via Alltel as the Banter
  25. Apple Sets March 17 Date for iPhone OS 3.0 Software
  26. Google's openness intensifies focus on e-mail woes (AP)
  27. Fleeing customers haunt phone co. in New England (AP)
  28. New Google program turns voicemail into email (AFP)
  29. AOL taps Google executive Armstrong as CEO (AP)
  30. Time Warner names Google's Armstrong as AOL chief (Reuters)
  31. Google exec to replace AOL CEO
  32. Microsoft-led privacy group backs off legislation
  33. IT Skills Shortage A Chance for Unemployed Workers
  34. AT&T's Wi-Fi guy targets smartphone transactions, Wi-Fi
  35. D.C.'s top IT security official charged with bribery
  36. New Carrier Piggybacks On AT&T Via VoIP
  37. IBM launches water-management services operation (AP)
  38. Web 2.0 tools like Twitter, Facebook can foster growth in hard times
  39. World Wide Web feels its growing pains (AFP)
  40. Apple to announce iPhone 3.0 firmware upgrade on March 17
  41. Dockers advert for the iPhone is the first motion sensitive ad
  42. Trisaksri Ghost Repellent scares away evil spirits from your haunted house
  43. LG Banter to be soon available on the Alltel network
  44. Samsung YP-Q2 PMP looks all set to rock the Apple Nano cradle
  45. Touchscreen Turntables become unexpected star at exhibition
  46. Dell unveils iMac-like Studio One 19
  47. Kid Finder helps parents to track their kids and even keys
  48. A pogo stick that can jump over a car
  49. The Presidential Hotline phone is now available
  50. MIT Engineers develop Lithium Ion batteries that recharge in seconds
  51. Take a peek in to the eco-world of Greenlaunches
  52. Audio Technica USB turntable
  53. Samsung launches 46 inch display for outdoor use
  54. LG Rumor 2 - The budget QWERTY slider phone goes live on Sprint from March 15
  55. Sirius XM Radio to soon ask for pennies from iPhone users for an essentially free ser
  56. Toyota to soon launch new models with worlds first rear-seat centre airbag system
  57. Samsung SBH650 Bluetooth stereo headset
  58. Castrade CV-MP02 a pocket sized multimedia projector
  59. VirtualBox 2.1.4
  60. Opinion: Amazon, Microsoft improve their cloud computing game
  61. Asustek plans to restructure, sell fewer versions of Eee PC
  62. Opinion: Sprint announces pricing plans for Palm Pre
  63. Symbian Unveils Platform Release Schedule
  64. U.S. Cellular Being Pressured by Investors to Sell
  65. AT&T hopes to gain concessions from unions (AP)
  66. Google's Online Ad Builder Will Shape the New AOL (NewsFactor)
  67. Ticket's in the mail: Red-light cameras questioned (AP)
  68. Maine expanding school laptop program with Apple (AP)
  69. Web founder warns against website snooping (Reuters)
  70. Kundra takes leave, Google raises privacy flags
  71. Lawyer indicted in alleged pump-and-dump stock scheme
  72. Facebook use jumps -- thanks to older users
  73. Microsoft to shut down its adCenter Analytics service
  74. Microsoft: IE8 faster than Firefox, Chrome
  75. T-Mobile's Pearl Gets OS 4.5 Update
  76. Consumer Cellular Adds Data Plans for Seniors
  77. IAC says temporarily noncompliant with Nasdaq rule (AP)
  78. Rev up the Search Engines
  79. Sharp turns like Cisco's have a long history
  80. A Web CEO's Take On the Facebook Redesign
  81. Bribery case creates possible IT security nightmare in D.C.
  82. Timbuk2 Patrol
  83. Second Life finding new life (AFP)
  84. German teenage gunner spurs debate on elimination of violent games
  85. Cell phone, smartphone -- what's the difference?
  86. Apple: The cell phone 'Soup Nazi'
  87. Web founder warns against website snooping (Reuters)
  88. Brussels gets a big blue brain
  89. Z Plasma Saber uses Water to cut through Steel
  90. Deaths of gamers leave their online lives in limbo (AP)
  91. Facebook Brings Its 'Connect' to iPhone
  92. Facebook fun goes mobile with iPhone applications (AFP)
  93. Fast Wi-Fi seen as an academics tool for aging Mo. school district
  94. Vodafone Qatar to launch IPO (AFP)
  95. Stolen-data trove offers look inside a botnet (AP)
  96. How to tell, what to do if computer is infected (AP)
  97. Record cases of 'cybersquatting' in 2008: UN (AFP)
  98. Motion says new rugged tablet PC's LED display is easy to read in bright sun
  99. Fed CIO takes leave after arrest of ex-subordinate
  100. HP, Microsoft Deals Aimed at Stretching IT Dollars
  101. Companies get checklist on PCI security rules
  102. Bill would boost breach disclosure rules
  103. Death leaves online lives in limbo (AP)
  104. Tapping a Muslim online community (Reuters)
  105. Art Lebedev Sound waves tape
  106. Axis Wadia 170 a high class iPod dock
  107. Italy gets Pizza vending machines
  108. Rugged wrist wearable wireless computer for the military Zypad WR1100
  109. Egypt's OT says Canada unit gets wireless spectrum (Reuters)
  110. Microsoft Surface 2 coming soon
  111. Lego bricks add color to the solar powered LEGO Mendocino Motor
  112. US Air Force to use diamonds in fighter jets
  113. Skyhook adds Wi-Fi support to ShopSavvy application for Android phones
  114. Buffalo and Asus to join hands for new SSD options
  115. Armani of bullet proof apparel to secure Indian politicians
  116. Vioguard self cleaning keyboard uses UV light to kill germs
  117. A Pedometer for dogs so fluffy stays in shape
  118. Brother SV-100B Epaper device to give the Kindle sleepless nights
  119. U.S. to spy on enemies with a $400 Million Solar-Powered Spy Airship
  120. iBluetooth app allows jail broken iPhones to send and receive files
  121. AgfaPhoto unveils first true HD digital photo frames
  122. What Exactly Does System Restore Back Up?
  123. Cisco enters server market with Unified Computing System
  124. Cisco launches unified computing system
  125. Intel threatens to end patent licensing deal with AMD
  126. Tim Berners-Lee is cybercrime victim
  127. Qualcomm Declares Minor Victory in Broadcom Squabble
  128. FCC Approves Touch-Enabled Motorola QA4
  129. Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper goes Web-only (AP)
  130. Ex-Rocky Mountain News staffers plan news Web site (AP)
  131. IBM strikes $500 million tech deal with Kaiser (AP)
  132. Comcast Agrees to Resell Clearwire Wimax Service
  133. Sina 4Q profit rises 46 percent (AP)
  134. Cisco announces its first servers, riling rivals (AP)
  135. Hearst hopes Web-only Seattle P-I will turn profit (AP)
  136. Apple's iPhone 3.0: 10 features that might make the cut
  137. Experts: Patent dispute with Intel won't choke supply of AMD chips
  138. Untangling Enterprise Systems for Sudden Change
  139. SAP lays off undisclosed number of workers
  140. Vendors confirm iPod headphone-chip rumors
  141. Survey: Families Wise up to Importance of Online Safety (PC World)
  142. 16 ways IT can do less with less
  143. How the recession is reshaping IT ops
  144. How to get what you need in negotiations
  145. How to stay up in a down economy
  146. Novell: No SUSE Linux for ARM-based netbooks
  147. Omron and Renesas Team Up for Capacitive Touch Screens
  148. Dell hopes PCs can't be too rich or too thin (AP)
  149. Hearst prints final Seattle PI (Reuters)
  150. Hands on with Acer's F900 and M900 smartphones
  151. NTT DoCoMo's vision of the future puts Minority Report to shame
  152. HTC to launch 'at least' three Google phones this year
  153. Marvel, start-up ink online gaming deal: report (Reuters)
  154. Web world for music fans hopes to gain following (AP)
  155. Mac sales plummet by almost 17%, NPD reports
  156. Windows Azure goes down for early adopters
  157. Apple's iPhone 3.0 announcement live blog
  158. Nokia cuts staff by 1,700
  159. Google Earth 5
  160. Motorola VE465 Pops Up On Alltel Site
  161. WiMedia Alliance, Pusher of UWB, to Disband
  162. HTC Plans At Least Three More Android Phones in 2009
  163. Nokia to Slash Another 1,700 from the Payroll
  164. Steampunk Eye Pod Victrola looks like something Frankenstein would groove to
  165. Sony Ericsson W518a could be next phone out after W508
  166. iStick concept media player appears to cram it all
  167. The Sony Ericsson MS500 outdoor speaker to tag along for a party at the beach
  168. Toshiba Pro S10 and P10 HD camcorders that fit in your palm
  169. Transactions app allows credit card payments via the iPhone
  170. Dell Adamo is a super slim laptop all set to blow away the AIR
  171. Elecom Scope Node mouse redefines precision
  172. Spalding iHoop speakers plays your iPod as you shoot the hoop
  173. Bang and Olufsen announce the BeoVision 8 a 40 inch LCD TV
  174. Philips Xenium X530
  175. Cut and paste and other iPhone enhancements coming (AP)
  176. Discovery sues over Kindle patent (AP)
  177. Google News, EPA members in partnership agreement (AFP)
  178. Computer ranking predicts UNC will win NCAA men's hoop crown
  179. New iPhone capabilities appeal to enterprises
  180. Criminals sneak card-sniffing software on Diebold ATMs
  181. NASA: Discovery successfully docks with space station
  182. EMC upgrades home, small-business NAS drive with online file sharing
  183. iPhone to Get MMS, Cut & Paste, Stereo Bluetooth and More
  184. Motorola's EM330 Appears At AT&T
  185. Apple Revises Applications and Apps Store Functions
  186. HHS clarifies on stimulus grants (AP)
  187. Google taps top UK ad exec to run US sales (AP)
  188. Cold War-era mystery killings become online riddle (AFP)
  189. Review: Toshiba's 500GB USB external hard drive is compact but not a speed demon
  190. Image gallery: 6 Web-based image editors help you fix your photos
  191. Review: 6 Web-based image editors help you fix your photos
  192. Vivek Kundra reinstated as federal CIO
  193. Blogger who streamed pre-release Guns N' Roses songs deserves prison time, say Feds
  194. Sun Microsystems to offer `public cloud' service (AP)
  195. Made-to-order magazine lets readers choose (AP)
  196. Novels join online library of documents at Scribd (AP)
  197. Sun Micro takes on Amazon in cloud computing (Reuters)
  198. Report: IBM in talks to buy Sun Microsystems
  199. Sun begins new push into cloud services market
  200. Lingo the all in one device puts a swiss knife to shame
  201. Sheeps fitted with LED's guarantee fun in the countryside
  202. Scientists build Death Star for Mosquitos
  203. Scosche solCHAT a solar powered in car speaker phone
  204. Suima the auto rocking cradle for proud new parents
  205. A fake Ferrari that looks so real
  206. Marvel, startup ink online gaming deal (Reuters)
  207. AP Source: IBM in talks to buy Sun Microsystems (AP)
  208. Another 158 TV stations to kill analog early (AP)
  209. Discovery sues over Amazon's Kindle (Reuters)
  210. U.S. FTC urged to investigate Google's hosted services
  211. An IBM-Sun tie-up offers few advantages in storage arena
  212. Digital healthcare brings opportunities, risks
  213. Google returns Chrome to beta, touts speed boost
  214. Java crowd has mixed views on potential Sun-IBM deal
  215. Ericsson Planning to End Sony Ericsson Partnership
  216. Virgin Mobile USA to Hop Onto Touch Bandwagon
  217. Geodesa Crafts SIM Card with Both U.S. and U.K. Numbers
  218. Scientist comes up with a solution to solve Sodoku puzzles
  219. House of the Dead: Overkill is the game you dont want your kid playing
  220. Super Mario Matryoshka Dolls Set
  221. Toshiba working on new speaker system that cuts out internal noise by 90%
  222. Samsung announces 13 new handsets at a dealer event
  223. Fujitsu ebook takes on the Kindle with flying colors
  224. Hustler TV goes HD to spot every thing you overlooked so far
  225. Online game gets real-world banking license (AP)
  226. Nokia to shutter its "Mosh" success story (Reuters)
  227. LinkedIn Privacy Settings: What You Need to Know
  228. Techies all a-Twitter over IBM-Sun talks
  229. A Real Dumpster Dive: Bank Tosses Personal Data, Checks
  230. Geek Replaces Lost Finger With 2GB USB Finger
  231. IT contractor indicted for sabotaging offshore rig management system
  232. FCC Approves of LTE Device from LG
  233. Nokia's Mosh Comes to An End
  234. Samsung 'Xplores' MIL-STD with the B2100
  235. Oracle profit tops views in tough tech environment (AP)
  236. Some cell phones to get live NCAA tournament games (AP)
  237. Review: How an iPod can be a poor man's iPhone (AP)
  238. Research Projects Will Study Online Advertising (NewsFactor)
  239. Microsoft adds shortcuts, security to new browser (AP)
  240. Sony e-book reader gets 500,000 books from Google (AP)
  241. Oracle manages 3Q feat: healthy contract signings (AP)
  242. Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 8 (Reuters)
  243. Researcher cracks Mac in 10 seconds at PWN2OWN, wins $5K
  244. Symantec launches cloud-based storage service for the masses
  245. Microsoft launches IE8 final code today
  246. Zoom zoom: Upstarts speed past big BI vendors in data warehouse loading speeds
  247. Review: Internet Explorer 8 is new and improved -- is it back on top?
  248. Next NATO commander strives to break with past (AP)
  249. Sony eBook Store to offer classic books digitized by Google
  250. Sony Ericsson to Push Camera Phones in the U.S.