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Thread: Increase Speed of Gui with Swappolube

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    Default Increase Speed of Gui with Swappolube

    The program Swappolube for Nokia N900, which mainly changes the swappiness of the operating system on the phone, significantly improves the smoothness of the phone.
    I advise people who do not want to overclock the phone and everybody whom already overclocked their phone to try this out. I and others are already using this for a week or 2 and all works fine. Now there is also a nice gui front-end for the modification script.

    Details can be found here, as well as the program itself:

    Secured URL


    Secured URL

    Discussion topics about the topic:

    Secured URL

    Secured URL

    More stuff on swappiness in linux and why it is like that:

    Secured URL
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