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  1. Review: Pantech Ocean 2
  2. Samsung to Launch Mobile Apps Store
  3. Ultra small car projector - Video
  4. Snake like robot to help heal wounded soldiers
  5. The next big thing in packing since Bubble wrap
  6. Google India goes mobile via the Internet Bus
  7. Asus and Garmin team up to bring the G60 nüvifone
  8. Microsoft does it again branches Windows 7 into 6 different flavors
  9. The first Acer DX900 is a dual sim mobile
  10. Samsung goes berserk launches 8 new models
  11. Normal looking ID card holds in a video camera for corporate spoofing
  12. E-Fuel MicroFueler to turn left over beer into ethanol
  13. The Hoverit Lounger really floats via magnets
  14. Judge postpones Rambus patent-infringement trials (CNET)
  15. Panasonic to Cut 15,000 Jobs
  16. Time Warner Posts $16 Billion Loss
  17. MySpace Turns Over 90,000 Names of Registered Sex Offenders
  18. Alcatel-Lucent Reports Massive Quarterly Loss
  19. Advertising: In Campaign Wars, Apple Still Has Microsoft?s Number
  20. SAP launches Business Suite 7
  21. Panasonic will cut 15,000 jobs as it forecasts $4.3B loss
  22. U.S. Army tries out in recruiting
  23. Alcatel-Lucent posts Q4 loss as sales drop 5.4%
  24. Social Engineering: Anatomy of a Hack
  25. AOL ad revenue continues to slide (CNET)
  26. Timex WS4 Expedition – For the Adventurer in you!
  27. Mazda i-stop Technology – saves gas at red lights
  28. Probable jail term for Google Executives over Cruelty Video
  29. Space Invaders Ice tray is oven, dishwasher and even ray-gun safe!
  30. SnorePro: Helps you and your snoring partner to sleep
  31. Suima Crib – Put your crying baby to sleep mechanically
  32. Teens who `sext' racy photos charged with porn (AP)
  33. Congress postpones digital TV transition to June (AP)
  34. Review: Smart phones a bit smarter with Redfly (AP)
  35. House approves digital TV delay until June
  36. The many flavors of carrier Ethernet
  37. Tech firms to work on 'white spaces' database for TV spectrum
  38. Costs of a Data Breach: Can You Afford $6.65 Million?
  39. NetApp discontinues SMB storage appliance
  40. Cisco earnings down; January notably weak (AP)
  41. Google calls in chips in AOL investment (CNET)
  42. BlackBerry Maker Settles Backdating Inquiry
  43. TV Decoder: House Votes to Delay Switch to Digital Television
  44. Wozniak Accepts Post at a Storage Systems Start-Up
  45. Cisco Earnings Reflect Drop in Corporate Spending
  46. Microsoft changes Windows 7 UAC after new exploit code surfaces
  47. IT security jobs largely untouched by economy, researchers say
  48. Cisco second-quarter sales, profit fall
  49. The Power of Persuasion in a Job Search
  50. An application-centric approach to virtualization
  51. Obama's DOJ pick is RIAA lawyer who killed Grokster (CNET)
  52. Power struggle: What role should IT play in reining in energy costs?
  53. Mission One sportbike – Zero emission electric motorcycle for 2010
  54. Panasonic ToughBook 52 gets touchy with a touchscreen
  55. Masdar City to use Podcars instead of cars for intercity commutes
  56. Boyfriend strangulates girlfriend with Wii cord for waking him up
  57. Spyker forays into mobile phones with two new sliders
  58. Half-Life mod video to teach fire escape strategies
  59. No. 4 PC maker Lenovo announces loss, CEO resigns (AP)
  60. Digital Pirates Winning Battle With Studios
  61. American Chief Leaves Lenovo
  62. Switch to Digital TV Wins a Delay to June 12
  63. Palm Pre could be in warehouses in mid-March, on store shelves in spring
  64. Windows 7 Editions That Microsoft Forgot
  65. 'The nerds are going to tell me how to make money?'
  66. Bulky trouble by the Bay
  67. Intel confirms eight-core server chip is Nehalem EX
  68. Greenpeace: Stimulus plan cuts carbon emissions (CNET)
  69. Motorola W233 Renew green phone T-Mobile for just $10
  70. The LG KM900 looks like an iPhone talks like the Omnia
  71. Samsung F480 La Fleur – a perfect gift for your Valentine
  72. LG Prada 2 launches in Asia
  73. Samsung Yepp Q1 La Fleur
  74. Athena Sofa – your own hi-tech sofa
  75. Izona Cool Drawer – The hide-away refrigerator
  76. Seagate Constellation – World's highest capacity and power efficient hard drives
  77. JuicyCampus, home to nasty school gossip, dries up (AP)
  78. U.S. wireless, Internet companies vying for stimulus (Reuters)
  79. Obama's plans for health care IT: Too much money too soon?
  80. Calif. DMV tried to sneak in biometrics for driver's licenses, groups claim
  81. Spy On Your Workers With Google Latitude
  82. Microsoft cites 'click fatigue' for Windows 7 security change
  83. Wozniak becomes chief scientist at storage company
  84. Some TV stations to end analog signal on Feb. 17 (AP)
  85. BlackBerry-maker settlement approved (AP)
  86. FBI: Cloned debit cards used in worldwide scheme (CNET)
  87. Unions want share of green tech 'stimulus' jobs (CNET)
  88. Google and Amazon to Put More Books on Cellphones
  89. Amazon eases cloud control
  90. Microsoft caves in, will change Windows 7 UAC
  91. The 10 Most Viral Super Bowl Ads
  92. Top 10 Cell Phones
  93. Dueling divas: Etta James 'can't stand' Beyonce (AP)
  94. At TED, walking among the digerati (CNET)
  95. Recycled Badass BigRay Gun Action fixed for Retromancer's cover
  96. Nokia E75 more leaked images and specs
  97. Darth Vader theme played on a Hard Drive
  98. Sharp USA launches 108 inch LCD monitor for commercial applications
  99. Millienium Falcon Cufflinks
  100. A geek protesting against the war in Iraq
  101. Broadband funding in stimulus plan sparks debate (AP)
  102. Some TV stations to end analog signal on Feb. 17 (AP)
  103. RIM's New Bid for Certicom Trumps VeriSign's, Says Board (PC World)
  104. R.I.M. Officers Settle Backdating Case
  105. Sharp Q3 in Red, Sees First Ever Annual Loss
  106. Satyam Names Chief and Secures Bank Loans
  107. Online Storage Solutions Launched by Nivio
  108. Japanese DRAM maker Elpida posts heavy loss
  109. Kingston Releases SD High Capacity 'Video' Cards
  110. Intel employee warns on Windows 7 netbook pricing, SSDs
  111. Microsoft smartphone rumors gain steam
  112. US analog TV shutdown bolder, riskier than most (AP)
  113. Lenovo to refocus on Chinese market (CNET)
  114. Google brings e-books to mobiles (AFP)
  115. MIT develops sixth sense gadget that turns anything interactive
  116. Boy breaks Guitar Hero record along with his controller
  117. Sanyo Albo digital photo frame has gone retro
  118. Einstein robot greets visitors with a smile
  119. The Tazzari ZERO electric car lets out more details
  120. Apple TV with DVR.
  121. MSI Wind NetOn AP1900 – The World's Slimmest all-in-one PC just 35 MM wide!
  122. Multiple Gmail Inboxes – From Gmail Labs
  123. Robotic Dolls from Little Island – Crafting a robotic likeness
  124. 2GB flash drive with Post-it note dispenser
  125. Samsung Acme i8910 images pop up on the internet
  126. Beware of an ingenious phishing tactic via parking tickets
  127. Lawsuit alleges Netflix, Wal-Mart acted improperly (Reuters)
  128. WSO2 offers open-source, componentized SOA
  129. IBM offers to shift workers losing jobs to lower-wage countries
  130. Google, IBM team to take health records from PDA to e-health database
  131. Good IT salary news, changes, scams, drugs, DTV
  132. Analyst: Apple making smart moves with next OS, Snow Leopard
  133. Video Tour: BlackBerry 8900
  134. Union Authorizes Strike Against AT&T
  135. 12 Megapixel Camera Chip Intro'd By NEC
  136. Bluetooth Keyboard from LG Clears FCC
  137. Verizon Wireless Changes Test Drive and New Every Two Programs
  138. Microsoft's Ballmer likens economy to depressions of 1837, 1873, and 1929 (CNET)
  139. to Offer Kindle E-Books on Mobile Phones (NewsFactor)
  140. Senate approves 'strict' rules on hiring H-1B workers
  141. Elgan: Here comes the e-book revolution
  142. Economy could slow enterprise adoption of Windows 7
  143. Cuba to keep Internet limits after fiber optic cable (AFP)
  144. Samsung M7600 phone sports Bang and Olufsen sound
  145. Win a $300 Eco-friendly handbag for your Valentine
  146. Not Everyone Is Cheering as Wi-Fi Takes to the Air
  147. UnitedHealth and I.B.M. Test Health Care Plan
  148. Leak: Amazon Kindle 2 Pictures and Pricing (PC World)
  149. DataViz Brings Docs to Go to iPhone and Android
  150. LG Teases with Image of New Touch Phone
  151. president Cakebread departs (CNET)
  152. Microsoft reveals 'My Phone' backup, sync service
  153. Slipstream: Prop 8 Donor Web Site Shows Disclosure Law Is 2-Edged Sword
  154. Digital Domain: Why Television Still Shines in a World of Screens
  155. Student Fights Record of ?Cyberbullying?
  156. Fresh Starts: Digital Archivists, Now in Demand
  157. Image Gallery - Apple's iWork '09 gets online sharing, 'evolutionary' updates
  158. Review: Apple's iWork '09 gets online sharing, 'evolutionary' updates
  159. Mo. patent fight shows perils of `tech transfer' (AP)
  160. Pay TV providers fret over penny-pinching viewers (AP)
  161. Designer melds tech, fashion in crafty electronics (AP)
  162. Mac clone maker wins legal round against Apple
  163. Nude art clothed in protest against China's Internet crackdown (AFP)
  164. MLB.TV Adds Enhanced Video and User-Selected Replays
  165. Offering Free Investment Advice by Anonymous Volunteers
  166. Electronic Book Start-Up Finds Partners
  167. Teaching old docs new e-health tricks proves difficult
  168. Windows 7: Two main editions, six all told
  169. Data breaches continue to get more costly
  170. SAP unveils full upgrade of ERP suite
  171. IBM to build 20-petaflop computer for Energy Dept.
  172. Taiwan Revamps WiMax Plans (PC World)
  173. Samsung Ultra Touch S8300 gets official
  174. Life sized Nintendo Game Boy Costume: With Tetris game
  175. iTurd takes on the iPhone and religion
  176. Beer Bottle Dominoes
  177. Besides clean energy wind mills produce headaches, insomnia and other ailments
  178. Test Center review: Java fights Flash (InfoWorld)
  179. Microsoft to Create Own Mobile Software 'Bazaar'
  180. Amazon says new Kindle to be slimmer, out Feb. 24 (AP)
  181. Bahrain web crackdown triggers calls for reform (Reuters)
  182. Amazon in Big Push for New Kindle Model
  183. Win $100 worth of goodies for your Valentine on Gizmodiva
  184. Amazon Kindle 2 – Slated for release 24th February
  185. Oregon Scientific's World Time Clock twists to tell you world time.
  186. The $2 Million DiMora Natalia SLS 2 luxury sedan to come with world's first MP3 enabl
  187. Samsung unveils C6625 with Windows Mobile and QWERTY Keyboard
  188. Samsung Omnia Reloaded: Purple and new stuff
  189. JAJAH turns iPod Touch to iPhone
  190. Samsung YP-VP1 a photo clicking voice recorder
  191. LG LBA-C300 Bluetooth Keyboard add on for your mobile
  192. His holiness the Dalai Lama gets a Twitter account
  193. Samsung La Fleur is a mobile phone with a Mobile Discount Coupon for your valentine
  194. Kohjinsha and Bandai join forces to create netbook for kids
  195. Samsung Acme i8910 to run on Symbian S60 platform
  196. The LG KM 900 is officially serious competition for the iPhone
  197. Doodle Kids iPhone app creator is just nine years old
  198. ABC taps Apple co-founder Wozniak for Dancing With the Stars
  199. DRAM industry faces further shake outs
  200. EMC, Microsoft extend partnership on virtualization, more
  201. 32, 64, 86: Chip Numbers Explained
  202. Nokia May Open App Store
  203. Microsoft readies smartphone assault on Apple (CNET)
  204. Whitman makes exploratory bid for GOP nomination (AP)
  205. Google Releases Android 1.1 SDK to Developers
  206. Google Sync Now Available for iPhone and Windows Mobile
  207. Talks Between CWA, AT&T Continue
  208. LiMo Updates Mobile Linux Platform, Verizon Wireless to Deploy LiMo Handset in 2009
  209. Nokia E75 Outed by Expansys
  210. Service reins in Twitter spammers (AFP)
  211. Former eBay CEO making run for California governor seat
  212. Nokia Updates Maps 3.0 Beta
  213. Obama taps Bush aide Melissa Hathaway to review federal cybersecurity efforts
  214. US congressman leaks classified intel on Twitter?
  215. Your Identity: 'Costanza Style'
  216. Microsoft to upgrade SharePoint with enterprise search when Office 14 ships
  217. Google CEO advises right wing, too--in the U.K. (CNET)
  218. Google syncs online contacts and calendar with smart phones (AFP)
  219. New Jersey Utility Plans Major Solar Project
  220. Stimulus Bill Bears Imprint of Technology
  221. Google Taking a Step Into Power Metering
  222. Mark Shepherd, a Force in Electronics, Dies at 86
  223. SanDisk announces mass production of high-capacity flash
  224. Carnegie Mellon raises Darwin from the dead
  225. Managing security in bad times: CISOs speak out
  226. Verizon expands DoS defenses in 24 countries
  227. VoIP goes corporate -- and saves users plenty
  228. LG to Trim Expenses by $2.2 Billion
  229. Hundreds of Houston computers infected by virus (AP)
  230. Aster Data Launches Cloud Edition of Analytic Database (PC World)
  231. Léon and Max chairs with LED lights tighten up the drab furniture
  232. Elevated Elephant walk ways to keep accidents at bay
  233. LG Incite a touchscreen smartphone for the corporates
  234. LaCie LaCinema Black Max media streamer for an all in one media experience
  235. X-Ray FX turns your iPhone into an X-ray device
  236. Belkin CushTop to cushion laps from frying with laptop heat
  237. Samsung Lapfit monitors for those who miss the desktop feel
  238. Mashimaro MP3 player
  239. Robots to soon punch in for a 24/7 shift
  240. Explay to launch the tiny Colibri projector at MWC
  241. Sony introduces the SPS - Stupid piece of s*** (NSFW)
  242. IBM to announce cloud computing 'czar' (CNET)
  243. The cloud-SOA connection (InfoWorld)
  244. Broadcom's Latest EDGE Chip Can Do Touch and Haptics
  245. Leap Launches Mobile Music Service for Cricket
  246. ZTE to Unveil Entire Line of Smartphones at Mobile World Congress
  247. Sony Ericsson Slips Out CyberShot and Walkman Sliders
  248. Nokia Adds to XpressMusic Line with the 5630
  249. EU signs pact with Internet networking sites (AP)
  250. Intel to invest $7B on factory upgrades (AP)