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    Default Real Madrid: The Game

    Real Madrid: The Game

    Real Madrid: The Game
    Year: 2009 | Genre: Simulation, Sports
    Platform: Windows XP / Vista
    System requirements:
    DirectX v9.0c | Intel Pentium IV at 1 GHz or similar AMD Athlon XP 1300 +
    256 Mb of RAM memory | 1,25 Gb of free space in the hard disk
    3D graphics card with 64 Mb of memory, compatible with DirectX v9.0c
    Sound card compatible with DirectX v9.0c
    1024x768 of screen resolution

    This sport football simulator offers a unique opportunity to feel young player and pass the complex path from promising young football player to a star of world level, occupying the first places in the championships with his team - a royal club Real Madrid.
    Are you ready to try on the role of superstar? Then this game is for you!

    All Link Download:
    No pass.
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