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Thread: Jade HD 1.1 by DACAL

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    Star Jade HD 1.1 by DACAL

    After a lot of work, i'm proud to present you my first complete theme : Jade HD. For the moment, only for retina device (HD).

    I include a weather widget which give you all principal informations (temperature, wind direction & speed,…). The theme itself have an unique design, but stay simple to be used in real life. Main colors are gray and green (jade).

    All parts of the theme are packaged separately for giving you the possibilty to mix what you want (Loading screens, 2 LS widget, 1 SB widget,...).

    Key Features :

    • Auto create AppStore Icons,
    • A lot of Cydia icons apps already done (thx to Turtlepaw !!!),
    • Almost all UI themed, include principal applications (calculator, keypad, compass, chatkit,...).
    • 2 different LS with weather information,
    • 1 SB weather widget.

    All widget are available in english, french and german (thx to !). Easy configuration with a config file for each widget to choose options you want. I want to thank all beta testers, in particular Turtlepaw, Slate004 and the wonderfull Krs (man, yours themes rocks ! ReviDX is a masterpiece of theme !).


    Screenshots :

    In 1.2 (theme it) or 1.1 (= 1.2 version on cydia), adding LiveClock, Weather icons, ColorKeyboard Theme (for querty and azerty users) :

    Review and configuration (by SteezySanti)

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    Secured URL
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