Apache Air Assault-RELOADED

About: Take to the air in the lethal Apache AH-64 attack helicopter and rain down death from above using

the latest in cutting edge military weapons technology. Fly attack, reconnaissance, escort and rescue

missions deep behind enemy lines in missions around the world. Use laser-guided precision ground strikes

and devastating rounds of explosive Hellfire missiles to take out high value strategic targets. Defend

civilians from heavily armed pirates off the coast of Africa, hunt down terrorists in the mountains of

central Asia, and take down enemy choppers in intense aerial combat over the jungles of Central America.

When you think you?ve mastered the skies, prove it by taking your skills online in competitive multiplayer


Key Features

* Authentic Warzones: With more than 16 multi-stage mission involving air and ground strike operations,

the campaign takes you along real life locations. From the jungles of Central America to the mountains of

the Middle East, Apache has you where the fight is needed the most.
* Realism Defined: Everything in the game is painstakingly made with realism in mind. From the

real-world satellite photography used to make the in-game environments to the simulation controls, Apache

puts you in the front seat of helicopters modeled exactly to look like their real life counterparts.
* Tailored Experience: Play the way you want to play. Jump right in and rain down destruction in the

game?s arcade-style Training mode or test your aerial skills by playing in the challenging Realistic Mode.
* Cooperative Destruction: Have a friend join the fight! The local cooperative mode lets two players

gear up in the same Apache and tackle the game?s story mode with one player acting as the pilot and the

other as the gunner.
* Online Helicopter Combat: Join other helicopter enthusiasts as you go directly against them in

competitive online modes such as Team Battle, Capture the LZ and Strike. If that?s not enough online

players can form online squadrons with up to four Apaches fighting together in unison.

Publisher: Activision
Developper: Gaijin Entertainment
Genre: Simulation

Release name: Apache.Air.Assault-RELOADED
Size: 2.02GB