Q: Why the link is double redirected?
A: Because connection between you (your browser, IP, cookies) should be broken.
Example 1:
You > redirect site 1.
In this case site 1 (and google) will collect information where you came from (our forum), your IP, browser and many, many things.
Example 2:
You > redirect site 1 > redirect site 2
In this case site 2 (and google) will think that you came from site only.

Q: Why when I set title of the link it's renamed to Secured URL?
A: Because if you name the URL for example "Illegal Content", Google will know that the link content is illegal.

Q: Why the links on the images (thumbnails) are encoded too?
A: They are encoded because you can put any link pointing to rar, zip, apk, virus, etc.

Here is the example:


If you use AdBlock or similar app you wont see "Visit link" button!!!