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Thread: SymbianMyanmar v2.0 for nokia s60v5

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    Smile SymbianMyanmar v2.0 for nokia s60v5

    SymbianMyanmar V2.0
    It perfectly run on nokia 5800 v40 unhackable phone.

    End User License Agreement for SymbianMyanmar

    This software is the first Myanmar application for nokia s60v5( 5800 xpressmusic,N97,5530,5230,x6 and other touch phone)This user license agreement (the AGREEMENT) is an agreement between you (individual or single entity) and me(Aung Naing Oo-The software creator) (the SOFTWARE) that is accompanying this AGREEMENT.You should not install this software unless you agree to the terms of that licence.
    The SOFTWARE is the property of Aung Naing Oo-The software creator.This SOFTWARE is not sold, it is freeware.The FREE VERSION means an original fully working version of the SOFTWARE.
    If you accept the terms and conditions of this AGREEMENT, you have certain rights and obligations as follow:

    YOU MAY:
    1. Install and use the SOFTWARE on a single phone.
    2. You can make many copies of the SymbianMyanmar software as you wish.

    1. Decompile, disassemble,repack, reverse engineer or modify the SOFTWARE or any portion of it.
    2. Copy the documentation accompanying the SOFTWARE.

    Computer magazines are authorized to distribute SymbianMyanmar on journal pages,cover disk and CD-ROM. Please inform me by each time you distribute the software.
    Created By Aung Naing Oo.....

    SymbianMyanmar v1.0
    -English နံပါတ္မ်ားကို Myanmar လုိ မျမင္ရျခင္း။ (ဥပမာ- Telephone တြင္ 1234567890 ကို English လိုျမင္ေနရျခင္း)
    -Silent logo ေပ်ာက္ေနျခင္း။
    -ျမန္မာစာ အေပၚေအာက္ ျပတ္ေနျခင္း။
    -File Size ၾကီးေနျခင္း။
    -Uninstall လုပ္မရျခင္း။
    -အစရိွေသာ error မ်ား။

    SymbianMyanmar v2.0
    -English နံပါတ္မ်ားကို Myanmar လုိ ျမင္ရျခင္း။
    -Silent logo ေပၚလာျခင္း။
    -ျမန္မာစာ အေပၚေအာက္ အျပည္.အစံုျမင္ရျခင္း။
    -File Size ေသးငယ္လာျခင္း။
    -Contacts တြင္ Myanmar နာမည္ရိုက္ထည္.ထားလွ်င္(Nokia PC suit သုံးကာ Myanmar နာမည္ေျပာင္းနိုင္သည္)search တြင္ ျမန္မာစာ ျဖင့္ ရွာနိုင္ျခင္း။
    -iphone 3Gs font ဒီဇိုင္း ကိုအသံုးျပဳထားေသာေၾကာင့္ English font and Myanmar Font ကို ရွင္းလင္းေသသပ္စြာျမင္နိုင္ျခင္း။
    -Calendar မွ date မ်ားကို ျမန္မာ လို သံုးနိုင္ျခင္း။
    -Incoming call နွင့္ Outgoing call တြင္ ျမန္မာ လို သံုးနိုင္ျခင္း။
    - Restore SymbianMyanmar v2.0 နွင္. Restore System font ကို အမွန္ျခစ္ ျခစ္ရံု ျဖင့္လြယ္ကူစြာလုပ္နိုင္ျခင္း။ (restore factory setting ခ်စရာမလိုပါ။)
    -Application အကုန္လံုးတြင္ အလုပ္လုပ္ျခင္း။ (gtalk တြင္ျမန္မာ လို ျမင္ရျခင္း။)
    စသည္. တို.ေတြ.နိုင္မည္။
    Restore SymbianMyanmar v2.0 လုပ္ရန္
    -SymbianMyanmar.rar file ထဲရွိ Edit SymbianMyanmar.sis ကို အသံုးျပဳကာ ‘Restore SymbianMyanmar v2.0’ ကို ေရြး ကာ OK နွိပ္ျပီး Restore လုပ္ပါ။ Restart ခ်ပါ။ (2 ခုလံုးမေရြးပါနွင့္။)
    Restore System font လုပ္ရန္
    -SymbianMyanmar.rar file ထဲရွိ Edit SymbianMyanmar.sis ကို အသံုးျပဳကာ ‘Restore System font’ ကို ေရြး ကာ OK နွိပ္ျပီး restore လုပ္ပါ။ Restart ခ်ပါ။ (2 ခုလံုးမေရြးပါနွင့္။)
    Powered by Aung Naing Oo. (
    For more detail
    Phone No-095405760


    how to install SymbianMyanmar v2.0
    1. Get your developer certificate first from OPDA(OR)Hack with Hellox.
    2. Sign the SymbianMyanmar.sis and Edit SymbianMyanmar.sis
    3. Install SymbianMynamar.sis
    4. Restart your phone.
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