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Thread: ViewThemes 1.0 By GeNeSis (View themes without installing) SP/EN/IT

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    New ViewThemes 1.1 By GeNeSis (View themes without installing) SP/EN/IT Unsigned.


    This application has been created to view a theme without the need to install on your phone, avoiding something they do not want.

    It's perfect for downloading packs of themes to and from mobile phone itself to stay that you really like and delete the rest by installing only what you really want.

    It has been tested on the following mobile :
    (Python 1.4.5 3rd)

    * Nokia N95-3
    * Nokia N82
    * Nokia N95 8gb
    * Nokia N95-1
    * Nokia N86 8MP
    * Nokia 6110
    (python 5rd Mod By Betico82 and emulator keyboard 3rd)
    * N97 Mini

    My personal thanks to the creators of routines sis file decompression
    (Master Shrim), without whom this application does not exist. Thank you.

    Betico82: Corrections and ideas, betatester.

    jge93: Solutions to improve the application, codigo python,betatester.

    Hoss: Betatester .

    joserds: Betatester.

    carleeee: Betatester.

    alberto1991lucca : Italian translation

    Partners thank you very much.

    Update version 1.1:
    Bug fixes lang Itali
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