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  4. Share My Android Apps ( Tested And Worked )
  5. Native EPUB Reader v1.1.1 (Epub Reader for BlackBerry PlayBook)
  6. Native RDM+ v1.0.0 (Remote Desktop for BlackBerry Playbook)
  7. Native IM+ v1.2.6 (IM Multi-Client App for the BlackBerry PlayBook)
  8. Native GeeReader PRO v2.0.3 (RSS Reader for your BlackBerry PlayBook)
  9. Native Files And Folders v3.0.2 (Powerful Fiile Explorer for your BlackBerry PlayBook)
  10. Native Blaq v1.5.5 (Popular Twitter client for BlackBerry PlayBook)
  11. Native MovieSrt Player v1.7.76 OS2 Compatible (Add SRT Subtitles to movies on PlayBook)
  12. Native Luko Remote v2.40 (Turn you PlayBook into Mouse, Keyboard and File Explr for your PC)
  13. Native Mindflow v1.2.0 (Create Mindmaps and Flowcharts on your PlayBook)
  14. Native Picinote v1.0.0 (Photo note taking tool for BlackBerry PlayBook)
  15. Native Film v1.1.0 (IMDB Kind of App for the BlackBerry PlayBook)
  16. Native Bed-Buzz v1.3.8 (Talking Alarm Clock for the BlackBerry PlayBook)
  17. Native Solicit v1.3.1 (Save Contacts on your BlackBerry PlayBook)
  18. Native Cogimap v1.2.2 (Professional Mindmapping tool for the BlackBerry PlayBook)
  19. Native Password Wallet v1.2.0 (Save your private information and Password Manager)
  20. Native VCMS v1.0.5 (All the information you will need on the road with your PlayBook)
  21. Native Instruments v1.0.4 (Piano, Drum Kit and Xylophone on your BlackBerry PlayBook)
  22. Native Book Reader for EPUB and Kindle books v1.2.8 (Best EPUB reader for PlayBook to date)
  23. Native MovieFLVPlayer v2.1.0 (Play your favorite Flash videos on your PlayBook)
  24. Native Blaq v1.6.0.134 (Popular Twitter client for BlackBerry PlayBook)
  25. Native Bridge Navigator v1.1.23 (Simple GUI to navigate Bridge functions)
  26. Native Cassandra Stand v1.1.0 (Transform your PlayBook into a visual appealing stand)
  27. Native Blausen Human Atlas HD
  28. Native Book for Epub and Kindle books 1.3.1
  29. Android aTorrent Pro (v1.6.2-b)
  30. Native Blaq v1.7.0
  31. Native New Apps For Playbook OS 2.0
  32. Native SimpleBrowserPlus (v1.0.29.4)
  33. Native Playbook Medical Apps?
  34. Native PicShop v1.1.4 for BlackBerry PlayBook™
  35. Native Groovy Notes v1.1.3 for BlackBerry PlayBook
  36. Native What's up v1.0.1.106 for BlackBerry PlayBook
  37. Native WhatsAppMessenger for Blackberry Playbook v2.7.3027
  38. Native File Browser v2.3.7 for BlackBerry PlayBook
  39. Native File Expert v1.0.0 for BlackBerry PlayBook
  40. Native 300 Squats v1.0.0 for BlackBerry PlayBook
  41. Native 50 Pushups v1.0.0 for BlackBerry PlayBook
  42. Native IM+ for BlackBerry PlayBook v1.3.1
  43. Native Files and Folders v4.0.2 for Blackberry Playbook
  44. Native Remote Desktop v1.0.6 for BlackBerry® PlayBook™
  45. Native Battery Guru v. 1.0.4
  46. Native Book Reader for EPUB and Kindle books v1.3.5
  47. Android Moon+ Reader Pro v. 1.45
  48. Native Files Shield v. 2.0
  49. Native Fingerprint Scan Professional
  50. Native iM Shopping Cart v1.0.18
  51. Native Antair Nightstand - Alarm Clock v1.10.11 for Blackberry Playbook
  52. Ported PolyClock™ World Clock v3.1.0
  53. Native Groovy Notes for BlackBerry PlayBook v. 1.2.1
  54. Ported English >< Indonesian Dictionary
  55. Native Print v1.0.0
  56. Native Sketch With Friends v1.2.3 for BlackBerry PlayBook
  57. Native Stuff 2.0.3
  58. Android Aldiko for Playbook 1.6
  59. Ported Badoo 1.11.0 (Latest Version)
  60. Ported Paradise Island 1.2.9 (Latest Version)
  61. Native Smart Office v2.0.3 for Blackberry Playbook
  62. Android Converting APK's not working
  63. Native UPnPlayer
  64. Native FTP client?
  65. Native Caustic v2.0.2.12
  66. Native Smart Office v2.0.7 for Blackberry Playbook
  67. Native Diary Pro -- Better way of organizing Diary Notes Pictures and Audios
  68. Android Cloud Explorer for SkyDrive
  69. Native Handy Scanner
  70. Native MorphWiz-Play
  71. Native Tablet TV 2.6.0
  72. Native Tablet HD TV PRO
  73. Android 2Do: Todo List | Task List
  74. Native Streaming Now
  75. Native Blaq v1.8.0
  76. Native Files and Folders v4.1.2
  77. Native Sketch With Friends v3.1.0 for BlackBerry PlayBook
  78. Android RepliGo Reader 4.0.1
  79. Native LAN File Explorer v2.5.0 for Playbook
  80. Native Streaming Now v2.0.1 for Playbook
  81. Native Tablet TV v2.6.0 for Playbook
  82. Native Memory Eater v1.0.1 for Playbook
  83. Native Flix v6.0.0 for Playbook
  84. Native GVoice v1.0.2 for BlackBerry PlayBook
  85. Native PlayEpub Book Reader v1.7.35 for BlackBerry PlayBook
  86. Native My First Dictionary TUPI - Children's Interactive Story Book v1.0.0
  87. Native Desktop Bridge
  88. Native Desktop Bridge
  89. Native Pacemaker!
  90. Native Groovy Notes 2.1 (Update)
  91. Native Magellan​ Compass​ 3.0
  92. Native Pacemaker 1.1.1!
  93. Native Pacemaker 1.1.2! LATEST VERSION!
  94. Native india-on-device offline gps navigation?????????
  95. Native Art Frame v6.0 for Playbook
  96. Native Fileshield v2.0.0 for Playbook
  97. Native Lock Screen - Slide To Unlock v1.0.1 for Playbook
  98. Native How to convert DVD to BlackBerry Playbook? need help...!
  99. Native instagram
  100. Native Expel Mosquito, Groovy Notes, Nodebeat, Skit, Files and Folders, PC Keyboard
  101. Native Request: Compass by Mappau og .bar file
  102. Native Best pdf reader
  103. Native 7Zipper v1.7.1 - A PlayBook App All In One (unrar support)
  104. Native Taki v1.0.2
  105. Android Websters Dictionary+Thesaurus v3.2.105 for Playbook
  106. Native X-plore File Manager v3.05
  107. Native Miracle City v2.0.3
  108. Native Neutron Music Player 1.63 .bar
  109. Android looking for hidden object games- not kid games thanks so much
  110. Native BedBuzz 1.3.8 for BlackBerry PlayBook
  111. Native InstaPhoto - 15 MB for BlackBerry PlayBook
  112. Native Vault - Password Manager for BlackBerry PlayBook v1.1 BAR
  113. Native Cloud Explorer for SkyDrive
  114. Native Sketch W Friends for BlackBerry PlayBook 4.0 Latest 9MB BAR
  115. Native Movie srt player 2.0
  116. Native Faceflow
  117. Native KalemSoft Media Player for BlackBerry PlayBook v2.1.1
  118. Native PDF Reader and Simple Browser Plus
  119. Android Plex
  120. Native Best browser
  121. Native Files and Folders v6.0
  122. Native WORKING Websters Dictionary+Thesaurus v3.2.105 for Playbook
  123. Native Ultimate Screensaver- Aquarium v1.0.4
  124. Native ScreenLock (that doesn't Minimize)
  125. Native Phone Remote
  126. Native Antair Nightstand HD