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  1. Request thread for BlackBerry PlayBook games
  2. Tank Riders v1.0.1
  3. Grave Defense HD v1.6.5
  4. Plunk v1.0.0
  5. Vector Stunt v1.0.1
  6. Omnombot v1.1.0
  7. Papa's Burgeria
  8. A Zombie Stole My Toaster
  9. Native Missile Rush v1.0.1 (Addictive and fun game for the PlayBook)
  10. Native Nano Kingdoms v1.0.6 (Fun game for the BlackBerry PlayBook)
  11. Native Angry Birds Seasons v2.0.0 (Popular game now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook)
  12. Native Angry Birds Rio v1.3.2 (Popular game now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook)
  13. Native Angry Birds HD v1.6.3 for the BlackBerry PlayBook!
  14. Native 3D Hunting Alaskan Hunt Plus! v1.0.0 (3D hunting game for the PlayBook)
  15. Native Crusade of Destiny v1.6.1 (Full scale 3D RPG Game for the PlayBook)
  16. Native BubbleMech v1.0.26 (Classic Bubble Shooter for the PlayBook)
  17. Native Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus HD v1.0.0 (Amazing Combat game for the PlayBook)
  18. Native Star Font: Collision HD v1.0.0 (Amazing game for the PlayBook Tablet)
  19. Native Diversion v1.0.0 (Simple Platforming fun for the PlayBook)
  20. Native Slam Dunk Basketball v1.0.0 (Addictive basketball game for the PlayBook)
  21. Native Coconut Dodge v1.0.0 (Marmalade game for the BlackBerry PlayBook)
  22. Native Burn The City v1.0 (Angry Birds like game for the PlayBook)
  23. Native Roboto HD v1.0.0 (Fun game for the BlackBerry PlayBook)
  24. Native Golf Battle 3D v1.1.7 (Fun 3D golf game for the PlayBook Tablet)
  25. Native Ring of the Titan v2.0.0 (Zuma inspired game for the BlackBerry PlayBook)
  26. Native Samurai II : Vengeance v1.0.0 (One of the best games available for PlayBook so far)
  27. Native Psychoban v1.0.0 (Sokoban-inspired puzzle game for the PlayBook)
  28. Native Star Front: Collision HD (Amazing Strategy Games for the PlayBook)
  29. Native The Last Stand: Zombie Apocalypse v1.0.2 (Amazing game for the PlayBook Tablet)
  30. Native Downhill Bowling 2 v1.0.0 (Fun and addictive bowling game for the PlayBook)
  31. Android Plants vs. Zombies
  32. Native N.O.V.A 2 HD v1.0.0 (Ultimate Sci-Fi FPS for the PlayBook)
  33. Native Pow Pool v1.1.6 (Excellent Pool game for the PlayBook)
  34. Native Farmdefense v4.0.0 (Fun game for the PlayBook)
  35. Native Front Runner v3.0.0 (Fun game for the PlayBook)
  36. Native ToFu 2 v1.0.8 (Fun game for the PlayBook Tablet)
  37. Native Gem Spinner II v1.0.7 (Fun puzzle game for the BlackBerry PlayBook)
  38. Native Earth And Legend v1.0.8 (Amazing RPG game for the BlackBerry PlayBook)
  39. Native International Snooker HD v1.0.26 (Great HD Pool Game for the BlackBerry PlayBook)
  40. Native FCEUX port for playbook. (NES Emulator)
  41. Native Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD v1.0.0 (Amazing HD game for the PlayBook Tablet)
  42. Native ToonWarz for playbook
  43. Native Virtual Table Tennis 3D v2.7.3 (Amazing game with 3D Open GL graphics for PlayBook)
  44. Native Backbreaker 2 Vengeance v1.0.0 (Amazing Football game for the PlayBook)
  45. Android Doodle Jump 1.6.6
  46. Native Cut the Rope HD
  47. Native Neverputt []
  48. Native Neverball []
  49. Native Stone Escape 1.1.0
  50. Native Mystery Pond HD 1.0.1
  51. Native Spacelings
  52. Native SnowBomber
  53. Native Reckless Getaway
  54. Native Best Games for Playbook [Links included]
  55. Native Pinball Deluxe
  56. Native Ninja Fruit Version: 1.1.0
  57. Native Tank Hero
  58. Native Adventure Ball
  59. Native Snuggle Truck
  60. Ported Quake3 Arena available for PlayBook users running OS 2.0
  61. Native N.O.V.A 2 HD - Tested and Works on OS
  62. Native Eternal Legacy - Tested and Works on PlayBook OS
  63. Native Starfront Collision HD - Tested and Works on OS
  64. Android Pac-Man by Namco (v1.0.108.0)
  65. Android Pac-Man Championship Edition (v1.0.104.0)
  66. Native Traffic Mania v1.0.0 for BlackBerry PlayBook™
  67. Native Air Attack v1.1.0 for BlackBerry PlayBook
  68. Native Burn the City v1.1.1
  69. Native Castle Warriors v1.1.1
  70. Native Doodle God v1.0.0 for BlackBerry® PlayBook™
  71. Native Star Front: Collision HD v2.0.0 for Playbook
  72. Native UNO HD for Blackberry playbook v1.0
  73. Native Asphalt 6 Adrenaline v3.0.0 HD for BlackBerry® Playbook
  74. Native Earth And Legend v1.0.8 for BlackBerry® Playbook
  75. Native Fruits and Ninja v1.3.6.2 for Blackberry Playbook
  76. Native 3D Hunting™ Alaskan Hunt Plus! for Blackberry Playbook
  77. Native Angry Apes v1.0.18 for Blackberry Playbook
  78. Native Gothic Masquerade HD v1.3.0 for Blackberry Playbook
  79. Native Frogatto v1.2.1 for Blackberry Playbook
  80. Android testing to share some of my android games
  81. Native Grave Defence HD v2.1.1
  82. Native Smash Cops v1.0.0.22
  83. Native Bullet Time v1.0.0.22
  84. Native Bounce the Bunny
  85. Native Angry Birds Space (v1.0.0)
  86. Native Doodle Ships v1.0.1.4
  87. Native Cut the Cheese v1.0.0.27
  88. Native some games do not work
  89. Native Angry Birds Space HD v1.1.0 for Playbook
  90. Native Angry Birds HD v2.1.0 for Playbook
  91. Native Angry Birds Rio HD v1.4.4 for Playbook
  92. Native Angry Birds Seasons HD v2.3.0 for Playbook
  93. Native 9mm HD v1.0
  94. Native 9mm HD [Game Save Fixed!]
  95. Native Rope Rescue HD
  96. Native Pirate Wings v2.0.0 for Playbook
  97. Native 9mm Game Saved Trick
  98. Native Plants Vs Zombies v1.3.0
  99. Native Tofu2 v1.6.1
  100. Native Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light v1.0
  101. Native 9mm v2.0 hd (update)
  102. Native Tofu2 v1.6.1
  103. Native Air Hockey Gold
  104. Native Adventures Of Valentin - The Valiant Viking v3.0.1
  105. Native Angry Birds Space v1.2.1
  106. Android Canabalt_v1.0.903.0
  107. Native Emulator N64 for playbook!!!!
  108. Android Reckless Getaway [MediaFire]
  109. Native Trial Xtreme 2!
  110. Native Please is there ANYWAY to sideload apps on playbook OS
  111. Native Pocket RPG!
  112. Native Playbook Games/App BAR Sources
  113. Native Anyone got the falling sand game for Playbook?
  114. Native The Amazing Spiderman for the Playbook?
  115. Native Sonic the Hedgehog Episode Version 1.0
  116. Native N64 emulator + test roms
  117. Native Game Request!!
  118. Native Can anyone plz upload a cricket game for blackberry playbook OS
  119. Native Flash games on Playbook
  120. Native CowBoy Guns
  121. Native Gravity Lab 1.0
  122. Native Caveman HD, Twitch Arcade, Garden Rescue, Zixxby, Falling Fred.
  123. Native the smurfs village bar please
  124. Native Valentin The Valiant Viking, Sketch With Friends, Super Rat, The Secret of Arcanesium
  125. Native Modern combat 3 please.....!!!!
  126. Native Modern Combat 3 .bar download!
  127. Native Modern Combat 3. Free Links, No Waiting Time, Unlimited Download.
  128. Native The Brads Tale
  129. Android Is it easy to convert Android games to Playbook games?
  130. Native Death Worm v1.0
  131. Native I found a game not listed in Appworld and it's free -Modern Combat 2 Black Pegasus HD
  132. Native 3rd party BAR Stores
  133. Native Uninstalling Sideloaded Apps
  134. Android cover orange
  135. Ported playstation 1 games for playbook
  136. Native This is how you extract PlayBook Apps
  137. Native Top Gear Stunt School
  138. Ported Pop Corny
  139. Native Fly Kiwi Fly 1.0 bar
  140. Native Major Mayhem For PlayBook
  141. Native Falling Fred for BlackBerry PlayBook v1.0.1 BAR - 30 MB
  142. Native FlyCraft v1.12
  143. Android request PLZZZ :(
  144. Native If someone has jetpack joyride please give it to me or send it to pjmaxwell@sympatico
  145. Ported Blood and Glory
  146. Native Convert your android games and apps to bar files...
  147. Native One of the best websites for bar files
  148. Native TopGear Stunt school bar file Download
  149. Native Mayor Mayhem bar file Download
  150. Native Galaxy on Fire 2 HD bar file Download
  151. Native Monopoly EA games bar download
  152. Ported Install your bar files derectly from your Playbook No PC!!!!!!!
  153. Native Samurai 2 Vengeance HD bar file Download
  154. Native Cut the rope HD bar file Download
  155. Native LARA CROFT AND THE GUARDIAN OF LIGHT. Bar download
  156. Native Pocket RPG bar Download link
  157. Native Wave Blaze bar Download link
  158. Native The Game of Life EAGames
  159. Native Modden NFL EAgames
  160. Native Sim City Deluxe HD
  161. Native Tank hero : Laser Wars bar file download
  162. Native DaVinci Mystery - Chaarge your brain !
  163. Native Jetpack Joyride
  164. Android please upload "Talking tom cat " .bar file as soon as possible, thanks in advance !
  165. Native 'WorldCraft' Minecraft for Playbook Bar?!
  166. Native Bar files
  167. Native Boost 2
  168. Native Shadowgun
  169. Native Switch 1.3
  170. Native Angry Birds HD 2.3.0 (Update)
  171. Native Critter Escape
  172. Native King Oddball
  173. Native Tiny Bang Story v1.0.4
  174. Native Bug War Recolonisation
  175. Native Raging Thunder 2
  176. Native Midnight Pool 3
  177. Ported Future Shooter
  178. Native Alpha Zero
  179. Native King Oddball
  180. Native Pop Corny
  181. Native FlyCraft
  182. Ported [GAME] Another World available on Blackberry!
  183. Native (Request) Ragged Edge 3D
  184. Native Ironworm
  185. Android angry birds space
  186. Native Worldcraft now for playbook!
  187. Native novaaaaaaaaaaa 3
  188. Native Asphalt 7: Heat For Playbook
  189. Native Ninja Joe
  190. Native Nova3
  191. Native Shark Dash
  192. Native Nova 3
  193. Native The Amazing Spiderman
  194. Native The. Amazing spiderman. Link
  195. Native Asphalt 7: Heat
  196. Native Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour
  197. Native Batman - The Dark Knight
  198. Ported TaboO 2013 now available!!
  199. Android Open sea!
  200. Native Everlands v1.18.10
  201. Native Another World
  202. Native Active Soccer v1.5.3
  203. Native Reaper full
  204. Native Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek (Full)
  205. Native Mini Dash v1.0.0.77
  206. Native Ant Raid
  207. Native Blood & Glory
  208. Native sushi chop
  209. Native Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD
  210. Ported Temple run 2, subway surfers and many others...
  211. Native Doodle Jump
  212. Native League Of Heroes
  213. Native Minecraft
  214. Native Critter Escape
  215. Native Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode I