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Thread: iGO Primo+WORLD Maps(FULL-> Europe,US/Can/Mex, Australia,NZ,Asia Pacific, South Am..)

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    New iGO Primo+WORLD Maps(FULL-> Europe,US/Can/Mex, Australia,NZ,Asia Pacific, South Am..)

    Please PM me for dead/corrupted links or maps that are not posted...
    Large archives include 5% recovery record.

    Use Winrar to join the parts:
    Free install, no serial or crack:
    Secured URL

    iGO, may 11 2010

    iGO Primo v1.2 - - includes the 15 Feb 2011 update, with Nuance English TTSPro Voices installed and custom skin by diMka:

    iGO Primo Nuance English TTSPro Voices

    Requires: iGO Primo (v.1.2 for Pro features)

    ================================================== ======
    1. Copy voice folder content to /content/voice/
    2. Copy tts_nua_v5 folder and file vautov5.dll to root of iGO Primo folder
    3. Go to settings and set TTSPro.
    ================================================== ==============

    WORLD Dem Files by country/regions:
    Requirements: Igo8,Amigo,Primo.MyWay

    Overview: Digital Elevation Model (DEM) represents the terrain surface with mountains, valleys and even smaller height variations like hills. DEM enhances the life-like visualisation of reality. It helps the driver by confirming him visually the physical terrain, and he can immediately understand the surroundings.

    NEW!!!US/CANADA.TELEATLAS.2011.09(released 2012):


    US.CAN.Mexico.TeleAtlas.2010.09, Maps,pois:

    NEW!!!Newly released maps for Europe:

    iGO8 R3/Primo/MyWay LOCAL PROVIDERS 2011.07 Eastern Europe Maps

    Requires:iGO8 , Primo , Amigo, My Way
    Operating System: wince , android, Win. mobile, IOS
    Coverage: Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro, Ukraine, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia Albania and Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia.

    iGO8 R3/Primo/MyWay NAVTEQ 2011.Q3 Europe map/POI/hnr/build/phonemes

    Requires:iGO8 , Primo , Amigo, My Way
    Operating System: wince , android, Win. mobile, IOS


    Asia.Pacific.R3.(Brunei_Darussalam83_2011.0 3_110421,
    Indonesia83_2011.03_110418,Malaysia83__2011.03_110 418,Philippines83_2011.03_1104 18,Singapore83_2011.03_110418,Thailand83_2011.03_1 10419if pass required: maggellan)

    South-America:BRAZIL.Ta+Navteq.20111.Q3, building.map.pois,Argentina,Columbia,Chile


    Middle.East(Bahrain, Brunei, Egypt, Israel,Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia,UAE):
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