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  1. Qwest profit falls 49 pct in 4Q, beats view (AP)
  2. Egypt police beat, detain blogger: rights group (Reuters)
  3. Despite Slump, Intel Plans Big Investment
  4. New Video iPhone concept doesn't look that Apple
  5. Daily wrap up - Feb 10th, 2009
  6. Samsung to launch the Eltz S7220 and the Marcel at MWC
  7. Sony Ericsson working on bringing Facebook application on new mobiles
  8. Sony GPS-CS3KA, the brand new photo tagger is revealed.
  9. Sony DCR-SX41 DV Cam with 8GB onboard memory
  10. Panasonic 3D FHD Blu-ray Labs is unveiled.
  11. Nokia may Launch App Store for its Symbian Platform
  12. Ultrasonic Bath from Sanyo -A washing machine for humans
  13. Miseal Mini Projector – A small cube-shaped projector
  14. Cell Phones being used to teach 5th Grade Class Students
  15. Mini Bluetooth Keyboard for school, travel, work and even for Playstation 3
  16. Digi-Mug - Digital Photo Frame Mug
  17. Elephants to cross highways via worlds first tusk friendly flyovers
  18. Amazon Confirms E-Books for Phones
  19. MetrocPCS Launches Service in Waco
  20. Verizon Wireless Offers Location-Based Weather Alerts
  21. CSR absorbs GPS chip company SiRF (CNET)
  22. White House 'live-blogs' Obama speech (AFP)
  23. DirecTV Group 4Q profit falls as costs rise (AP)
  24. Cuba looks to expand Internet access (Reuters)
  25. Six Reasons You Won't Want a Kindle for Business
  26. Judge orders Web site to unmask anonymous posters in libel case
  27. Twitter Etiquette: Five Dos and Don'ts
  28. Intel's $7 billion 'Made in the USA' investment
  29. Google energizes efforts to cut consumer electric bills
  30. Loopt Expands to AT&T
  31. 681 TV Stations Set to Kill Analog Signals Next Week
  32. Qualcomm's Chips Now NFC-Enabled
  33. Verizon Wireless Revamps Prepaid Options
  34. T-Mobile Waiving Activation Fees for the Weekend
  35. Report: Sirius Radio prepares bankruptcy filing (CNET)
  36. Certicom agrees to RIM's sweetened takeover offer (Reuters)
  37. Sirius XM Prepares for Possible Bankruptcy
  38. Square Feet: Frank Gehry?s Software Keeps Buildings on Budget
  39. Technology?s Fingerprints on the Stimulus Package
  40. Qwest Profit Falls, but Results Beat Forecasts
  41. Security expert says Microsoft should cut IE's links to Windows
  42. Symantec to deliver cloud-based backup service
  43. Nokia's Webmail on Ovi Now Live
  44. Inventors Hall honors chip technology (AP)
  45. LG LH30FD HDTV saves 70% on power
  46. GeoBulb II LED lighting that lasts for 20 years and fits anywhere
  47. Mophie Juice Pack Air to juice up your iPhone and guard it too
  48. iRiver P20 PMP to be launched Stateside by Feb 27
  49. Marvel to soon publish digital comic book editions with voice and video for the iPhon
  50. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic to make its North American debut by Feb 26
  51. Dell Wasabi PZ310 handheld printer for the mobile photo studio
  52. gScreen TITAN M-1 laptop for the US Navy to sport two screens
  53. Sony launches new XB series headphones – MDR –XB700/500/300
  54. MIT 'Tofu' Robot has OLED eyes and mimics Disney cartoons
  55. Sci-fi laser stitches wounds
  56. Google's San Francisco office has everything to douse your entrepreneurial zeal
  57. Ford uses car-sized balloons for crash tests
  58. Sony Ericsson W395 Walkman - A phone for the Young!
  59. Sony Ericsson AB900 - The new wireless car speakerphone system
  60. D-Link Powerline DHP-303 Ethernet uses power lines for secure internet
  61. Archos to use Android in new tablet device
  62. Report: Apple nixed Android's multitouch (CNET)
  63. British rock band Oasis to play first China dates (AP)
  64. Qimonda has until end of March to attract new investment
  65. PC processor shipments to drop in 2009, IDC says
  66. Dell hurls out another Adamo teaser
  67. Court agrees that Verizon marketing tactics are illegal
  68. Intel updates laptop, desktop chip plans
  69. Mozilla Makes Alpha of Fennec for HTC TouchPRO Available
  70. Nuance Announces Voice Control for Mass Market Phones
  71. Nokia to Cut Phone Production
  72. A vibrating hand for the pianist, please (AP)
  73. Dell expands US electronics recycling program (AFP)
  74. Hundreds of TV Stations to End Analog on Feb. 17
  75. New Red Hat project looks to simplify JBoss migrations
  76. Dead man blogging
  77. Facebook, ConnectU reportedly reach $65 million settlement
  78. How Virtualization Improves Software Development
  79. Employers: Could Google Latitude Get You Sued?
  80. Ericsson Hits 42Mbps Downloads with HSPA
  81. Samsung to Bring Wireless USB to Phones
  82. RIM BES Server 5.0 Adds to End User Capabilities
  83. Boost Mobile Now in 2,400 More RadioShack Stores
  84. Top PS3 games of 2008 by Famitsu
  85. China's netizens ridicule CCTV over fire (AFP)
  86. Facebook appraisal pegs company's value at $3.7B (AP)
  87. 2 big satellites collide 500 miles over Siberia (AP)
  88. Dish Network CEO tries to one-up Sirius XM (AP)
  89. Free music download service signs last major label (AP)
  90. Blu-ray Price Drop: Studios Slash Movie Prices (PC World)
  91. Millions of dollars in IT, physical security find place in stimulus package
  92. Eyeing Intel, Nvidia's Ion wins three votes of confidence
  93. Google lets Gmail give away your location
  94. New BlackBerry enterprise server zooms in on IT management tools
  95. As window closes on Vista, Microsoft makes last-ditch corporate push
  96. Tata Communications to invest 430 mln dlrs in Asia: source (AFP)
  97. BlackBerry Maker Forecasts Disappointing Profit, Despite Rise in Subscriptions
  98. State of the Art: Twitter? It?s What You Make It
  99. Phone Smart: A Wireless Carrier Offers a Different Inducement to Drop the Landline
  100. BlackBerry's Storm in the enterprise
  101. The doctor is ... YOU! Online medical symptom checkers examined
  102. Report: Free Windows 7 upgrades to run until January 2010
  103. Verizon Wireless copies Alltel's My Circle (AP)
  104. Fujitsu eBook Kindle with color screen
  105. Googly Eyeclock from designer Mike Mak
  106. Bang & Olufsen goes gold on its select product line
  107. The Conduit - A super stylish smartphone with sexy curves
  108. Australian Audi showroom employs a holographic virtual assistant
  109. Lego joins hands with Alcatel for a DIY kids phone
  110. The i-mate 810-F is as tough as smartphones get
  111. Mobiado 105 GMT a luxury phone with two mechanical watches on board
  112. French fighter aircrafts grounded by a virus attack despite warnings from Microsoft
  113. iBoo iPod docking speakers for the Pac-Man buffs
  114. Early Bird – Tweet sound birdsong alarm clock to wake you up every morning.
  115. Contest Reminder - Win a $100 special gift by sharing your Valentine's Day experience
  116. Contest Reminder - Win a $300 eco-friendly Matt & Nat bag
  117. Queen revamps Web site, adds job applications (AP)
  118. HP, IBM push new OASIS encryption key standard
  119. Asus plans to reduce variety of Eee PC netbooks
  120. Perot Systems, founded by an offshoring foe, increases offshoring
  121. TeleNav Brings Turn-by-Turn Directions to HTC's G1
  122. Facebook Hoping to 'Friend' Nokia
  123. Garmin-Asus Announces New Windows Mobile Phone
  124. Symbian Foundation Adds to Its Flock
  125. Verizon Wireless to Offer 'Friends & Family' Calling Plan
  126. Authors Guild irked by text-to-speech on Kindle 2 (AP)
  127. U.S. tweaks Internet privacy guidelines (Reuters)
  128. DirecTV Owner Said to Seek Deal for Sirius XM
  129. Japan?s Pioneer to Cut 10, 000 Jobs Globally
  130. Midway Games Files for Bankruptcy Protection
  131. Software libre! Cuba develops own free Linux called 'Nova'
  132. A cure for Vista's compatibility blues
  133. Analyst: Will Microsoft let Windows 7 users downgrade to XP?
  134. HP upgrades its PC blade desktop alternative
  135. Sprint to launch WiMax phone in 2010 that may run on Android
  136. Video Tour: Motorola i9
  137. Skyfire Shoots Off Version 0.9 of Its Mobile Browser
  138. Pointui Home 2 Re-Shades Windows Mobile
  139. Immersion's Touch Tech Bound for Pantech
  140. Garmin-Asus Shares Full Specs of the Nuvifone G60
  141. Garmin-Asus M20 announced
  142. Sanyo offers green recharge under the solar bicycle parking lot
  143. Airbus A380 VIP Saloon – the perfect playground for zillionaires
  144. Rooster Booster: The Wonderbra for men
  145. Modu to showcase production modular phone at MWC 2009
  146. Packaged Chair by Designer Francois Azambourg
  147. US and Russian Satellites collide in Space
  148. Garmin-Asus Nuvifone G60 Specs and Screenshots
  149. Consumer groups: FTC online ad policy falls short (AP)
  150. Note to cell phone junkies: Txtng + date :( (AP)
  151. Google pulling plug on radio advertising service (AP)
  152. Online retail spending falls in 4th qtr: comScore (AFP)
  153. Review: Asus `kitchen computer' does the job (AP)
  154. NPD: January video game sales jump 13 percent (AP)
  155. YouTube renews music video deal with Sony Music: sources (Reuters)
  156. Apple issues massive security update for Mac OS X
  157. Microsoft plans retail stores, hires Dreamworks exec
  158. Microsoft lashes out at Adobe over Silverlight comments
  159. Microsoft Exchange 14 Webmail to get Gmail-like threads, Firefox support
  160. Q&A: Wells Fargo CTO talks keeping costs flat
  161. Samsung's Blue Earth Uses Solar Power and is Touch Enabled
  162. Microsoft to open own retail stores (AP)
  163. YouTube testing video downloads (AFP)
  164. Google Ends Its Project For Selling Radio Ads
  165. Agency Skeptical of Internet Privacy Policies
  166. An Effort to Upgrade a Court Archive System to Free and Easy
  167. Charter Communications to File for Bankruptcy
  168. Online dating: Your profile's long, scary shelf life
  169. Online dating: Blocking the bad guys
  170. Online dating: Avatars tackle the first date for you
  171. Online dating: The technology behind the attraction
  172. Nokia, others rush for mobile software sales (Reuters)
  173. SMELLIT adds odor to the list of must have gadgets
  174. Korean BMW 7 Series now with wireless charger for Samsung T*Omnia
  175. Bionic Body Armor from IBM – for dodging bullets
  176. PK100 Bionic Leg Orthosis from Tibion
  177. Tokyo Flash Juke Tower is a candle shaped waterproof MP3 player
  178. Lego Camcorder
  179. Samsung Blue Earth mobile phone will be worlds first solar charged touchscreen phone
  180. Samsung DoReMi is an MP3 player for the no frills music addict
  181. Ultrasone Edition 8 headphones for the true audio lover
  182. New iPhone spy shots surface online
  183. Casio 9.1 Megapixel Hello Kitty edition with a dash of crystals
  184. iStation T5 a PMP with HSDPA
  185. Art Lebedev Dosugus pillow
  186. Google Adds Editing Capabilities to Mobile Spreadsheet
  187. IT's glass – full, empty or too big?
  188. With global effort, a new type of worm is slowed
  189. Emtrace Powers Exchange Push Email for Android
  190. Nokia to Launch App Store Next Week: Report
  191. For millions, digital TV deadline still is now (AP)
  192. Backlog still large for TV converter box coupons (AP)
  193. Sirius could file bankruptcy as early as Tuesday (AP)
  194. Who Tweets? A Twitter Census (PC World)
  195. Canon EOS 5D Mark II Review
  196. Microsoft Plans to Open Retail Stores
  197. Control-Alt Lock the Car
  198. Linksys debuts smart home media server
  199. Limits on H-1B hiring by bailout recipients still in economic stimulus bill
  200. Apple: iPhone Jailbreak hack violates the law
  201. Massachusetts extends compliance deadline on data security rules — again
  202. Facebook gets devalued
  203. HTC Offers BlackBerry Connect to Several Handsets
  204. Android Market Now Accepting Paid Apps
  205. Server Crash Deletes 3 Weeks' Worth of Nokia User Data
  206. Qualcomm Intros HSPA+ and Budget Chips
  207. Madeleine and Ivalo are two new Nokia phones that have leaked on the Internet
  208. Twitter gets new funding, promises revenue (AFP)
  209. First arrests made in Heartland breach case
  210. Seagate FreeAgent Theater
  211. E-Verify hiring mandate dropped from stimulus bill
  212. Ratings Box: What's Hot/What's Not (
  213. VistaCurve Projection Screen - the latest offering from Screen Excellence
  214. LG comes out with its own solar powered eco-friendly mobile phone
  215. For millions, digital TV deadline still is now (AP)
  216. Backlog still large for TV converter box coupons (AP)
  217. US Congess Passes Huge Economic Stimulus Bill (PC World)
  218. Video Game Review | Call of Duty: World at War: Blasting Enemies, but Pricking Consci
  219. Cycling Enters the Electronic Age With a New Gear-Shifting System
  220. Elgan: Don't be fooled by Google's phony 'beta' label
  221. JetLev-Flyer – the recreational Jetpack coming soon to a lake near you
  222. Roger McKinstry completes a 18,000 piece puzzle in 2 years
  223. $11,000 Diamond studded Mario Pendant spotted on Ebay
  224. Vizio un-wraps wireless subwoofer
  225. Electronic evidence firm grilled over absent memos (AP)
  226. Ping: How Google Decides to Pull the Plug
  227. The Medium: Being There
  228. Novelties: Bringing Wind Turbines to Ordinary Rooftops
  229. In the Region | New Jersey: A ?Vulture? Preys on Short Hills
  230. Wanted: 'survival strategies' for dying US newspapers (AFP)
  231. Hong Kong airport fury makes online hit (AFP)
  232. I Want My Free TV
  233. Do We Need a New Internet?
  234. Consumed: A Successful Failure
  235. Verizon Provides Emergency Link for VoIP Users (NewsFactor)
  236. Brazilian Regulatory Site Outs a Nokia Slider
  237. Verizon Wireless Confirms New Browser Headed to Handsets
  238. Microsoft Launches Searchable Voice Notes
  239. Can all that Twitters turn to gold amid the gloom? (AP)
  240. In pop culture, new heroes emerge in Arab world (AP)
  241. Samsung Memoir Coming To T-Mobile
  242. Rival iPhone developers bicker over 'pull my finger'
  243. MWC 2009: Part 1
  244. Sony Ericsson Teases with the 'Idou'
  245. Sony Ericsson Announces the W995
  246. Sony Announces New Entertainment Service
  247. China jails 20 in 'biggest-ever' Internet gambling case: report (AFP)
  248. Hong Kong airport fury makes online hit (AFP)
  249. Lenovo device delivers e-mail via BlackBerrys to turned-off ThinkPads
  250. Not worthy of iPhone, Adobe's Flash Lite surges